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Next Island TP list/coords

Discussion in 'Locations & property' started by Lee, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    Simple list and coords. Jellyfish has maps as well HERE ( posting space restrictions would probably not allow this list and the maps to fit in the same post there, he suggested I do a separate thread so here we are. ) Please post name and coords if there are any missing or if you know of any changes in later VUs.

    Adamite Beach
    133735 / 83245

    Ajoite Ridge
    125045 / 88558

    Ancient Ruins
    138703 / 82886 (non-lootable PvP no radar)

    Biggie Bog
    130488 / 93524

    Borass Rock
    133785, 92033

    Bustamite Forest
    132932 / 97126

    CND Suites Boat Entrance
    144167 / 87552

    Champion Beach

    Club NEVERDIE (POI pirate treasure cave nearby 144280, 85468)

    Crystal Resort (Mission NPC Frank at 136421,84354and Mission NPC Tank at 136187,84002)

    Crystal Cove (originally Crystal Resort Beach Entrance)
    137037 / 84286

    Crystal Bay (originally Crystal Resort Beach Lodges)
    136411 / 83774

    Death Vally
    132408 / 93844

    Drusy Blue Ridge
    134008 / 88564

    Eclipse Valley (Cheri Cove)

    Emily's Lookout
    124342 / 92687

    Enchanted Coastal Research Lodge
    129368 / 94068

    Enchanted Village
    125374 / 93122

    Enchanted Waterfall Ridge
    126915 / 93295

    Eruption Time Travel Club (time travel portal nearby 141015/86912)

    Fenster Landing
    135816 / 88704

    Hidden Beach

    Hidden Beach Underwater Passage

    Hunters Waterfall Outpost
    134434 / 87442

    Island Girl Spa (POI pirate treasure cave nearby 143767, 85019)
    143850 / 85130

    Jungle of Dreams

    Jungle of Dreams Ruins (POI pirate treasure cave nearby inside tricky underwater tunnel maze 125442, 93145)

    Kyanite Lake
    125789 / 86394

    Kyanite Lookout (on top of mountain, must fly or tp chip to reach)
    126007 / 86934

    Misty Outpost
    128378 / 92654

    Morion Outpost (futuristic pyramid nearby, possible time portal 128070/85060)
    128972 / 84269

    Mount Pele

    Mount Pele Checkpoint

    Mushroom Marsh
    126484 / 90977

    ND 500 Raceway

    ND 500 Raceway Market
    144684 / 87920

    ND Cove Hunting Ground South

    ND Suites - Champions
    143742 / 87375

    ND Suites - Ibiza
    143920 / 87217

    ND Suites - Malibu
    143541 / 87054

    ND Suites - Samoan Princess
    143529 / 87550

    ND Suites - South Beach
    143427 / 87247

    ND Suites – Venice

    Neophyte Village
    138043 / 83951

    Old Abandoned Post
    136226 / 91131

    Omens Ridge

    Omens Ridge East

    Omens Ridge West

    Pearl Cove
    138465 / 83310

    Ravers Beach (Mount Pele popup)

    Rutile Beach
    136532 / 86598

    Sacred Grounds

    Salvation Outpost
    128880 / 89261

    Samoan Spa Suites (Island Girl Spa popup)

    Serpentine Village
    128001 / 86647

    Sherman Outpost (time travel portal nearby 127241/88001)
    127640 / 88440

    Surfers Paradise (Taliesin Ridge)

    Sypherton Gardens
    133516 / 93874

    Tanzanite View
    135382 / 88563

    VS Nightclub (non-lootable PvP no radar)
    145876 / 83454

    Vulcans Pass
    132926 / 91602

    Warrior Peak
    132350 / 95631

    Xrager Island
    134966 / 96212

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  2. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    Ancient Greece Teleporter List can be found HERE
  3. that was quite smart :)
    i think ill do that too on my threads from now on =)

