Next Island Devs offering clothing and estate customisation... for a hefty price...

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    Development for Hire

    The Next Island Development Team is proud to offer customization of vanity items within the Entropia Universe. This can include adjusting or redesigning your NI estate, designing and purchasing custom clothing for your society or avatar, or even something more creative that you come up with!

    To be clear:

    No core economy related elements are an option. We will not be engaging in any vanity asset development that can be accomplished with the current crafting system. So no solid black coats

    The goal of this is to enable logos, images, text or other branded content to be placed on your clothing, flag, etc in order to create a more customized, personalized experience for individuals and societies within the Entropia Universe. Or to create a unique estate outside the limitations of what is currently available within the Entropia Universe.

    The baseline fee structure is as follows:

    Basic, entry level re-adjustment of your estate using existing models/assets, ie moving trees, buildings, pathways, guardrails, terminals etc, but not designing any new models
    5000 ped ($500 USD).

    Complete estate re-design with new/custom models will be addressed on a case by case basis depending on the complexity of the new custom models, beginning at a base minimum of 10000 PED ($1000 USD)

    Custom clothing, flag, society item will be a flat fee for the design, balancing, approval, and creation, then a smaller fee per quantity of item released in game.
    10000 PED ($1000 USD) for creation, 500 PED ($50 USD) per item released

    Some factors to consider:

    All players/designers will be required to sign a standard Release of IP before any development will take place. Any vanity assets created by the Next Island Development team will be the intellectual property of the Next Island Team.

    That being said, an agreement will be made with the player requesting and funding the development of custom vanity assets, defining the rules of distribution and use.


    1. A clothing item built for a certain society shall be used solely for that purpose. It will be the designers responsibility how those assets are distributed and/or reclaimed. NI nor MA will intervene nor manage who is and isn’t allowed to hold these assets. Nor will NI or MA distribute custom vanity content in any other fashion other than what the requestor and NI established in their original agreement.
    2. If a player wishes to have a custom castle built on an estate they own, this will be an option. The cost will increase if they desire this model to be unique to their estate. The cost will decrease if the player agrees that the asset may be used in other locations. In other words, models with a one use permit will cost more.
    Custom vanity assets will be reviewed not only from an economic perspective within the Entropia Universe, but an aesthetic perspective. It will be at the discretion of the NI development team and MindArk’s art direction team, what aesthetics will and will not be allowed.

    Additional Notes:

    This is a first phase experimental program in which we are attempting to enhance the player experience. We will pursue this on a case by case basis, and iterate on the program over time to create the best customization process possible for players. The Next Island Team reserves the right to refuse development of custom vanity assets at their sole discretion.

    Additional Item Points:

    Additional item points for shops will be treated on a case by case and may not be possible in some cases. For example no additional points for stalls is possible

    Contact Osiris via the forum
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