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NI Status Clarified

Discussion in 'Next Island' started by Jim Angel, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. Today apx 28 min ago Mr.David Post came out of the silence and clarified what I had believed to be the case since my last post NI Staff.. This is What he had to say.

    "ok to answer the questions.. I still own the lion share of Next Island and it is still operating but no new content being added at this time. I am focused more on the crowdfunding platform which has higher promise and cost a fraction of what an MMO costs."

    Again Thank you for the Clarification Mr.Post
  2. aia


    I'd say "thank you" if I would be able to read that first-hand.

    Can someone send me a link to where it was posted?
  3. Facebook of Mr. David Post
  4. aia


    All I see on that page is photographs. As if he don't share information in public, just to his facebook friends..
  5. Yes, you need to do a Friends request first to see it.. He's accepting them still.
  6. aia


    I've tried - no response (yet).
  7. from facebook


    He also had a post a few days ago "David Post thanks - when the dust settles we will try to raise some Next Island capital and maybe it can be a fulfillment of the dream we have had for it.
  8. aia


    Interesting discussion.

    It just sucks it's on a closed facebook page where not everyone who likes NI has access. (No I still don't have access.)

    What would really be bad, at least in my perspective, is that something is happening, let's say either David or MA initiates some item drops, info about that "somethign is happening" is posted on facebook page, and 24 hours later when information gets public all that remains is the rare items+discoveries entries in HOF table. (Assuming information from MA about content updates on planets is as good as usual and that the best new items will reach their ingame quota within hours of VU release.)
  9. Well I really doubt that would happen because they have no developers so no new content. If I see anything happen on facebook I would post it here for all though >^.^<
  10. Still hope.....
  11. Situation normal, all screwed up ;)
  12. Dang, it's been almost a year since we were to get those new crystals and bananas! At least Neverdie got the bananas, why didn't he give us the new crystals!!!!

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