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    With the creation of the EntropiaPlanets Media Center, it was only a matter of time before we inducted our first Media Team members.

    The goal of EPMC is to staff the Media Team with community members who have specific talents and skills that will contribute toward our goal of keeping information and news fresh and revolving. This not only includes writing and news reporting, but event planning and production.

    As Media Manager, I am ever vigilant in scouting out the talent within our community, and may offer an invite and opportunity for someone to join the Media Team to share their specific talents. This is exactly what occurred with our first member.

    Meet – Edward “Magyar” Republic


    The moment I started reading the EP forum postings by Magyar, I knew I was onto something. His style of writing brings an edge, but from a constructive perspective that often causes thought-provoking moments.

    He loves a good debate, and is known for initiating discussions that may be a bit controversial – ok, a lot controversial, but he has a knack for stimulating the minds of the community.

    Magyar brings a level of critical thinking about our universe that explores the whys and wherefores that often come with what ifs, and questions how we can do something different that may give greater benefit to the community.

    His offerings at times may be out there, and we may not agree with his opinions about a particular topic, but he welcomes the diversity of thought, and is not immune to entertaining different perspectives, or even having his own changed.

    Where in the world are you from?

    I live in sunny Oakland, California. Home of the Oakland Raiders, Hyphy Rap, Metallica, Streetcar Sideshows, and what some feel was the inspiration for the AT-AT walkers in the movie STAR WARS, although in 2008, George Lucas claimed it was just a myth.

    How long have you been playing EU?

    I’ve been playing EU since January 2010. Or do you mean how long have I been playing EU today? Since I’m at work, I plead the 5th.

    What is it about EU that captures your attention?

    The things that I enjoy most about EU are the proven scalability of the world and the massive depth of the characters you can create. The world itself has almost infinite possibilities, governed only by technology and our willingness to support the platform. Not only in terms of universe size, but in terms of character depth, customization, and level of action. It’s truly unprecedented.

    What activities do you engage in most in EU?

    In EU I am a hunter by trade. From bashing in Feffoid skulls to fending off the sentient robot milieu, I sling my sword with accuracy. Many a mutant has cursed Cold Magyar as its final act. I also spend a sizeable amount of time at Swamp Camp guiding new players on their first steps into the world. I can often be found packing groups of players into my Saehrimnir Mk1 for their first teleport runs out to Twin Peaks or points beyond.


    He loves a challenge!


    And doesn't mind getting caught in the crosshairs!

    What was your reason for becoming an EP Media Team member?

    Curiosity. Or is it that I just enjoy hearing myself speak? I suppose that depends on who you ask.

    What are you hoping to accomplish as an EPMT member?

    What I would like to accomplish as an EP Media Team member is adding to the critical thought dimension of the community. I don’t want to write fluff articles that end up being just lists of features everyone already knows about. Sure, I’d like to list things, because that information is relevant to new players, but I want to appeal to older players as well by giving them something to think about. Will everyone agree with me? No, I’m sure they won’t. But that’s the point. If everyone agreed with me, then I would be failing, because nobody would be thinking! I want to spur discussion.


    He walks through lava pits barefoot, so expect an edge!

    Meet – George “Ace” Skywalker


    Yes, his gotee is lime green and the first thing that captures your attention when meeting him face-to-face in EU.

    As with many, I first became aware of Ace as a poster on forums, and then we met up inside the universe. It’s been several years now, and I’ve become rather familiar with his style of writing.

    He’s very proactive and service-oriented when it comes to our community, and looks for ways that he can make things more efficient. From creating and maintaining lists such as current services and vehicle parts, to engaging the community in any number of topics that may require research to separate fact from fiction, he’s not afraid of discussion.

    Ace is someone who knows our universe quite well, and doesn’t think twice about posing questions, or digging deep for information.

    Where in the real world are you from?


    How long have you been playing EU?

    Since 2006 – after the Club NEVERDIE sale and media coverage.

    What is it about EU that captures your attention?

    There are many facets to the game, and learning something new is always interesting. At the same time, it’s a fairly simple game at heart. Trying to always do better is essentially what I find intriguing.

    What activities do you engage in most in EU?



    He likes to swim with the big boys!


    And gets charged up over challenges!
    Especially with those who want to bite his face off.

    What was your reason for becoming an EP Media Team member?

    To explore my creative side and offer something back to the community. Also to keep my interest in the game by having a different perspective on the community.

    What are you hoping to accomplish as an EPMT member?

    To produce engaging content-rich media and have a lot of fun in the process. Hopefully to be involved in projects with a lot of substance rather than just fluff.

    Meet – “Kalanen”


    Kal is not your usual suspect, as is evident by his quirky forum postings, as well as how he describes himself … “Unemployed gardener of Earthly delights.”

    He also identifies himself as an “authist” … which is a combination of an author and artist according to the Urban Dictionary, but also calls himself a “saucier” … now, whether he is applying this to a real life interest, or things he might be cooking up within our universe, I’m not totally certain, but we have come to expect the unexpected from Kal, and that’s exactly what you’ll get from him as an EP Media Team member.

