Entropia News: New Treasure Island in Entropia Universe to be the World's Largest Metaverse Deed Offering

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  1. New Treasure Island in Entropia Universe to be the World's Largest Metaverse Deed Offering
    THU, NOV 18, 2021 16:00 CET
    It has never been easier to become a deedholder in a metaverse virtual property. 800000 deeds of New Treasure Island in Entropia Universe are soon available at a price of 1 USD each. Previous virtual deed offerings and estate opportunities in Entropia Universe have a well-established track record of success


    Deeds of New Treasure Island will be available to the public on Wednesday, December 1, 2021 at 11:00 UTC. New Treasure Island will be the third property listed on the Entropia Exchange. Since its creation in 2003, Entropia Universe has continuously raised the bar for online virtual experiences by offering a vibrant economy with a real-cash currency, making Entropia Universe the world’s longest-running metaverse.

    Thanks to its stunning beaches, unique geography, vast resources, and lush hunting grounds, Treasure Island has long been a popular destination for ambitious colonists on Planet Calypso in Entropia Universe. Recently, this fertile volcanic island suffered an earthquake that enlarged the island and unearthed an underground river between Lake Penzance and the nearby ocean, expanding habitats for desirable hunting prey.

    In addition, a recent meteorite impact delivered extraterrestrial DNA to the shores of Treasure Island, resulting in new colonies of vicious Daspletor and Cornoanterion creatures gaining a foothold on Calypso for the first time. These seismic changes to the island have resulted in the region being renamed New Treasure Island.

    New Treasure Island Info
    • Area: 64 square kilometers (24.7 square miles), making New Treasure Island larger than Manhattan.
    • Location: Planet Calypso, Entropia Universe.
    • Common Creatures: Hogglo, Leviathan, Frescoquda and Letomie.
    • Common Minerals: Lysterium and Blausariam.

    Full Details

    Entropia Exchange
    New Treasure Island will be the third company to list virtual deeds on the Entropia Exchange, which was introduced to Entropia Universe in the spring of 2019.

    The 800,000 New Treasure Island deeds will be offered at 10 PED (1 USD) each, and will receive a revenue deed of 50 percent of Planet Calypso’s planet partner revenue generated on the island, distributed weekly to deedholders.

    How to Acquire New Treasure Island Deeds
    New Treasure Island deeds can be acquired within Entropia Universe via the Entropia Exchange.

    Previous Estate and Deed Milestones in Entropia Universe
    An asteroid space resort orbiting Planet Calypso, “Club NEVERDIE”, acquired for 100,000 USD.
    2009 Crystal Palace Space Station auctioned for 330,000 USD, setting a new Guinness World Record for most expensive virtual item.
    2010 The “Club NEVERDIE” space resort transferred between Entropia Universe avatars for a reported 635,000 USD.
    2011 60,000 Calypso Land Deeds, with a face value of 6 million USD, acquired by Entropia Universe participants. The current market value of the 60,000 deeds is over 18 million USD.
    2013 Monria, a moon of Planet Calypso, auctioned for 150,000 USD.
    2016 Arkadia Underground deeds auctioned for a total of 1 million USD. Current market value of the deeds exceeds 2 million USD.
    2019 Crystal Palace Space Station deeds listed on the Entropia Exchange for a total of 500,000 USD. The current market value of those deeds is approximately 915,500 USD.

    About Entropia Universe
    Entropia Universe is the world’s longest-running metaverse. Since 2003, Entropia Universe has continuously raised the bar for online virtual experiences by offering a vibrant economy with a real-cash currency. Participants collect and earn virtual currency Project Entropia Dollars (PED) within the game and are able to withdraw funds to their real-world bank accounts. Through the Entropia Planet Partner program, developers from around the world build and maintain additional planets within the Entropia Universe system, each with their own unique themes and designs.

    Contact person
    Mathias Gustavsson, marketing manager, +46 (0)735152535, matgus@mindark.com

    Entropia Universe is developed and operated by the company MindArk. www.mindark.com
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