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Ore/enmatt trading

Discussion in 'Trading & services' started by myrmannen, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Hello,
    I'm wondring, is there many miner in Next Island who want to sell their ores but dont have any buyer? if it's true that there aren't buyers in next island is that a thing that next island need?
    Thanks for answering.
  2. Hello,
    from my point of view, YES, there is a need of ores/enmatters buyers on Next Island.
    Beside the occasionals avatars (as i am) who need to buy from time to time one or two ores/enmatters to do some crafting, there are only 2 regular ore-buyers on NI.
    -One is doing FAIR trades :
    * taking times to say for each item at what %mu she buys them, even if they are 30 different items in one trade,
    * buying at a midway price between day and week mu, when item's mu has dropped one day too significantly : yesterday adomasite mu went from 295% to 195%, she bough it at 255% (interesting when you're stucked on NI because of high travel fees)
    * she makes good prices : of course she needs to make money as a trader, but the prices she pays allow you to go mining again without the bad feeling of being depositing peds only to fill the pockets of one trader.
    -One is making money on the back of the miners : buying at mu (the cheapest between day and week mu) less 7% for regular ores and and even worst mu on high mu items (chalmon, adomasite..) :
    *I m not judging her in anyways, she makes money this way and can go hunting with it.
    *The problem as a miner is that with selling at such prices, you're loosing peds really fast :
    all the different ores with mu 107% get paid 100%; so you have your tools decays (even more if they are high mu L items) + the LA tax of 5% if you do mine in Neverdie theme's park + the mu of your amps (higher here than on other planets), so if you sell at 100% your mining loots, you cant do a lot of mining between 2 deposits.

    So to keep the actual playerbase, to let it grow with new players, people need to not feel being abused when selling their loots.
    My opinion is that Peds should be used to play (mine/hunt/craft/do some beauty/fashion design, furnish lodges, drive vehicules, ...) not fill only one's pocket without having the fun of playing at least.

    As the correct actual buyer is not always online, not always on NI (needs to sell what she buys here on other planets too), doesn't have pockets big enough to buy all the mined ores/enmatters of NI :

    YES there is a need of ores/enmatters buyers on Next Island.

    By the way: what is your avatar name please?
    I did not post the names of the 2 traders because it s not a personal attack thread but you can ask to regular NI players, they will know who are the buyers there, i ll answer ingame too..
    Have a nice day/night
    Enjoy :)
  3. Thank you for your reply!
    Yes as you said,im not out for giving out peds or something BUT I want a fair trade so I can feel that I am helping the recycle. I will have a fair trade but i will make some money on it. I wanna know what people wants from planet calypso. Im going to tell why, let say a hunter in NI want a "breer m3a". The breer m3a cost 30 ped[in transport fee] (example) then he tell me...you know what, I want a breer m3a and your coming so i pay you lets say 10 ped extra and ill get it for you. in that way i make 10 ped (fee to go to NI = 40 ped and 40 to get back to PC) and the hunter gets 20 ped. Now that was NOT what i'm exacktly going to take but just an example.
    For more info reply!
    And more ppl, write so i know!
    / ingame name : Peter Pafer Tamamian :)
    thank you Enjoy! :D
  4. lol when i read my own text i see how much my english sucks...
    hope it's not missleading :/
  5. bump..............................
  6. Hey I think I might be the evil trader ;D described above. Here is the deal, I come up to hunt and back so I do buy ores and enmatts along the way. Now in general I do MU-7% (calypso is usually MU-4 or 5%) so 2% to help offset the 80ped round trip fee. Hopefully with more bps NI can develop sustainable crafting-mining on the planet and there would be no issue on the fee. But for now its about going back to calypso to sell. I should point out I do NOT pay tt on low MU items, I always do 102% minimum. Now on med compress I do pay less, for example if you take 10 med compress thats 1.80tt and market is usually 500% so Market value is 9 ped, however to sell it on auction costs 0.85 ped fee. Thats 47% of the tt! This creates a situation that I offer 400% of the value, giving me an approximate profit of 0.9 ped, providing prices dont drop in the days before I get back to calypso. I hope my this clarifies how and why I offer the prices I do. I however am not a full time trader, I just buy when Im not out hunting drakes or mining myself to help defray part of the tp costs as my profits would never pay for the 80 ped fee. Now to answer your original question, yes I think we need more traders up here but we need crafting bps even more to generate a self sustaining economy. Until then that 80 ped fee is gonna keep stinging and taking huge chunk (youd have to buy 1600 ped worth of materials at 5% profit, or 1150ped worth at 7% profit to just pay tp fee and break even when you are done)
  7. thanks for an answer i was just about to rest the case!
    Yea lol and no your not even close to an evil trader,here in calypso STILL u have guys taking 10-%mu,that's scarry and unfunny, i would do exacktly like u do with the %,but iv'e heard that they'r no ore/enmatter sellers in NI, so that's why i need all miner to write in this post and post what u guys need,and if u guys need BP:s,tell me now and ill bring for a nice price, cmon guys give it a chance!
    once again, thanks arcturus!


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