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Entropia Universe: New RCE gaming payment system: Fidelispay

Discussion in 'Entropia Universe in the Press' started by NotAdmin, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    New RCE gaming payment system: Fidelispay

    German site Golemn.de has an article on a new payment system for games, FidelisPay. The article discusses how online bank Fidor and Arvato Entertainment Europe, the latter already offering a range of gaming-related services and products, combined forces and released a system that can be licensed by game developers to integrate real-cash payments into their games.

    FidelisPay describes itself the following way:


    Game publishers and developers have responded eagerly to the ability of FidelisPay to offer credit-based “in-game wallets,” since the Fidelis wallet technology can manage both real currencies and virtual currencies for specific games. The FidelisPay wallet system can be used for quick payment for digital merchandise during a game as well as for Gamer2Gamer and P2P transactions. By combining the FidelisPay wallet technology with the services of Fidor Payment Services GmbH as a worldwide payment service provider, entertainment publishers and developers can obtain cost-efficient and legally compliant in-game wallets with powerful, real-time deposit and withdrawal abilities – and all from a single source. Original source: arvato Entertainment".

    Fidelispay should start becoming available from early 2013 on.

    The article also mentions Entropia Universe (translated):

    "Another supplier is the Swedish development studio MindArk with its Entropia Universe. With the Scandinavians, it becomes especially clear which problems real cash in games cause: MindArk, in 2009, was forced by the (Swedish) financial authorities to open its own bank in order to further continue their business model".

    Note this was translated by yours truly, and I'm not an expert in German. I do believe golem.de might have misunderstood the whole MindBank concept.

    Full article here: http://www.golem.de/news/fidelispay-die-echtgeld-revolution-fuer-mmog-entwickler-1208-93598.html
  2. Hi,

    The translation is correct (I'm German). Gratz! :)
    The information published is not, we all know that the MindBank adventure went belly-up ...

    I'd not trust Golem.de too much, they often seem to be a bit "unprofessional". As we see in this current case.

    For the topic, this could be actually interesting. But then, would it change something? We connect a bank account to EU, and pay/ withdraw using it. I don't see a big difference, for us.

    There's other games that welcome trades for real cash already - they most often just state "Do what you like, but don't come whining later, and don't sue us!"

    This could be aimed to be a competitor to Blizzards real cash auction house, but we'll see if any other publishers would jump the train. Many of them wouldn't be this much happy, because, despite of all promises, such an offer would actively encourage gold farming and money laundering. I cannot but see this as a dead born baby ...

    Money laundering is actively persecuted these days, for instance here in Germany there's thoughts to even shut down anonymous paying systems like UKash and PaySafeCard, already!

    The countries have crazy high debts, the few people still actually earning a serious coin use any loophole in the tax laws, paying ridiculous low wages (if any at all), and the unwashed working masses are earning less and less, thus producing less and less tax income.
    Now, the unwashed masses, too, want to keep as much of their poor little money, as they read any other day in the news how the "big ones" do it, for sure - they are working without declaration then, for cash, maybe. And the tax office wants to prohibit this. They are, per definition, the unwashed masses, and it's their duty to pay the taxes that then can be shoved down the throat of the few rich & bright haired ones.

    You'd not transfer 10 millions of EUR via UKash. You'd accept the service of your bank to do it, for sure. UKash would only make sense if you want to wash your tiny poor 500 EUR of "black money", and thus this has to be prohibited, for sure!

    Another point, Arvato is a scoring company, too. One of the big ones meanwhile. They analyze the area you're living in, check your SCHUFA history, analyze your Facebook postings, and tell the pal at EBay what a paying moral is to be expected.
    Using the above mentioned service will mark you as "gamer", and will reduce your scoring, you bet ...

    Have a good time!
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  3. Hi,

    good scouted.

    the german law for money laundry "Geldwäschegesetz" was indeed thighten up alot. Every company operating in financial service has to employ at least 1 person only responsible to take action against money laundry and make sure all data inside customer files are clean and such. traders using financial services no matter of what type (electronic cash terminals, webservices etc) had to hand in completed data to their providers not long ago.

    there has been alot trouble about "scoring" with the market leader in terminals cause they made advert to a big trading company to get data from them of sales frequency and movement of location of customer paying with their normal debit cards. even scoring services based on refused card transactions and such.

    its very important these days to inform yourself about the owning companies and their affiliates before creating any random payment account on some service website which promises you easier transactions or overview about your accounting and such.

    German SCHUFA is the leading scoring provider to judge about someones financial credibility in germany. Using any connected payment services gives possibilities to them to gather information about your transactions as well as contracts.

