Next Island Content Release Notes, May 29th

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  1. Next Island Content Release

    May 29, 2012

    Today’s content release offer a new missions, and introduces new blueprints, including the Hoplite Sandals and a new piece of special Elysian armor, the HyperSense Goggles!
    New Mission

    Sneaky, Thieving Papoo Ol’ Mort, a hermit and scavenger living at the old First Wave Settlement wants nothing to do with you.
    New Blueprints

    Hoplite Sandals Protect your toes in Ancient Greece!
    Fine Lens After the First Wavers lost many of their supplies (in transit or through Demra attacks, depending on who you ask!), they invented replacement lenses for microscopes and lab glasses, using island materials.
    HyperSense Goggles Protect yourself, and increase your Elysian HyperSenses with these special glasses.

    Loot Revisions We continue to adjust the locations and frequency of island loot.

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