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Discussion in 'About EU Chronicle' started by Phunkygeeza, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. Can I please open the floor to suggestions for the next new feature that should go into

    I will start the bidding with: A chat room

    Once we have a few ideas in here I will post a poll for which should go in next!

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  2. bump bump bump
  3. Phoenix

    Phoenix Esquire

    It seems like nobody is checking this thread so I'll bump for you Phunksta :D

    The chat room seems to be a great idea. I cannot find sth better to propose as a new feature.

    Come on guys (and girls :) )! What do you think should be the next feature?
  4. Shamy

    Shamy Dr. Nick of Dark Lands

    chat room is good idea. How it would work?
  5. Ben Soliost

    Ben Soliost Official Runner


    I'd say a chat-room too;)
  6. chat room, chat room, chat room :D
  7. :grouphug:
    Chat room is a nice idea.
    But same question as Shadow. How will it work. Is there an extension to the vbb forumsoftware?
  8. I'm not overly convinced a chat room will work. Do we have enough people online at once to make it useful?
  9. prehaps a map would be a good idea.

    all the tp's are listed then mobs are added accordingly, for instance sw of troy dakiba/exo............n of linmadium molisk.

    so you can see at a glance what mobs are where........

    and just for members of EUtropians:D a map with say mining sucsesses, maybe you got a hof near argus, point it on the map and let the rest of the soc see it, OR do you wanna keep that to yaself:rolleyes:
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  10. Regarding MOBs such maps are available more or less accurate at
    Honestly the maps concerning mining success are less accurate, because most miners are not willing to point out their places of success.8)

    But in general I agree. perhaps a mining map only used by EuTropians could be a solution.
  11. Ben Soliost

    Ben Soliost Official Runner

    I like the idea of a EuTropian map, but this threads concerns more the forum in general;) I thought that a chat room would be nice , but it's true that most of the time, I never see more than 2-3 forum members online. If that chat-room could be open to all, even guest viewers, maybe it would be a nice way to recruit more. If this can't be done, a list of possible features to add would help us make a more enlightened choice I guess:)
  12. I like that - good idea. It would give us a chance to make contact with some of the lurkers we see around.

    As for potential features, I had a quick look at and it is crazy how many extra feautres you can add to this software. If anyone is interested please knock yourselves out -if you find a good mod that you would like I will install it!

    Itto put up an awful lot of pages and features too -have a look throught the forum news history and you will see how much I lost along the way. I believe I can bring most of it back if it is requested.

    Here is a shortlist so far:
    • chat room - open to any guest or registered member
    • teamspeak - voice communication to use together with EU for hunts etc
    • forum $$ and store - You earn forum $ and then spend on profile features etc
    • links directory - bringing back the list of useful links in the EU community
    • worldmap - extension to members section showing where ppl are
    • shareable EU maps - like NeoMap but on the forum and securely shared
    • More guides and EU help -armour guides, weapon guides etc.

    The problem I see with some of these is that other EU sites do them VERY well - links for example on entropiadirectory, guides on pe-wiki etc.

    back to the floor...
  13. Bunny

    Bunny Vampire Bunny Inc.

    $$ Store $$ Shop till you drop. LOL The store had a lot of nice features you could buy. My vote is for the return of the store. :D
  14. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    I'm not sure if this forum engine has such a feature, but I thought the time-zone feature shown at the left side of the Ex-Cons forum was a great idea.

    It shows MA game time, and could probably be tailored to show the home time for locations where we all live.
  15. nice idea - I've picked up a script and I'll try to integrate it soon :)
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  16. Update:

    A few changes following your input:

    Chat turned out to be a bit expensive, so I've gone halfway and added a Shoutbox to the front page. See how we get on with that.

    Also see the hot topics now shown on that page too.

    I'm still playing with the world clock thing -crazily more difficult than it sounds :confused:

    Finally, I altered the welcome thread system so we only now welcome users that completed the email activation process. I don't want to waste all that great posting power on spammers ;)
    Thanks to everyone who welcomes our newcomers! Spread the love! :grouphug:
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  17. Bunny

    Bunny Vampire Bunny Inc.

    Good idea with the mail activation. Keep that thinking cap on. :D
  18. Ben Soliost

    Ben Soliost Official Runner

    I like the idea of having a map where you can see where people are, if it's not too expansive;)
  19. I haven't made many changes in the forum lately, a raft of security fixes, releases etc have kept me pretty busy.

    However as the forum is an undoubted success I'm coming around to thinking about expanding it with some nice new features.

    One that is still in 'holding' status is the return of vbPlaza, the forum $ and shop system that Itto had all that time ago. I know Bunny was at least one fan of this and I've gotta admit it's pretty cute :)

    Another one would be vbAdvanced Dynamics, which builds on the forum/thread/post model to allow 'articles' of any type to be built, and gives a lot more in terms of 'modules' like we have on the home page, but puts a lot of them under YOUR control, allowing you to build on your profile, adding favourites, lists etc.

    I've only thought of 1 or 2 uses for it so far - for instance globals/hof's could now have a special type of post where you put your screenie, the amount, mob/resource, location etc. This might also be possible to link to a map later?

    There might also be more leeway to allow members to make news articles and guides without the manual publishing that's needed at the moment - again we'd have a standard 'form' to fill out and hey presto we'd get a news article.

    there is a demo here:

    and info here:
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  20. ** bump **

    Anyone have an opinion on my last post?
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