New estates with 13th March update

Discussion in 'Next Island' started by SylverDragon, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Not sure what I think of the new look estate buildings outside Crystal Center. There are obviously some bugs to be worked out and maybe they'll look different when they're redecorated.

    PRINT SCREEN 2012-03-13 13-18-7.jpg PRINT SCREEN 2012-03-13 13-18-40.jpg PRINT SCREEN 2012-03-13 13-19-16.jpg
    PRINT SCREEN 2012-03-13 13-30-29.jpg PRINT SCREEN 2012-03-13 13-31-22.jpg PRINT SCREEN 2012-03-13 13-32-37.jpg
  2. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    Those are dumb if you ask me :-)

    Why on earth didn't they keep the tiki hut theme?
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  3. WTF are those? Really? :eek (2): :banghead:
  4. really, the old style was better.
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