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Entropia News: Official Policy Regarding Participant-Organized Events

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EP-Newsbot, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. Official Policy Regarding Participant-Organized Events

    Recently, certain types of participant-organized events in Entropia Universe have become increasingly popular that include a raffle, sweepstakes or other randomized or chance-based component.

    Because the marketing of such “raffle” and “sweepstakes” events has become more aggressive over time, and the events have an increasing emphasis on random selection of prize winners, it has become necessary for MindArk to announce and enforce a detailed policy for such events and activities.

    Section 8.14 of the Entropia Universe End User License Agreement states:

    Gambling activities are expressly forbidden in the Entropia Universe.

    In accordance with that section of the EULA, the following policy will be in effect and enforced starting on May 1, 2020:

    All participant-organized events or activities that include any sort of randomized winner selection and/or prize distribution process or component are prohibited in Entropia Universe.

    This policy is important to ensure that MindArk and Entropia Universe remain in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

    If you are uncertain whether an event or activity violates this policy, please open a support case with a detailed description of your proposed event or activity, and the support team will provide guidance. For previously-existing ongoing events that may be in violation of this policy, please contact support for assistance.

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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  2. *opens dozens of support cases*
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  3. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Uh, it's shutting down?

    Ah, no, just participants arent't allowed to offer "gambling".
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  4. Beyond embarassing...how they come forward now, apologizing for their selfmade LA-pyramid schemes. ^^
    She has always enjoyed casinos and...this was not the type of mark she wanted to leave.

    Double standards ftw !

    "Hunt on my land until you global...or loose everything...Ill make the money anyway and hand you a non exsiting ticket...or points in exchange...or a laptop, or an iPad, as other event ppl promised..."

    meee meee meeee
    I enjoy casinos, but in the end I really didnt meant to do this...fuck off x'D

    Good job Mindark !
    Keep em coming loyal patrons !
    FUMA !

    This show always was priceless, but once again Mindark and the community reached their zenith. ^^

    Popcorn !

    pudding sorry.

    pudding sorry2.

    But one does not simply lock BIG Industries events. Poor Pudding, LOL

    big events2.

    big events.
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  5. Ludvig & Mindark started to lock raffle threads, like Ms Pudding. (50 ped global 1 point - 100 ped global 2 points and so on)

    Entropiafund, beeing exactly the same lottery / raffle, if not the biggest of all, is still running...of course. :)

    entropiafund raffle.
  6. San


    I find it more than a little sad that nobody seems to find these laws geting more and more obnoxious.
  7. Oh really ? Because Entropia Universe is not a gambling game ? Funny guys you are.
    All players have the same chances, my A$$ !

    In the swedish tradition of hypocrisy and dishonnesty.
    Last edited: May 2, 2020
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  8. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Idiot

    Really sad that these kind events banned (don't care what Mark says about this 1). Yes it taxed areas but the bit of gamble might be worth it. Also all event people I have entered into their LAs all good people. (even Spacecrazyjanitor and BIG -Mark :)). I hope as an ''idiot'' fanboy they remove this or edit this 'rule' :( (I am not an LA owner. I didn't ''put my kids through College'' because of EU...) :). Other fanboys on PCF think all on EP hate EU. Not true!. I say to this rule = NO!. Banning these LA events is SILLY!
  9. To me all these "Come to my LA, spend money and...maybe grab some points" are simple pyramid schemes.
    All come and shoot, some get points...the LA owner gets the most out of it. Else he wouldnt do it.
    But hey, you are free to go there ! I only posted my opinion.

    And no matter how nice some of these LA owners are, some of them are tied too closely to Mindark, for example, supporting the DeepToken scam as official advisor. (BIG-meculus-Shaun-NextIsland)

    Mindark themself even restarted Deeptoken, camouflaged as GreenFundFinance. They knew it would fail. They always fail, if you havent realized that by now. But they always grab some cash and come up with the next cash-grab.
    Thank god the loyal patrons are always forgetful and forgiving. Again and again and again and...so on...

    The step by Mindark, making these things become illegal, probably has more to do with the Spotlight and the Share sale to Tetiana Karunna.

    By now we are all aware of the addicted people. The sad gamblers with unpayed loans. The gigantic trust scams.
    That only messi is doing it right and we all suck, because we stopped shooting. x'D

    I never hated Entropia, but the way Mindark has choosen...which isnt even a way anymore.
    Im not forgetful. Im not forgiving. Nothing shall ever be forgotten.

