Official Nazi Symbols inside Entropia, or Tacotuesday facemask ?

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by McCormick, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. Go and guess...or feel free to enlighten me.

    This showed up on facebook.
    Anyone knows if this is Tacos own creation or really an official facemask from Rocktropia ? x'D

    taco ss facemask.jpg

    Oh and before Captain Obvious shows up:
    Yes yes, this is a Nazi with a headshot, now beeing a zombie, so its in nooOooOOoo way against the EULA or TOU. x'D
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  2. Don't the player created masks have to have equal stuff on both sides? Didnt think mindark figured out how to fix that. No idea if it is a mission reward but looks like it matches theme of other prison stuff like the boxer pet
  3. Mara Salvatrucha ? ;D
  4. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    At least when I was ingame it was easy to create my own makeup. Don't know how it's running today. At least Kristins makeup worked well when I met her lately ...
    Even Nazi-or IS-symbols are possible I think. IMO it is allowed until someone reports it as injury of the rules to MA. Don't know if MA EULA forbid it. Alas, who cares for such cranky folk?
  5. Ok you got me. I saw this many times on Facebook but this is the first time I noticed it was Taco! lol
  6. Wow that's bad..
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  7. San


    Why don't you just ask him? Ideally before going public. I don't know Taco personally too well but had a few brief contacts and was always responded to promptly and nicely. I know he is a liberty-minded guy (not the orwellian distortion of "liberal" that is rampant in the Anglosphere) and wouldn't put it beyond him to do such a thing out of defiance. I like that spirit, independent of content. In America it is legal, btw. I think the rules about such symbols getting out into the world and to people who might be offended by them have not been finalized ever since the internet exists. I hope they'll never agree, or what freedom are you prepared to lose in the ensuing crackdown?
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  8. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Very interesting!
    I myself play around with such ideas occasionally. I mean imagine you would meet a 30 years old tall woman in RL who looks like this:
    upload_2017-11-5_12-42-9.png upload_2017-11-5_12-50-5.png upload_2017-11-5_12-52-37.png
    Just to provoke others a little bit or to have a unique look.

    In Germany Nazisymbols are forbidden. For good reason. But swastika is by far not an invention of the Nazis. They just occupied it and made their "Hakenkreuz" from it. At the other hand because of this it got a very special meaning and it is obvious that someone who use it in public is either stupid or wants to show his regarding credo.

    So big thanks to San for posting what he know about this guy.
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  9. San


    Nothing new under the sun...

    Btw I don't see a swastika there in OP, but the SS runes instead and on the other side the Wehrmacht cross which used to be on the side of their airplanes, tanks and other military vehicles. The rest I can't identify or are just ornaments. I would really prefer to hear it from the horse's mouth what the intention was before having any opinion on it. My guess is it was just found fitting with this armour design from Cyrene which looks like a fantasy military uniform.

    The swastika has multiple meanings in various cultures, and is truly ancient. Its germanic roots are said to be a symbol for the sun, sometimes with more than 2 arms and called the "Black Sun", which is also abused still today by some Neonazi groups. Yes it is tragic how the brief period in history the Nazis occupied has usurped and ruined big parts of our heritage. You can't wash those stains away.
  10. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Oooops ... you are right. My bad. Freudian failor - lol, dunno if this is correct (Freudscher Fehler). I saw, what I wanted to see.
    And sure there are people who do such things in RL. But I don't want to cross their way in twilight ;-)
  11. I can imagine that some would have prefered this thread starting with a:
    "Hey, I had a nice chat with taco today and look what kind of facemask he was wearing, lol"

    1. "Sadly" ;) I cant talk to Taco, as Im no longer active on the other forum.

    2. I dont blame him, I asked a simple question. Is it a taco creation or a MindArk/RT creation.
    (hell, maybe it is indeed just a photoshop to troll taco...which leads me to 3.)

    3. I would never contact him about this matter, knowing, Id recieve an answer
    with useless, unpolite, "Independent content". Wtf San ? :'D

    4. It is about the part "its probably a Rocktropia" facemask that got my attention,
    as "our" facepainting" usually clones the other half of the face. Which is not the case here. Hence I asked this question.
    (And no, Im not going to register on ztupid RT forum to ask tis question)

    5. No need to waste time on talking about swasitkas here, and whats right *lol* and whats wrong, come on guys.
    A swastika would be a whole different thing, also beacause of the reasons you already pointed out. But this is the SS Symbol*.

