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Oldies to start the Work Week

Discussion in 'AHR - Atlas Haven Radio' started by cuilwenevey, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. What can i say i love the classic and anything that can get you out of your seat dancing and maybe even sing along. :) yes the oldies (50's to when ever i feel itis old) yea that can now be the 80's, WHAT you say well come on anythign over 20 years old is OLD and can be called the "OLDIES" Face it we are all growing old But the music from the past is always the best.

    I will be not doing my Tuesdays 0300MA but have moved it to Monday 00:00MA time ( 7pm EST/ 6pm CNT / 4 PST - USA times)

    here are a few pic from this monday's.
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    A group of friends (old and new) and even making new friends, gathering together enjoying some great music .. Decorationg the area for the pleasure of the eye.

    come join me at NEA's every Monday and dance , sing along and just enjoy the company of each other .

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