New Time Travel Crystal Blueprint (L)

Discussion in 'Next Island community' started by Curd, Jun 9, 2011.

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  2. Congrats!! And I like the materials alot better then the last bp!! And so what happens to the old ones???? OMG this could piss some ppl off!

    btw how did you discover it??
  3. Yea wonder if the old one still works. GZ though.

  4. Thanks. :) From crafting components.

    And yes, Meg said the old crystals will still work.
  5. Yeah but what about the one bp's that ppl bought that had a ridiculous amount of items to make it.

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    ppl who spent money on those and ppl who clicked them are not going to be happy

    Well we know there is at least one new bp :)

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  6. Meg

    Meg Next Island : Game Content Designer

    The old plueprints still work, old TTCs still work, but the old blueprints won't be dropping anymore. I think you'll like the required materials and fail rate much better on our new ones!
  7. I think you be a fool to use the old ones :) And yes, like the materials a whole lot better!
  8. Pretty obvious there is only a success rate at Next Island! :)

    And in my case this rate was 192 crystals (=32 roundtrips) from 37 attempts.

  9. Ya like me. But excuse my bitterness, this whole "big update" has been one big let down. Mr. Post really needs to do some first hand research of how EU works, because he has gotten it wrong over and over again. I had high hopes for NI but each update has taken a little of that hope away.
  10. Seeing the new time travel BP's are (L), wouldn't it be fair that the old time travel BP's that require the ridiculous list of ingredients with only 1 try be converted to a new BP with reasonable ingredients with 1 or a few tries - otherwise they are worthless and a waste of PED to click, to have purchased and even to have hunted for as a reward for the Sebastian's View mission.

    Quite like the other changes to NI. A good (re)start.
  11. I just hope we'll get a few BP's that actually use all the crystals and animal parts we've looted. They've been gathering dust in my inventory for so long...
  12. So the old time travel crystal (5 PED one) has turned into 500 TT crystals (1pec ones), I have 2 back on calypso have they changed.. I wouldnt use 5ped crystal when you can get there for around 3ped (depending on successes) whats happening, ive looted so much crap for those TT crystals - now its most likely worthless,
  13. The old time bp's could be worth more later for the collector of never used bp's. Who knows what they might allow us to do or travel to.. Time will tell ha ha..
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