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  1. Maybe it's just me and maybe I shouldn't say this seeing as we've just entered the new year, but I've sensed an odd karma on EP over the last two weeks or so. For instance, certain key members haven't logged in for some time and other things seem to be not quite right... Just saying how I feel.
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    Without names it's hard to know what you mean, however.... perhaps a little perspective,

    EP is a pretty quiet forum, active user count is VERY low, but we are friends who have been around forever. The activity a month ago was unusually high, but it happens from time to time. The 'regular users' you think are missing now may have just been here for the drama, and now that the dust has settled again are gone again. You are fairly new here, (I have enjoyed your posts) so perhaps felt that surge was the normal and now that it has quieted down seems less normal to you?

    The surge happens periodically when there is some sort of drama that spills over from the game that is moderated too heavily on the 'official' forums. We highly value open communication and honesty here, and the very light hands of the moderators demonstrate that. However, the downside is that we are looked down on as a negative place where people who hate Entropia gather to bad mouth the game. This isn't true, of course, but it's the unfortunate reality of what happens when this is the only place where people can air their grievance and hold open conversations.

    Because this is not a 'police state', two of the common spill over 'surges' in postings are from people rage-quitting (against the rules on the other forum), and pvp/exploit/cheating drama which by its nature is very intermingled.

    So you are left with Me, notAdmin, Jamiria, McCormic, etc... who are not playing but spent a large portion of our lives playing and still have friends we wish to stay in touch with as well as curiosity on how things may be going with the game changes over the years, you have a few die hard players, George, Wistrel, Tass, and a few others who do still actively play to some extent or another.

    We all dreamed and to some extent still do that this would be a great forum for the players and the game, we have all put in countless hours back in the day getting it going, writing articles, promoting, etc.... to a large extent you remind me of myself in those years, new to the game and loving it, trying to learn as much as possible and eager to share and help. Time, relationships, children, divorces, loosing key members to Planet Development, etc... all took their toll. Entropia was the first and only game that could ever hold my attention and challenge me, but at this stage of my life I can't be a gamer... maybe when I can again it will be a whole new world for me to explore with the same eagerness I did originally... maybe :)

    I know Tass still does put a lot of work in here, and has great plans for the site, so there is still hope and with a few more like yourself it could become great again. (it still is my favorite Entropia forum)

    Happy New Year!!!!
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  3. Well McCormick and Wistrel did come to mind tbh, and a few others that seemed to be fairly active when I signed-up to EP, but I understand the points you raise and also appreciate all the hard work the admins must have done to keep EP going. Was just a feeling I was getting over the last week or so...
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    haha. I don't normally delve into RL stuff but the short version is "it's Christmas holidays". Slightly longer version is, without going into details, I've been caring for my parents pretty much solidly over the last 2 weeks and I kid you not, aside from once to play a game with some friends, and another time with my sister, the only time I've been near a PC lately (until I got home at the weekend) has been to give my parents lessons on how to use theirs.

    I know that sounds like an exaggeration but trust me it's true. I've barely even had time to reply to messages from friends (normally just catch up once my folks were in bed before I got tired and went to bed myself - after I'd done all the remaining chores). My appreciation of what care workers do has shot through the roof this Christmas haha.

    Anyhow I'm back now and gradually getting back to "the land of computers" and spending some time on them. Have to admit though evenings so far have been a bit beat saber, anime or friend filled (or all three). There's quite a lot to get through on the forum I see that has gone one while I've been away. I've got about 20 tabs open to look at today but have been a bit distracted organising seeing friends etc.

    Normal service will attempt to be resumed soon. And indeed will get to any PM's or tasks I'm involved in in due course. Tagging @Tass for the info.
  5. Great you're back, things should get more normal again.
  6. Wistrel

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    lol. I'm the bastion of normality :D
  7. That's good, it feels more normal already :)
  8. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    As in back to not much going on :D ( = normal)
  9. I guess that just about does it for normal then ;)
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