Phunk & Redlet Level 3

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Sorry I haven't been around much, but we've been kind of busy over here the past few weeks. Our 3rd daughter arrived 1 week ago on Monday 9th. She and mom are both healthy and happy!

    We haven't even taken many pics yet, but see attached for one I grabbed the first time she lay in her bed - she hasn't been in there since as she won't let go of her mom!

    Hope to be back in the land of the living soon and give a helping hand with the forum.


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    Phunk & Redlet Level 3

    Hi there . When was this exactly?It would be nice if our 3rd daughter arrived 1 week ago on Monday 9th.How do you know and mom healthy and happy are?Do you mean you and me have?I don't see the difficulty. What are you wearing?
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  3. Re: Phunk & Redlet Level 3

    Congratulations :). She looks beautiful.
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    Re: Phunk & Redlet Level 3

    I even + repped Blabberbot because this is such a nice thread.

    Huge congratulations and best wishes to Red Sonia, Phunksta and the 3 Redlets. :grouphug:
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  5. Gratz Phunksta, well done! I had almost forgotten we all started off that small... Risking going off-topic (I know we're in off Topic - lol), we've been having fun keeping things going, including getting an in-game ad campaign going :)
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  6. Anna

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    Congratz to both of you! :)
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  7. How lovely! Congratulations Phunk and Red!
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