NIP-P3 and Helen's Knife

Discussion in 'Items' started by Lucky_A, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Had the luck to craft 2 more of the NI weaps for the 1st time. Screenshot bellow for ur info :

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    I won't even comment on the cost to craft those :p ... let's just say is prohibitive at best :D ... however dissapointing the NIB is - because is (L) - have to say the stats do look interesting :cool:

    I'll put these in Caly AH next week, to see what's the market tag on them :D and let the experts run decay tests and update entropedia :rolleyes:

    Can only say once more : NI devs, listen to the players and ballance the system for the new BPs or this won't fly :rolleyes:

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  2. the NIP bp should be UL, but it's not, and the NIP gun should be UL, but it's not.

    i don't know if it's a typo or a bug.
    if it is a bug i want an UL NIP gun in replacement for the time i wasted getting a L gun when it should be UL.
    if it's not a typo then the rush of people comming to NI the past few days will leave very soon and NI will go back to being a ghost planet..
  3. I rushed to the forum looking to see unL sib way it will be unL...too good, the market for about a dozen L pistols would drop if that gun were unL at that tt
  4. Helen's Knife and Jungle Knife are atm in Caly's Auction. NIP P3 was too but sold within minutes - prolly just some1 eager to be the 1st to test it :). Hope the buyer will run proper testing and update entropedia on stats.
  5. NIP P3.... 350 ammo burn and "average" durability. So cheap on ammo but stupid cost to shoot. Not that impressive IMO. Glad its (L) cuz it would just be a ped drainer to hunt with anyway.

  6. It's the fact that it IS (L) that makes its eco catastrophic, since you pay MU on the weapon decay and not the ammo - having it balanced towards more decay and less ammo what you get is a pretty, but pretty uneco hangun.
    If on the other hand it was UL it wouldn't make any real difference since you only pay TT to repair. You'd just have to do smaller runs I guess.
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