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Noobs hunting longtooth w/ opalos?!?

Discussion in 'Entropia Community' started by Magyar, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. For the past week me and a couple co-leaders of Laudanum have been leading parties of newbies out to Cape Corinth to see, and fight the Longtooth! We've been splitting loot with them via the team settings, and also splitting items dropped evenly amongst all members. At this stage weve helped over a dozen noobs by pulling in over 6000 PED in loot distributed amongst the group --- but thats not the important part. None of this would be worth saying at all if the newbies werent having fun. Everyone that weve brought out has said this is the best time in Entropia theyve had. I have to agree. Even though as a damage dealer costs arent always covered, giving new players the experience of participating in a world event, hunting large mobs, and sharing in the rewards is what MMO's are about. This is something often missing in EU as folks worry about financial costs and benefits, and forget that theres a personal cost and benefit as well.

    After a while we decided to take some videos. Here's one from yesterdays hunt.

    Just wanted to share something good happening within the community.


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  2. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Awesome initiative, and may Lootius shine his merry light on you many more :)
  3. this sounds cool but may i ask if u are still making these runs me and my friend just recently started playing and have been gathering excessive amounts of sweat and rly havent been having to much fun yet out side socializing in the fields
  4. We still do, though not as often as we were. We've noticed our luck going rather sour on them of late.
  5. thats cool i like the good gear and all but im in it to have fun i sent in a request to join your society today so if u guys do the runs im always game to come along ^-^

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