    We did not have an opportunity to meet up in EU for a photo shoot, so he offered the avatar photo shown above, and says he was getting ready for a swim. Kal however did have time to respond to the few questions that I asked all three of our new Media Team members.

    Where in the real world are you from?

    Findland. The land where the restaurant downstairs recently lost the license to sell alcohol, and that pisses me off! ‘Nuff about Finland!

    How long have you been playing EU?

    Five Earth years. During the first year I was practically unemployed and I played a lot, so my final answer would be twenty years.

    What is it about EU that captures your attention?

    Very subtle, almost non-existent facial expressions of avatars. Ever heard of Kuleshov Effect?

    What activities do you engage in most in EU?

    Standing still, mostly. Seriously. Keeping oneself in PEDs is pretty uncertain nowadays so I want to be sure it’s “mining time.” When it is – BOMBS AWAY!


    His talents are many, so no wonder we want him for the Media Team!

    What was your reason for becoming an EP Media Team member?

    Can’t say really. Lots of (too much tbh) things I do, are done around EU. Maybe I’m just sharing the time spent.

    Oh yeah, and I was asked to join the team too.

    What are you hoping to accomplish as an EPMT member?

    If I have to name something I’m good at, and what I have long experience with, it is making visuals that are “almost there,” “right there.”

    My former employer in investor relations agency gave me a nickname “turd polisher.” Being right guy for fixing little things is not something I’m hoping to accomplish. However, it’s something I can’t resist doing.


    He loves messin' with the BossLady's head!

    If you haven’t guessed it by now, Kal is also a comedian in addition to being a writer and an artist, and I’m sure we have much to look forward to in the future with his twisted but fun take on our universe.

    Please join me in welcoming our new Media Team members. I can disclose that their work is about to be unleashed upon the community very soon, and will provide yet another dimension to their EU personalities that perhaps some are unaware of. They will join me and others that will be added to the Media Team in the future in keeping the front page of EntropiaPlanets fresh and revolving, as well as showcase their talents in other projects.

    If anyone is interested in exploring options as a potential Media Team member, please PM MindStar9 at EntropiaPlanets.

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  2. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Indeed this sounds like an awesome Team for the MediaCenter so far! I know a little of what will be presented soon (very soon :D) and can only say, that it's getting better and better!!

    Can't wait to see what this team will accomplish, because I'm sure it will ROCK :D
  3. kalanen

    kalanen roadkill

    Peculiar sheep polypore & chili sauce

    1-2 tbsp brown sugar
    1 shallot
    1 ciggie pack sized sheep polypore chunk
    fish stock (4-5 dl)
    white wine (1 dl)
    fresh chili
    cream ( < 0.5 dl)

    roast the sugar in a pot
    pour in the wine and fish stock
    add chopped & fried shallot, shroom and chili
    season with salt & marjoram
    stir in some cornstarch and let it boil for a while
    add some cream just to soften the sauce a little

    Goes with the FISH! Preferably one from sweet water. My favorite is whitefish. :)

    Warning: Sheep polypore has very strong taste of autumn forrest and that might be like kick in the face for some people.

    Thanks for article. Funny read. :)
  4. Good luck to all of them
  5. Your recipes remind me of Nighthawk. He's another character who loves talking about Scandanavian foods! Funny guy. If you havnt talked to him you should look him up ingame.
  6. RAZER

    RAZER Custom title ... uh ...

    not only Scandinavian food, he is in a Cajun period right now :)
  7. Good Luck to this team and keep up the good work EP(I seem to like this forum more and more)
  8. kalanen

    kalanen roadkill

    Thanks for the tip. Food talk ftw!

    Heh! One characteristics of the scandinavian kitchen is the rather strict separation of "coast food" and "forrest food". Latter one is tied with seasonal ingredients for obvious reasons. I'm 38 and cajun makes my ass cry for mercy :D
  9. good luck to all, and will be fun to watch what will come...

    And another thing, Finland isn't a Scandinavian country "just" one of our Nordic family members ;)
    (Scandinavia: Denmark, Sweden and Norway Nordic: + Finland and Iceland)
  10. kalanen

    kalanen roadkill

    That's true, but you have to tell that to reindeers. :P
  11. Coachman

    Coachman RESCUER

    I can settle with Ranskalaiset ja makkara. The only thing I know what it is in Finland.

    And I have also learned how the get "Mieto sinappia" the hard way in Keitele :D
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  12. Ozi

    Ozi Planet Arkadia - CEO

    Entropia Planets has been great with such a constant flow of new articles on the front page, this diverse team can only make things even better.

    I love how fast EP is developing, all the hard work that must be going on behind the scenes is shining through.
  13. Coachman

    Coachman RESCUER

    I can only agree. This is a quality forum.
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  14. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Thank you :) Tell your friends :)
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