    6. And just because other symbols are legal in other countries, doesnt mean they all belong into a fantasy sci fi MMO then, right ?
    I dont mind such symbols at all, in games like Wolfenstein, for example, but Entropia ? :S

    *SS isnt just a simple symbol like the swastika, or a forbidden *lol* religious sign, or a religious sign, religious people might get offended about...this is the german abbrevation for Schutzstaffel (SS)...if you dont know what that is, feel free to google it.
    Even the german soldiers back then did not have SS face only have such a SS face tattoo, if you are mentally ill or a super hardcore gangster from the realworld. ;D

    Anyway, if I want to SEE realworld crap, religious crap or crap related to nazi wars, I can look on different places for sure. Or play other games. If its not already locked by google or banned by the state authorities. ;D

    I dont cry and I dont feel offended, I just asked if this is an official facemask and/or a selfmade facepainting.

    Im not here to discuss if its against the EULA or the Terms of use (which it is).
    I wanted to know the origin of this. Mindark, taco (or a lame troll attempt by a german facebook user).

    And even if you dont feel offended about such reallife symbols or stuff that is sexually explicit, racially, ethnically, religiously or sexually offensive, hateful, vulgar, defamatory, libelous, harassing or threatening...because you arent a pussy or know better... ;) then, I promise, there will always others that will "care" and maybe one day, it will be YOU...questioning something, that doesnt look right to you...but then, it will be too late and you will "enjoy", how it feels, if you are the only one, who dared to ask a quesiton. ;)

    I dont blame taco, I just asked a question. Thank you.

    Anyone official here from team MindArk or maybe the President of Virtual Reality himself would ike to answer this question ?
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  12. Well you only ask the question, but I do think this is bad, wherever the facemask came from. I agree, we play this game for fun, and we don't need to be confronted by real life politics or referrences to SS officers. If it's real and not a photoshop, which we don't know until Taco speaks out about it (Wouldn't be the first time they try to put Taco in a corner).
  13. Looks like a crude photoshop to me.

    opacity fluctuates randomly throughout the image
    A.R.C./Imperium Cap is of unnatural size
    wtf happened to his right shoulder?
    can you replicate that portion of the sky glitch?
  14. But you do realize that the original poster of this image used his camera to take a photo of his screen ?
    Cap is huge, as avatar is small.
    The shoulder "bug" happens on some rifles/avatars in relaxed mode.
    Sky glitch ?
  15. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    You are wrong at point 4. Makeup isn't mirrored anymore. This was changed already before I left the game in early 2014.
    picture taken from ingame, no fake with Photoshop or whatever

    It doesn't matter much if it is either an official reward from RT or a private creation of an avatar. I don't like it as well. Good to name and condemn it. I agree with you at this point. And MA is a swedish company. I don't know if it is forbidden in Sweden as well. At least MA should warn this avatar and request him to sell it to TT if it is really against EULA. Probably San can send him a message before you report him to MA.
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  16. San


    In game?

    Oh, I see. Wtf McCormick? I related my own brief experience to the contrary above, obviously not convincing to at least give it a try. I don't understand you. I thought your crusade is about MindArk and their antics. This is a fellow player. You don't know him but already know what the answer would be? Of course, at least in part this depends on how the question is posited. You'll learn if the other one is a total dick or not if you can leave that choice to them.

    Where do you draw the line? I'm by no means a legal expert, but my best guess is, in cases of doubt it would be the laws of Sweden that apply. I live here now since a bit over a year ago. All I can say is, my Youtube experience already is... richer. I've been further out in the world and on occasion got valuable feedback on how others see us Germans and our specific hyperallergies. That feedback is very diverse, too. And then on top of that you learn how much this works both ways, this is the real eye-opener! A Chinese once asked me, in a friendly and genuinely curious way, how we feel today about Hitler and all that happened. I asked him back how he feels about Tiananmen. The contact ended very abruptly. In other places where they worship a certain god, someone can walk up to you and express sympathy, but in the same breath regret that the "final solution" wasn't accomplished, then pat you on the shoulder and say don't worry, not your fault, and invite you to dinner. A certain book is a bestseller there, second only to their holy one. I could go on...

    No. They're on PCF. Sometimes they even respond when poked enough.

    And I merely responded where to find the answer. I apologize for the unwanted explanation, it was meant as a hook to proceed to the subject of diverse viewpoints.
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  17. San


    I read this only after my own post, had it in the editor for so long. Sure I can contact Taco and ask him if McCormick would like me to. I don't like these things either, but I value the freedom of expression higher and don't believe such sensitivities should be cast into law. It is about the fundamental difference between personal and political/religious insult, which i.m.o. too many people don't know how to distinguish which makes it a constant source of conflict. Maybe I should have moved to USA instead.
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  18. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    From my side everybody can do what he want in this game as long as it is allowed - or better said: not forbidden. As mentioned, I don't like it. But for me personally PvP is the most upsetting feature straight followed by piracy (wich is really robbery because the victim can lose real money - a crime in RL). Alas, I'm out since years and occasional I do way more evil things against the enemies of the German Reich as a Kapitänleutnant "Kaleu" of a German submarine in "Silent Hunter III" by sinking their ships.
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  19. I have asked Taco in pm on pcf to shed some light on this.
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