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  1. Liu


    I don't ❤

    Sometimes I try to play again with my peds left ingame...but I can't. After an hour I already what I am doing with my life. I think I'm done with it. Like for real. Memories don't live up forever.
  2. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    hahaha I know what you mean... I think this is why what little things I do in game now are usually exploration based. I've not really hunted for ages. Recently most of the challenges I set myself are getting from A to B without being killed by silly OP mobs. I shot a robot the other day... contemplated killing 50 of them as the mission instructed. Got shot up by the next one on seconds even wearing my best gear... decided I couldn't be bothered with that one after all and moved on to the next "go place" challenge on my list.

    Ultimately I like exploring I think... it's calming and presents a genuine challenge unlike hunting which is just an obfuscated slot machine.
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  3. Wistrel

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  4. San


    This looks like a bill of items contained in a box in the court's archive, or some such. The latest files from Nov 23-24 say by the titles that apparently the appeal has been received before the deadline. This means it's not over. I haven't done any further digging since last time and, frankly, I'm not much interested in spending more time on it. The deeds were gobbled up faster than a turkey on Thanksgiving and in the event that they'll cause indigestion down the road, there will be enough Swedish speaking folks pouring over the dirt. Or maybe nothing changes and the drama ends shortly. I can understand MindArk wanting to get this off their back as soon as possible and I don't have enough knowledge to assess the risk they took by releasing the deeds before the court battles are really over. But both this and the speed of the sellout are telling me at least one thing: Money isn't the same to people anymore as it was to the previous generation.
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  5. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Just out of curiosity for what would happen I hope MA will be fored to give TI back to Deathifier in the end :tongue (2):
  6. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    I'm confused. How can MA sell Treasure Island if court case not yet over?
  7. NotAdmin

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    The court case isn't about TI, though. The case is about Deathifiers' intellectual property being used by Arkadia Studios (allegedly). MA's decision to use "eminent domain" and take ownership of Deathifiers' in-game assets seems to be an entirely different matter. We do not know the reasoning behind MindArk claiming ownership of TI. It could be to use it as an escrow in the court case, just in case Deathifier would lose the case. It could also be a petty act performed purely out of spite. Knowing MA "leadership" and their toddler-like behaviour, I'd consider that an option, too.

    Regardless, their decision to cease a prominent players' assets should make every single player consider whether they'd want to "invest" into a platform where the company running it acts as judge, jury, and executioner and can render investments to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars useless with a few keystrokes.

    Thank Lootius I don't own anything significant in-game anymore.
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  8. Wistrel

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    This is interesting... reminds me of a conversation I had with my Dad over a decade or more ago about the game. He asked, what there was to stop MA trashing a player's investment. I think the example in this case was a cyclone that would accidentally destroy a housing area (lol - like MA could ever drag an drop the tornado asset in CE2 like a zillion other Crysis players did way back when)

    although we've had technically much worse than this since (trashed properties at Minopolis with vegetation growing through the floor, same in the shops at TI accommodation towers, shops moved from near teleporters and all the shops from the cave shopping area under the giant moose obliterated plus probably plenty more I forgot or never knew about) my answer at the time was that it wouldn't be in their interests to do so as stories would get out, people would warn against it, and confidence in the platform would diminish leading to a snowball effect and potentially a run on the bank as it were as people try to get their cash out before the ship sinks (knowing full well there isn't enough cash in the attic to cover this - read the financial reports - they budget only for predicted withdrawal amounts based on usual trends). Anyhow, if Deathifier didn't receive anything for TI from MA before they sold it, or isn't getting a cut of the selling cake, then that's pretty concerning if it is true. If this is turns out to be the case it would be in MA's interest to reveal the circumstances of this sale or at least put out a statement saying it was an amicable arrangement and have Deathifier verify this. I'm not saying they should tell the world what went on, that's between them and Deathifier, but at least the two parties would do well to put out a statement to say something like "all's well that end's well" to put other investors' minds at ease.
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  9. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Iirc I read somewhere in the court documents that the Deathifier side was orderd to make payments to MindArk. Maybe they didn't pay and as a consequence MA was legally enabled annex virtual "property".

    But in that case that's point. If they had been ordered or enabled by authorities to do this they should state exactly that. Not doing it can only lead to the assumption that they haven't been. The only reason why I've never really "invested" in Entropia is MindArk.
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