    And yes, all those "smart people" ,claiming this is the "Anti Entropia forum", allready have bigger problems...they would just never admit it.
    Last edited: May 3, 2020
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  10. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Idiot

    It was Captain Jack the EX LA owner on PCF 1-2 days ago said https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/...-Regarding-Participant-Organized-Events/page6

    Too bad EntropiaPlanets isn't under their control [​IMG]

    You mean Captain Jack like the time EMW came to THIS FORUM (because it was the only 1 that has millions viewers...). Phhh. But Mark your wrong about the LA owners (not on fan boy mode). It IS a gamble yes (sure MA wont admit that but they have now as selling to that nice lady). As far as I know (and I have been a past LA event winner personally on BIG also I got my casino winnings all paid and fair :) ).

    What Captain Jack said about THIS forum is …..

    Well at the end of the day he is an EX LA owner (would he have said such a thing if WAS an LA owner?). I think more 'real' EU players read this forum than PCF but as I said on 1 of my very 1st posts on here (pre-idiot days..) some people (like EMW) only come for the negative things. Is LOADS good info on here and nice people (and ladies?) (far better than PCF) and the admins here are on Earth.

    But back on topic = stopping LA owners (sure they make money, I run businesses in RL I make a %. Never ever seen an occasion where an LA owner did not pay out the prize. YES your correct its gambling. So is EP4?

    Oh. Henrik popped up. San (I am an idiot). Why don't you ask him about :


    0 Answer. Wont ever be.

    Hopefully vitaverse will be good (but they wil have to deal with all the scammers, exploiters, alts, bots etc etc). Game LOOKs good though :)
  11. San


    Said it already around here that it's the laws getting ever more obnoxious and cutting down ever more of our freedoms. The company can't do much about it but toe the line if they want to remain open. It is WE who must fight it.

    It is natural for critics to concentrate in one place when the other one prefers echo chamber mode and drives them out. For the same reason right-wing parties exist at all, because certain people refuse to even discuss certain topics. And then they point their fingers at the place instead of themselves. Hypocrites, all of them.

    No answer is also an answer.

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  12. EMW stirred up some unpleasent surprises...which was good and very interesting indeed !
    Way more interesting and valid, then any senseless fanboy gibberish. (no, not you Fan_boy99)

    Sadly EMW was in a very pissed mood.
    But not because he had bad loots or hated the game,
    but he got told stuff, that he better should not have heard about.

    Without that pissed mood, EMW would probably have never shown up here.

    As San wrote "certain people simply refuse to discuss certain topics".
    It is really as simple as that.

    (You are a looser if you stop shooting !)
    (Leave the game if you dont like it !)
    (Entropa Planets forum is cancer !)

    But Im somehow glad we have those "certain people", as they can be very entertaining at times
    and offer a nice show to me.

    But seriously, the saddest part of this whole drama would be,
    that EMW suddenly stopped posting...

    That should make you think...all of you.
    Last edited: May 3, 2020
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  13. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    I think there is a specific point here being made about Pudding's event and the others Mr McC listed. Hers were basically:

    Pay a random amount (determined by MA*) for a raffle ticket where you have a RANDOM chance of winning a prize.

    The other guys were:

    Pay a random amount (determined by MA*) for a FIXED extra prize (points you can cash in with us).


    Pay a random amount (determined by MA*) for a FIXED extra prize. Please note that you are competing with other players for the prize. The person who has the most luck (determined by MA**) or perhaps spends the most* will win the prize.

    The key thing is that there can be NO RANDOM ELEMENT in winning something in Entropia EXCEPT for that as defined by MA. MA get away with this by allowing skills build up over time to influence the chance of winning, unlike say a one armed bandit machine that has no skill element/influence.

    Make sense?

    In short... "There is only one 'house' in this game and it's MA".

    Another key thing is that the 2nd two are auditable since it is possible to

    a) check how many globals happened
    b) check if the player's received their extra ped.

    For Pudding's Random thing it is completely impossible to check how random the selection was. She could have picked me cause we are mates or something even though I only got one global - and who would know? (note I got no idea who she is just to be clear).


    PS The house always wins.

    * as defined by the cost to global
    ** as defined by the frequency to global

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