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  1. Hey Guys,

    Now that mentoring is back, I think it would be useful to have a list of available mentors on NI. To start the ball rolling , please post your details in this thread.

    To newbies: The purpose of a mentor is to help you "learn the ropes" of the game. A good mentor will advise you, answer your questions about the game and point you to good sources of information, to facilitate your own research (nobody can personally tell you absolutely everything!). They will likely help you to get some TPs (but a good disciple is independant enough to get a lot of TPs by himself). They might buy your sweat, if they need/ can afford it.

    A mentor should not be expected to supply you with freebies! Mentors sometimes give small gifts to disciples, but if this happens this is a bonus, not part of the deal. Please respect that your mentor is putting their time into helping you get the most out of EU , usually for little or no reward (the mentoring gift is usually really cheap, unless things have dramatically changed; and it is only received when the the disciple graduates. Only a small fraction of players stick with the game long enough to attain graduation skills, even if they have a mentor. EU is not everybody)

    You can look up the Mentor Register in-game. Right click anywhere and select system>mentoring. You can use this interface to look up ther mentor's name and apply to the mentor.

    Btw, as a further incentive, MA now give a graduation gift to the disciple as well as the mentor! My old disciple just received Pixie armour and a car!

    Do not apply direct to mentors on this thread, but use the in-game system. The purpose of this thread is to pinpoint mentors available on NI, and provide additional info (the mentor "presentation" is bit hard to read). If you have difficulty contacting a given mentor in-game, then there is likely a poor match between your in-game times, and they will not be right for you. However, do PM the mentor on this forum if you have further questions .

    To mentors: Please remember to state your time-zone, online hours and whether you are "resident" on NI or just a frequent visitor. Add as much further info as you like!

    MODS: Please move this thread to "HELP AND INFO" . sorry but I seem to have chosen wrong sub-forum. If it gets no replies there, please delete it? Was not my intention to create a thread merely to advertise myself :D (would prefer to do that honestly! lol)
  2. reserved for list
  3. Mentor Name: Juniper Jaywalker Jones
    Timezone: GMT (Britain)
    Skills: Combat (up to lev 54); mining (up to level 40); crafting (up to lev 22 ); taming lev 29
    Availabilty: Online most days up to about 02.00 or later. Loosely based in Caly but planet-hop a lot, calling in at NI frequently (average of maybe 2 days per week spent on NI, so far. )

    As you can see, I'm a Jill-of-all trades. However, I am not interested in PvP (boxing tournament aside!) nor beauty. I currently have one disciple on Next Island and am looking to take on a few more.

    I would prefer to mentor mature, self -sufficient people who are willing to do their own research. This is not to say that I won't answer your questions, just that I lose patience with the sort of people who issue a constant stream of questions, all betraying that they haven;t troubled to read Alice's Guide :D ( a MUST for all newbies. Yes I will give you the link!) Nor is it to say that I won't help you out. I am happy to fly you to TPs, for example and even take you for a trip off-planet.

    My society -TAO- has a long history of mentoring, and we used to admit most of our disciples to the Soc and help mentor each others' disciples. Presently we are trying to limit our intake of new players,so we might need to modify this practice a bit. One idea might be to offer temporary Soc membership to disiples, and offer permanent membership only to a few (those who stick with the game, and who seem to fit in well). In any case, as this practice worked very well, I shall try to offer you Soc membership if you become my disciple and if you are not already in a Soc.

    Please look us up:, and please take note of Soc rules of conduct/ I shall expect disciples to abide by these rules, whether they join the Soc or not.
  4. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Hey Jaywalker, sorry I missed this earlier. I put it into the tutorials/guides sections since that is where I would look for this sort of info if I was a new player. Is that ok?

    I think its a great idea to get a list of the local mentors on NI so that new players can easily find someone who players at their time and can play with a similar mindset.

    Good luck to both the mentors and disciples :)

  5. Avatar: Shard-Angel.
    Playing since: 2004.
    Skills: Jack of all trades mostly: Hunting, Crafting, Mining, Shops, CLDs, sweating, trading, space travel, various planets, etc.

    I fly in from Calypso every week or so. I am Calypso-born so I am mostly there - but the same principles apply in NI (more or less).

    I am easy going - but will not tolerate rude people. I am available on the Player Register and on the Mentor Register.
  6. Morgan Fulcanelli

    Morgan Fulcanelli Born to Fly in Space!

    Hi, guys! I'm very new to Entropia and Next Island, but I'm defnitely interested in learning how to play this game. So far, I've run around the local starting area a bit, did a couple of quests, got killed by a papoo(sp?), and am now stuck trying to figure out my mining tools and scanner.

    No one has posted in this forum for a while, so I'm not sure i this is where I should find a mentor. Any direction would be appreciated!
  7. Welcome Morgan. Even though the forum looks dead there are some of us that lurk around. You have made a good first step in looking for answers. Those who still check the forum can be helpful, also talk to the people you see in game, there is also a mentor registry where you can search for a mentor. I would suggest joining a society and getting to know someone before adding them as a mentor. You want to make sure they are around when you are in game and have been playing the game awhile.

    Also the wiki located on the top of the page is full of helpful information. Here is a link to the mining guide from the wiki, as for the scanner all you do is point and click.
  8. Morgan Fulcanelli

    Morgan Fulcanelli Born to Fly in Space!

    Thanks for the welcome! I hope to get on a bit more today and explore. I see there are houses by the beach, but no one is in them. Are these for the players?
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  9. Those houses some were sold by the NI company to players a while back the others will become available when more players active on world.

    Enjoy your time on NI and make sure to get all the great free items from crystal center NPC's they are really good
  10. Morgan Fulcanelli

    Morgan Fulcanelli Born to Fly in Space!

    Thanks, Kitten. I think I've gone through all the NPC's there now. I decided to take a long hike and walked all the way to Club Neverdie. Nothing happening there, but it's beautiful!

    I also put in a couple of applications for society membership, but no one has responded. I don't seem to be getting any closer to owning a starship anytime soon. :(
  11. If you put in an application for delta force I will check soc term when home. Many of my soc take trips to next island so we are well educated on that planet. I am currently based on planet arkadia myself >^.^<
  12. Morgan Fulcanelli

    Morgan Fulcanelli Born to Fly in Space!

    Ah, ok. I should be on in a little bit. I'll definitely do that. Thanks!
  13. LordLongLicious

    LordLongLicious Do you fear death?

    Sure, count me in.
  14. For those currently interested.

    Name : Tameron Cutter Othello

    My highest level in anything is Hunting (Lvl 24 Laser Sniper) but I am also a bit of a miner and crafter so pretty much a jack-of-all trades.
    I spend time on NI every month but I live on Rocktropia so I am not to far away and can jump back here at anytime.

    I am a daily player based in Chengdu China currently so my hours are +8 Beijing time.

    If you need a mentor or are just new and want someone to chat with send me a request and I will be happy to help out in any way I can.
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