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Neverdie 2021 !?

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Dec 20, 2020.

  1. So all we know is, Mindark claims that Cassian Elwes got annoyed by Neverdie, to claim, that he (Elwes) is going to (pretend to) make a Entropia movie...Mindark recieving royalities...so they make millions of dollars, once this uber blockbuster movie hits the cinemas. But with like everything else, we never heard about it again. Who knows why... ,-)



    What we also know is, that a handfull of people is still waiting inside a small discord group, for their Etherum/ICO money back (or the promised re-introduction). A small group where Neverdie shows up completely random, claiming everything will be fine one day...thats at least what they are saying, 3 years after the scam.






    Some also say he talks about it ingame now and then...but face it, there are no news.

    So Im eager to know, what PR-gags does Neverdie/Simmonds has to offer in 2021 ? :'D


    Outdated, calling everything ever made "recent work". Lots of placeholders


    Outdated :


    Offline :


    Online...pointing to amervrica.com (SEE above)


    If you want to create a wallet / an account on neverdie.com, it points to amevrica.com...but you end up here :



    "asgaard vr" never made it

    Offline :


    Dead since april 2019 :


    Dead :


    Dead since july 2019 :


    Still online: x'D


    Offline :


    Lots of unrelated blah :


    Soooo, as everything got abandoned and as there is no platform left for our president...except for this desperate small discord channel... where is he ? What does he do ? Is he gone for good ?

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  2. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    ND did 1 post on Simmonds forum

    Latest on Cyerene:

    Hey guys,

    Right now I know that the silence is a bit more than uncomfortable but we're still in the discussion process of what's next with MindArk. Once there's any sort of Official statement I'll make sure that it's in every location (Forums / Discord / Client Loader).

    There are some other things that we can keep moving on in the mean time; answering posts about issues & coordinating the holiday spawns.


    Gl Kris You got fuc*ed big time. Not every 1 is Like Mindark. You did a very BAD investment

    I can post the clip of the video of EX Mindark employee again but i am sure you read it. Rich enough not to care Kris. It will NOT get fixed till after their Mayhem is finished. If you outsource it DO NOT OUTSOURCE TO MA. YOU WILL LOSE EVEN MORE MONEY.

    Ask Mccormick and Wistel if they have spare time. I doubt they will help (after Xmas as that is only time your issues will get fixed) but worth a private message (x2)

    Gl Kris

    Also on Topic. SO ND ran away with the money? :) :)
  3. ND ran away with the money, ya.

    Kris is stuck between NDAs, contracts...but hes fully aware of the whole situation. :)
    Rich enough to not care...idk..."Digital Scryers", owners of Cyrene, is (still) just one "part" of Ceative Kingdom it seems..





    Yes, they get fucked hard...all the time...just like everyone else...that not a secret. ^^
  4. Thanks for digging that out.
    I remember the july post.

    Sounds hes lost and completely alone at "Neverdie Studios", slowly loosing confidence...like everyone else.
  5. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Spare time for? what exactly?

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