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PE Updated to VU 7.7 01 Nov 2005

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by itto, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. Project Entropia is updated to Version Update 7.7.
    System temporarily offline for update, expected to be back online app. 11:15 UTC. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Also note that there are new items available in the Trade Terminal and with the Technicians (the NPC who sells blueprints).
    Please check it out before you buy "TT-stuff" for a higher price just for the item is new.

    Content list




    Furniture manufacturing
    A new area of manufacturing has been added â?? furniture making.

    Storage manufacturing
    Avatars can manufacture various kinds of storage boxes.

    New skills added
    New skills used when manufacturing boxes and furniture have been added.

    Ancient items
    Old "Pre-Gold" items in existence in the Project Entropia universe at the time of version update has been permanently changed into "Ancient" items, meaning they can be used and repaired and still keep their stats.

    Attachments update
    All old bugged "non-decaying" attachments fixed.

    Trade Terminals restocked
    The weapon supply in the Trade Terminal replaced with newer and better counterparts.

    Critical hits
    Added the chance of scoring critical hits in Project Entropia. Both avatars and creatures have the ability and it is based on skill levels. Critical hits can result in increased damage or armor penetration (the armor does not absorb any part of the damage received).

    Changes to armor system
    The armor durability system updated. Now, only one durability value is shown for all kinds of damage. The armors TT value does not influence its decay rate when hit. The higher the Durability stat is, the more abuse your armor can withstand. Armor condition influences the amount of protection offered. A critical hit which penetrates your armor means your armor does not reduce the damage done in the attack at all. It will still decay though. The amount of decay is based on attack type and the amount of damage dealt. Decay only occurs when an armor can protect for the kind of damage â?? if a creature deals acid damage onto a armor that doesn't protect against acid, no decay is rendered.

    Future advertising system trial
    You may have seen the large Hall of Fame entries recently. These have in no way changed the number or the value of lower end loots. A new system is in development, which will enable us to distribute revenues generated by ingame advertising to the colonists of Calypso. To make things interesting this revenue will generate higher level HoF-entries such as the ones seen lately. Ingame advertising will be introduced within a few VU's and the testing of the addon looting system is ongoing in Project Entropia and will remain in place until the advertising system is fully operational. Anyone who wish will have the opportunity to disable the advertising feature, this action will result in the colonist receives normal loot levels as before.

    Updates to auction
    The auction shows more information, as more columns has been added to the main view, including buyout price, differences between TT and current bid, etc. There is also more information available as tooltips if you hold the mouse cursor over a section or headline in the interface.

    Added The Entropian to the auction
    The official Project Entropia real life magazine is added to the Project Entropia auction, both as a single issue as well as a subscription choice.

    New Water look
    The visual style of the water in the seas, oceans and rivers is updated.

    Furnishing hallways update
    In some house types it were impossible to place furniture in the hallway, this is now rectified.

    Robot space ship updates
    More kinds of robot ships have been spotted.

    Added feedback bars when dropping
    When dropping an item more feedback is presented.

    Quickbar Actions added
    New Action icons added, to interact with the Message center and Tutorial messages.

    Quickbar help enhanced
    Added more information about how the Quickbar works, in the Help section of the Quickbar.

    Port Atlantis upgraded
    Port Atlantis has received an extensive face-lift.

    New music
    Plenty of new music added for various areas and situations.

    Added feedback in Map interface
    Added more feedback in the map section, with more detailed text and pictures.

    Added more stats to items
    Some items have more stats presented when looking at them in Items Info, most noticeable is the Attacks per minute stat on weapons.

    Creatures has been to boot camp
    The Calypso creatures have been to boot camp, meaning they now show more variance to hit probability and the amount of damage they inflict.

    New client options
    New Client Loader options added to the client to allow for a wider range of PC configurations.

    New creatures
    Scientists say new life forms have been detected on Calypso.

    Focus charges protects while sweating
    A Mindforce Focus now protects while sweating.

    Anti-Toxic shot
    An applied Anti-Toxic shot is only removed if another avatar in a contaminated area kills you.

    Learning bonus
    Made the feedback in the items info more detailed in regards to the Learning bonus system.

    Tutorial system upgrades
    More areas added to the tutorial system.

    Friends list
    The maximum number of Friends on the Friends list is increased, from 40 to 80.

    Land Area info
    A land owner may set a custom welcome message to a land area, which is shown to everyone who enters it.

    Fixed bugged items
    Fixed a bugged melee weapon â?? the whips minimum damage is adjusted to the correct level.

    General items added
    A number of other items added to expand the range of items in Project Entropia.



    You canâ??t repair an item with attachments attached to it. You have to detach them prior to repairing.

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