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New MindArk Official Community Liason

Discussion in 'Entropia Community' started by Steve Saber, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. I understood it in another way at that time.
    MA show to SEE planet Calypso with mobs, resources, missions, professions, items and full of customers who pay for fun on Calypso.
    They agreed for 6 million usd for box called Calypso.
    But when SEE opened Calypso box they found it empty.
    MA called all Calypso mobs as "generic" and claimed so called intellectual propriety on things they just sold for 6 millions.
    This is one of reasons SEE started to create new mobs similar on already existing ones like daikiba - shitkiba.
    With a little patience you can find Skam comments about it even if she was under nda.
    So probably both tried to scam each other and is just to see who was more successful.
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  2. As a player and forum participant Nighthawk was a lot afk, non active.
    Some of his threads were not updated for a year.
    Let see if things get better now.
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  3. Latest post is 7/8/2016 as of today for him... Time will tell I suppose. Skam started out posting a lot like he did and then went silent too before she exited the stage after they opened the trap door on her without notification... We'll see if that happens to him too.

    on another front...

    Looks like "support" can't give you any 'support' about compets even though they have it as a pulldown in the category section of their support web page... and they tell you to go to compets forum or compets facebook page, both of which the devs aren't visiting these days.

    Tempting to sell out all aud, cld, and compet deeds and cash out asap since this place may not be here in a year, but again, only time will tell I suppose... glad I'm not as heavily invested now as I was about 5 years ago.
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  4. @theProphet
    Nothing is funny.
    Two masters of misleading played their game and we players paid their fun.
    In the end we-players paid same amount (6 millions) for Calypso box and got only 25% of what was on table (income from deeds)
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  5. So far, he did a good job already.
    Select target in pvp removed , so landgrab is back again.
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  6. So MA finally fix a bug, and Nighthawk gets the credit? cool job! :rolleyes (2):
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  7. This simply is history repeating. If you havent learned from the past yet, then Nighthawk did indeed "fix" Select target for you...*lol*

    And what community outrage on forum and via support cases couldnt be fixed in years...Nighthawk can do it in 24h and deserves all the fame...are you serious ?
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2016
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  8. At least there are still some people left that havent forgotten and spread the truth and dont just focus on the daily bling-bling-crap they smear in our faces.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2016
  9. Yes he gets the credit.
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  10. Sionkiewicz

    Sionkiewicz One of those Americans

    His job as Community Liaison is communication.. in both directions..

    No, he didn't code the change into place but I do believe he is talking to the right people in the company to get things done. He deserves the credit for getting that item resolved as fast as it was. I also think there are changes in how MA is going to support the game. Support tickets are getting faster results than in the past and things do seem like they are getting better.
    If history proves me wrong than that is fine. I can live with trying o see the best in a situation.
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  11. I believe in unicorns
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  12. Sionkiewicz

    Sionkiewicz One of those Americans

    McCormick, you spend way too much time on this game to feel there is no hope for it.
    I need to ask, if you really believe MA and EU can never get better, why are you here? :headscratch:
  13. Why am I stil here ?

    Because I cashed out long ago and can play for free now.
    Why would I ignore that I can play this for free ?

    Yes I log in now and then and follow the so called "content updates" over time. And I have the right to comment on it with my opinion.

    SEEing the past, I can also SEE history repeating...a lot...so I post here to make you and others aware.
    Still, some manage to SEE me as negative troll only...but thats not what Im trying to achieve...you will SEE...or not.

    Im still a part of this game. Since 2004. I SEE no reason to be all positive about MA nd EU right now.
    But that doesnt mean I have to leave, right ?
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  14. Sionkiewicz

    Sionkiewicz One of those Americans

    No, I'm not asking you to leave or stop expressing your opinion. Your opinion here is valuable but , maybe, what you SEE from your past may also not be what is happening now. No one is asking you to be all Positive about the game but I also don't think you need to be completely negative about every aspect of the game either.

    I guess my ask of you is to stop just SEEing and maybe take a better look at what is happening. May not change your mind but it may help out the community more in understanding it. Maybe you can better describe how this is history repeating itself instead of just saying it is (what is the statute of limitation on this SEE thing anyway?)?
  15. I wont post my whole blog here, but I hand you 2 of the latest examples. Because thats another problem with the past examples. Most ppl wont even known about MAs past, if they just create an account and start to play (which could be called "good" x'D)

    MindArk announcing new partners (july 2015), SEE those 3 empty buildings at Athena Spaceport.
    Empty since 1 year. No news since then. The pages outdated and "strange". This has not happened for the 1st time.
    History repeating.

    The casino showed up and managed to tell us it is in no way connected to Entropia, but uses all of its textures
    and announced to become 3D...with all the RT and Calypso content. It never turned 3D.
    They even bought CalypSOS ingame assets...but nothing, since june 2015.
    History repeating. (partners are doomed to fail)

    Look at Cyrene (rich Sheik company backer) or Toulan (announced as the very 1st arabic planet and already crying for investors help...SEE what I mean ?)
    Theyron Wars ? European Space Agency anyone ? Planet Michael jackson ? Blah...its fucking annyoing.

    By now I SEE nearly all so called "content updates" as NO real content, but boring text with nothing added on top of it, but another grinding mission or grinding event.
    History repeating.

    I dont say this whole concept is doomed or turned into an epic fail yet, but maybe you get the hint(s).

    Or are you one of those who got lost in compet, depositing thousands of dollars to become level X fast ? ;)
    Having no time to play EU ? Nah, youre not. But compet...jesus...rofl....
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2016
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  16. somehow this reminded me about mr. improved communication today :bigsmile:

    ps: augen zu und durch <-- approved tactics, for everyone in this universe to ...

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