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  3. Interesting looking site, but why is it called Entropia Partners when it also caters for players of SL?
  4. Because pay-to-click software can be redeemed in lots of ways. I've never played SL but as for EU it's a pretty legit way to start up as a noob where 20 ped (worth weeks of sweating) can be made in a few hours. You be the judge;)
  5. Yes, I get that but that doesn't explain why the site is called Entropia Partners. Your service is both for EU and SL players, right, but the name of the site suggests it is just to do with EU...
  6. Entropia Partners it is Tia's website...leader of society Entropia Partners ...All I know that she also want to build a planet in EU...
  7. Ah, ok, I get it now ;) As for being a PP, that's great but you need a lot of patience to deal with MA's bigwigs ;)
  8. SL is on that website because Tia has some bussines on SL she added both SL and EU on the website...but for more info about the planet she is working and other stuff you should speak with her ..ingame avatar: "Tia Tia Watkins"
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    Yeh I heard this too... any other info? Which planet is it? or is it a new one?

    I think they should use the profits from the partners site to buy Next Island ;)
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    ps can we have the duplicate video posts removed...?
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