    Nice list :D

    +rep =)
  4. that odd i see only 62 tps.. l hold on let me find that missing tp for u hold on..

    ok ok i found what u missing is ND 500 Raceway tp loc coord is 146232,88642 in that area. just want to help u add on ur list so make sure everybody dont miss any tps. thanks! :)
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  5. +rep

    Thank you very much for sharing, Lee!
    This comes pretty handy for everyone :)
  6. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    Jelly fish and I were wondering what the 63rd one was, so there is another one at the raceway other than the market one? very close coords, will check it out and add to the list later if I find it, ty much :)

    Edit, yes, popped in and got it, ND 500 Raceway, so have added it to the list ty. This was one of the many we got automatically on the first day that were later removed so clearly I missed it on my recollection journey lol.
  7. I have been unable to get the Hidden Beach Underwater Passage TP. Has anyone else had trouble? I've tried turning off the move to target option, but that doesn't help -- I just get the "target too far away" message. Any suggestions anyone?
  8. Fox


    Hehe, Lyta, you have to dive to the yellow glowing round floor part. If you swim directly above it, you can use the TP. ;)
  9. it could also be a bug that happens every now and then when you cant use TP, even if you stand in the middle of it it says you are too far away. in these cases a relog solves it.
  10. Thanks guys, but so far nothing has worked so I filed a support case. At least I got some decent shark loot :)
  11. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    Updated a bit with some other info like POI (points of interest). If you do wander across any tp not listed here please post to let us know. Tempted to add what mobs are near but think that needs to go elsewhere or someone can re-add maps since we lost the first ones on here.
  12. VS Nightclub is not lootable :). You can thank the soc mate I killed to test that :)
  13. So non of the PVP zones are lootable? Maybe time to practice PVP skills :)
  14. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    Thanks Corey, was there with my friend and don't know why we didn't think to test it lol. I keep thinking there was a third pvp location somewhere, a small one, but can't remember for sure. Added a couple more pirate caves locations and the mission NPCs, not going to be adding all POI as there are a lot :)
  15. The PVP area your missing is the arena by the bank, can't remember what it's called at the moment. Above the cave at CND
  16. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    added Thebes to the list, will add coords later
  17. Not sure if Lee still comes in but can a mod change the tp names to what they are now? Crystal Resort = Crystal Center and Crystal Arrival, Crystal Resort Beach Entrance = Crystal Cove, and Crystal Resort Beach Lodges = Crystal Bay.

    And a sticky for this one too :)
  18. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    Hi Softie and NI gang :) No, I don't tend to read over here much these days, having moved from NI a few months back and now on Arkadia, but it seems I'm still subscribed to the thread so I got an email notice of your post :) I edited the list with a couple of the tps you said had changed, but if Crystal Resort is now two tps instead of one, could you post coords for those for me, then I can update that as well. I also moved Ancient Greece down to the second post I had reserved, so room for those to be listed, if anyone wants to share the details here for me. I did return for an overnight visit ( I really do miss the tropical scenery on NI) to check out Greece, but didn't bother noting down all the tps at that time myself. The place has changed, robots npcs now and our beloved monkey npcs gone, I loved our old auctioneer with the top hat and booze bottle lol.

    Anyway, in future, I'm more than happy to have mods update and edit that list as needed, and if they have the time and inclination, since I can't promise to be able to do so regularly myself. Will watch for any new coords you guys can post here and then update it again as it is right now at least :)
  19. Nice to see you drop by :) I don't have the coords on hand so maybe someone else can post those. Bemo made a list of the ones in Greece. Yeah I miss the monkey npc's but getting used to the robots, things change and we adapt :)
  20. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    Thanks Softie, I just edited the second post now to have a link to that nice list from Ancient Greece :) Will check in my own ingame tp list later, not sure if I can see the coords on it if I'm not over there, but won't hurt to look, meanwhile yes please post anyone who has any corrections since the changes to Crystal area.

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