One of our Wistrel's is missing... or perhaps 3 or 4...

Discussion in 'Other games and gaming' started by Wistrel, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. Wistrel

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    I'm not sure if anyone else ever does this but I found myself typing "sci fi mmo" into google thisafternoon to see if there was anything out there that cried out to me. Alas nothing did then I got to thinking about maybe going back to one of the old ones I tried once for a bit.

    Was sad to discover that both Wildstar and Firefall have both now gone to the big server in the sky. So that's two, albeit brief incarnations or Wistrel that have now bitten the dust.

    So I'm now trying to remember what other Wistrels have been created over the years. I *think* I might have had one in Rappelz (although may have gone for something different) and there was definitely one in that game I remember trying that McCormick was initially hyped about - but I seem to remember it had unplayable performance issues as soon as you got outside... I can't remember the name... I'm guessing it either died or never launched? Was a sorta post apocalyptic theme'd game? Hopefully he can help me out remembering. Another Wistrel existed in Afterworld but that went I seem to remember. Apparently Secret (now legends) world is still going... I might see if I can resurrect that at some stage.

    Oh apparently that game was Fallen Earth? It appears to be still going... I'd probably need to do some serious email digging to work out if there is an account to resurrect. Given I think we were playing in beta or alpha... come to think about it, probably not.

    I was looking around for a pic of my old avatar from Fallen earth... not been successful alas but did find the Wistrel that made a brief appearance in Street Gears (now a fan project that only works in Windows Patching)


    And the one from Wildstar


    And of course this long gone MMO...


    I dunno why... I keep coming back to this one still...

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  2. Wistrel

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    Actually was reading up on the FallenEarth restoration situation a bit today at that link I shared then again on twitter. Sounds really interesting. Like they have a whole bunch of really old code that they are struggling to maintain and assets that have been a challenge to export from the existing engine. They even talk of a "breakthrough" being that they found an old hard disk with most of the art assets on it in their original form.

    I sorta wonder what happenned along the 9 years that let to the maintenance situation being so bad but I guess maybe if it isn't someone's job to look at how everything is archived and made reusable it simply doesn't happen. They probably never thought about some future day where they might want to update their engine either.

    Reading about it reminded me of when MA said they couldn't get any assets out of the Netimmerse/Gamebryo version of Entropia. Of course somewhere along the line they clearly did because things like Zychion were moved over. Of course they should have simply hired Jamira to go around with the ripping program and they could have had the lot.

    I'm sorta tempted to have another shot at Fallen Earth... something about a dying game pulls a cord within me.
  3. Wistrel

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    Here's an idea MA if you are listening... why not hire Jamira to remake zychion and all the old battle damaged stuff that used to be strewn about the landscape. Might be a nice retirement project ;)
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  4. Jamira

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    LOL! Not a good idea. Retirement means for me to do nothing. Never ever be a hired slave again. Just hang out somewhere.

    But here is another, well not really but meant as, Wistrel:
    Her name is Naradu, a tiny woodelve in Tamriel:)
  5. NotAdmin

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    So when game devs mention assets, it's not necessarily 3D models (which I guess is what most people assume). It can be sound files, animations, or code, too. Models and audio are simple to keep; it's just some graphics or sound files.

    It's the code that's usually tied to a specific engine that might be a bitch to convert.
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