OLA 42 West Atrox Mayhem Season 1! For Hunters and Miners

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  1. Welcome to Atrox Mayhem Season 1! Come Earn Thousands of Peds Prowler and Stalkers Galore! a contest for all Hunters + Miners


    3% Mining 3.90% Hunting

    General Rules

    These are smple you get a Hof of sizes stated bellow that will be tallied and at the end of the 15 days paid out no limit on the amount of hofs you can get tallied so get to killing and mining and collect them peds!

    How Peds are going to be tallied
    (A) 300-500 = 25 ped
    (B) 500-700 = 40 ped
    (C) 700-1000 = 70 peds
    (D) 1000+ = 100 peds

    For Hunters Only

    This Contest will be Tracked via Entropia Tracker any Hofs that arent tracked plz do take a screenshot and post it here for verification

    For Team Hunting Only

    If you are going to be hunting in a team you must post your team name so its registered in the thread

    For Miners Only

    To Claim your points and prizes You must Submit Screenshots of all of your Globals/HOF's in accordance with the rules listed below

    Screen shots must be submitted within 24 hours of the global/HOF

    Screenshots must include:

    open picture of the deed

    date/time stamp in the dialogue box

    the confirmation of your global in the dialogue box

    coordinates must be visible on radar

    No edited screen shots will be counted.
    (Exceptions will be made for blocking ped card balance and pm conversations. Block of chat is only permitted if screen shot is shown to me without edit before posting, this can be done via PM)


    Event Begins April 15th 00:01 and ends April 30th 23:59 MA Time

    ATUM : OLA42 West information

    Lysterium, Blausarium, Narcasium, Cumbriz, Gazzurdite, Zinc
    Dianium, Platinum,

    Crude Oil, Alicenies Liquid, Typnolic Steam, Angelic Grit, Ares Head,
    Cave Sap, Binary Fluid, Ferrum Nuts, Henren, Solis Beans


    Atrox Stalkers and Prowlers maturity

    Brought to you by

    Divinity/NZR Owners of OLA42W
    Onciest Team Artist/Event Team
    Bling Event Manager
  2. Scoreboard

    1.Pavilon White Black (A)=1



    4 (TEAM).DK-S Strike Force *Molly*

    5.(TEAM)Soldiers of Fortune *Ripper*

    6. Fort Tress

  3. reserved for anouncements

    *All Globals must be clearly seen in the screenshot for both miners and hunters
    *If you will be participating you must post here so that you are noted and added to scoreboard
  4. Get Ready 1 day until it begins! dont miss out on some great prizes! and sign up today!
  5. And it has officialy started! Let The Mayhem Begin!
  6. up to the top
  7. Scoreboard has been updated
  8. bump to the top contest is ongoing if youd like to sign up and havent on the pcf post plz do so here ty
  9. this season is almost over get prepared for the next soon gz to all
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