    Whats going on over the web is to sharply view and the european union is about to giving more rights to the people in term of having rights to get data deleted from companies which you dont do business anymore with. companies like facebook are about to be responsible if data gets stolen in any way. that will set these data collecting farms under preassure.

    for me a good thing as i dont like to be glassed and get products designed at me cause any third parties think that they know my psy just cause some internet sites.... i prefer variety and self determination of what i choose and what not.

    as im from germany i have seen to what damage was caused to others and the country if single institutions want to tell you what is good for you. it was done with spreading fear today its done on the social tour...

    every open survey on the streets shows that people are shocked about who has data from em already. if they getting asked why they put their data on the web you hear a "i didnt know that i thought it was save as its the web"

    sure they think that cause they surf from home in a save and trusted surrounding for them not thinking that the web is outside their doors :)

    have a look who wants data and what interest is behind that what the eye cant see.

    good observed that one Xandra :)

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  4. Nor Alien

    Nor Alien Wisker Fish

    Interesting stuff.. If I remember correctly, MindBank didn't go belly up, MindArk put it on the back burner until the world economy strengthens. They said that when the time is correct, they will persue it once again, when things settle. They already have the clearence to have a bank, they just chose to wait. :wink:
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  5. Hi,
    Correct, they got the license, and didn't start the bank then.
    I didn't spell this sufficiently well - my intention was that the plans went belly-up, not the Bank itself.

    For the convenience of the esteemed reader I did a search, and found this thread in the EF. It even has a statement from Kim (post #3):

    Thank you! Very interesting post! I'd like to add some more information, for the curious:
    (Notice of caution: This might become a wall of text ...)

    SCHUFA had plans to do get a crawler developed that would spy the social networks for information that could be used to even more precisely estimate a persons financial standing. Read this article for more information!​
    They withdraw from these plans after a serious shitstorm, but, beware, this is only the development of the automated thingie that they scrapped!​
    In case of a (costly) deeper intelligence they'll still use this data, just not automated ...​

    How does this work for the common guy? I had such a case in my family:

    Women, 50+, well employed and with good salary, living in a nice apartment in a very good part of a big town. Monthly rates of ~1K EUR for this apt. No depts.​
    She was buying from a big mail-order company for years, on a regular basis, never any problems. She had a good rating, got the stuff delivered with a bill, and payed via money transfer then. For years.​

    All of a sudden this wasn't accepted anymore, she was asked to do the money transfer first, before the warez would be send out. It took quite some time at the fone line to find out what had happened:​
    Her score had dropped to a "Warning!" level. The company told us what scoring company they used, it was Arvato.​
    We contacted them and found out that the score of the area she lived in had dropped to "Dangerous" level - we didn't get more information, even if we inquired.​

    Now this area isn't a slum at all - contrarily, it is made of one-or two family houses mostly used by the owners, surrounded by forest, and has some of the highest rental rates/ estate-prices in one of the most expensive towns all over Germany ...​

    What we found out:​
    A man in 60's, a few houses down the road, had lost his job and had gone crazy about this. He had started to drink, hadn't payed his rental rates anymore, and, when the police came to force him out of his apartment (that he had for 40+ years) they found him dead in his Porsche, motor still running, in the closed garage.​

    Other possibility could have been a house maybe 1km away, that was scheduled to get demolished as soon as the neighbors house would be clear of rental (you cannot kick your tenants in short time here, if they lived sufficiently long in your property they might have a period of notice for quite some months, or even years). Both of these properties was already promised/ contracted to a company that planned to build some exclusive places there.​
    The owner was very religious, so he offered the house to be used for the remaining time, to the church. For use at their will. And they put some refugees from Africa into it.​
    (Cool people, btw., no problems with them at all, by far less intrusive compared to the usual lawn mower morons terrorizing the neighborhood starting at any weekends sunrise, or the insane amounts of spoiled brats of the beloved neighbors that obviously cannot live without squeaking all day long, in volumes resembling a starting fighter jet ...)​

    This lead to the dramatic fall in "score" of this woman and of all people living in this area. We could persuade her mail-order company to restore her previous state, ignoring the Arvato score. But it doesn't help this much, because now she is seen as a potential dangerous customer by any other companies relaying on this dreaded scoring system.​

    Even getting some owners aware of this, taking a lawyer and threatening Arvato with a law suit didn't help. Chances for success would be this low, he said, it would by far exceed the loss of value of the owners property.​

    Now, back to topic. Arvato (a link to the scoring departement), or a daughter company, is meant to do this new Fidelispy (scnr) service. You bet I'd register with them, to get marked as a "gamer" (eeeeekkk! They do all the amoks, and they eat little children - alive!!!).

    And should MA connect to this, for sure you'd not only get marked as a "gamer", you can bet they'd add a "bl" after the first 3 chars. Fun for you, and for your neighbors ;-)

    This are crazy times. Reading the news I get my "Huuhh???" experience any other day. Dear Lootius, wouldn't you be able to put some RL brain in our loot, should get an insane MU quite quickly ...

    Thx for reading, hope you enjoyed.

    Yours sincerely.
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  6. the old Dataprotection Law of the European Union was made 1995 and since not renewed to the new developements.

    News about a planned overhaul of that from Germany's "FAZ" Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

    It is claimed that
    The right to "Data gets forgotten" after use
    Migration of Data when changing a social network provider
    Webservice Providers of any kind are responsible if data gets stolen
    A webservice provider has to inform his user if the users account gets hacked.

    This can effect Entropia Universe. e.g. Mindark must inform it's users when an account gets hacked etc.

    Services like fidelispay sure also.


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