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ROCKtropia: Never Dead?

Discussion in 'ROCKtropia' started by mastermesh, Aug 1, 2020 at 12:22.

  1. https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/...ture-of-planet-rocktropia.276290/post-3711471
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  2. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    Dare I say it he seems to have matured and be more sensible now
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  3. Nah lol...hes making less money, his team got let go...hes pissed because he turned into one of those blind-partner-sheeps and non of his bullshit "ideas" ever worked out...never ever....this all turned into serious pile of horsesh!t by now...enjoy the truth, while Neverdie tries to act "matured and sensible" now, so that more people wont stop believing into Rocktropia...embarassing...
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  4. I dont agree with you.
    Rocktropia is a great place for many activities, and NeverDie was smart enough to not let Mind-Dark impose their changing rules which suit Mind-Dark only in a total lack of respect for the so called "Universe" partners (as long as he could, because once Mind-Dark modifies the game-code, you are fucked anyway, and Mind-Dark behaved the same way toward the players since day 1). Everything is made to force the players to stay on calypso and the looting space owned by Mind-Dark and the "pirates = MA employees" using space Mind-Dark exploits for sure dramatically helped to kill the planet partners and their investments, exactly the same way they created Owned Land Areas on Amethera and then killed the owners by spawning herds of mobs on caly non-taxed areas, in the totally disgusting swedish tradition to be fucking dishonnest people in a high quality to ruin partners investments.

    That's in Mind-Dark that people should stop believing.
    But after now 17 years, nothing will change (and the main scammer already left the boat with gold bags)...
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  5. No need to agree with me.

    ND is / just means business. This time he tries the "I matured" scenario.
    Ive read this stuff a dozens times by now.

    RT could have been really made a difference with the Michael Jackson deal...maybe...than again, even the Lemmys and Punks and Dragons...sorry, its just another emtpy sandbox with emtpy buildings and empty promises...with a bitter crypto scam attached to it.
    No thanks.
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  6. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Yeh I don't agree with your comments either that everything ND did failed. I wish he'd left Crypto alone though (but then again I kinda wish everyone had) but indeed, life would be boring if we agreed on everything.
  7. I dont feel like making any kind of list again. But why not let me hear about all the positiviness Neverdie accomplished for this game and the community...after 2009. Maybe it will feel good to read about it. :p
  8. narfi

    narfi Lost

    He made Entropia real for me.
    Rocktropia gave me a home, a fringe colony to live on, to grow on, to love.
    You can not quantify feelings like that, but he provided that for me, and many other players when calypso could not.
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  9. Rocktropia is 2010...but ok I get what you mean.
    This is how Calypso felt to me between 2004 and 2009.

    Thanks to Cryengine and "no love", in 2010 everything started to feel more or less dull...icecold...
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  10. Rocktropia have great areas for trees.
    When Mind-Dark decided to remove trees on calypso, they also removed "some" trees on RT for sure without warning Neverdie about the changes. Classic Mind-Dark behaviour toward people they call their partners to do things in the back without telling them - Certainly in the swedish tradition to be fucking a$$holes.
    So I pm'd NeverDie about it, and he told me he was absolutely not awared about those changes.
    A patch later, the damaged tree areas were back on my favourite RT places, so a HUGE THANK YOU to NeverDie.
    When you enter certain areas, the LA talks about the klass morron ; It says all, Gratz to ND for this.
    * In their rage to kill the ressource gatherer profession, Mind-Dark removed the yellow node which was the mark to notice a good tree to harvest. Tired of mindark and their eternal sillyness...

    Roctropia is known from day 1 to be the best place to sweat in the whole "universe".

    Rocktropia used to be also a great way to skill defense skills (there was many ways).
    *Notice that Arkadia was giving similar ways to skill defense on great mobs.
    That's after noticing it, that the jealous Mindark brought a new feature with LEVELS attached on mobs (in reality to hide the fact they modified the status on mobs of theose 2 planets (partners) to kill the defense skills they used to give) like Daikiba L5, Osseocolom Young L49, .... and since each feature mindark is releasing there is a hidden reason, it was also a way to force people to stay on calypso, the perfect feature to ruin the "partners" economy, so hard to call mindark beeing anything else than fucking scammers and jealous dishonnest people... SHAME ON YOU.

    In the same logic of damaging the mobs status and behaviour, you can notice that all dragons or flying mobs on Roctropia, on Next Island, on Cyrene, and on Arkadia have been improved if some were bugged and are all flying correctly. But Mindark made sure to let the bugs on certain calypso mobs, and even improved them to be "more bugged", like the Hyriuu which "flies" on the ground and have NEVER been fixed even it was asked and reported thousands of times, and even worse the new igni is simply flying underground and hits you in a pure exploit feature, same was reported many times and never fixed. And again like the Tezlapods which were IMPOSSIBLE to shoot when you know they roam on real pvp areas, no need to wonder why mindark did that... you are really low swedish thieves...

    Also, there was many RT missions giving attributes, but I heard recently that the tyranic mindark stopped them.
    Hard to be a so call partner when you are "friend" with those nazi swedish jealous scammers.
    So again I give a HUGE Bravo to Neverdie who is still alive with Roctropia.
    Mindark should refund all partners, since they do all they can to ruin their planets.

    A Universe ? what Universe ?
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  11. San


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  12. Mindfuck removed the yellow tree markers AND trees ? What ? When ? Why ? x'D

    (1st) Klaas Moron x'D LOooOOooooL

    Why is Klaas Moron mentioned on some NDs LAs ? Hu ?
  13. Fort Argus used to be a cool area for tree skilling.
    On a previous MA update, they told us they improved the trees...
    It was very easy to recognize the good trees from far at Fort Argus, trees had grey trunks and green leaves that you could see from far away, and added to that the yellow node when you were closer.
    Now, all trees are fat and ugly, and by volontarily making them fat it is clear for me that it have been designed IN PURPOSE to force the players to get stuck on them, a good way to disgust the players to continue to do it. You such fucking low people MA.
    One day I was showing it to a friend, as I saw their shitty changes for the first time, and told him I was sure they made that change to make people get stuck on the trees, and my friend immediately got stuck. This feature was realeased by our actual CEO, you know the guy who is telling us he is animated by a high integrity... My ASS !
    That's funny with mindark, I guess they learnt english with a teacher at school giving the opposite meaning of the words they use...
    Or that's simply because mindark are just systematic fucking liars trying to sell black for white.

    There was another super great area for trees on calypso (which was my best on caly), which was N of Aegis, an arrea with cornundacaudas, but mindark completly shaved the area and all harvesting trees have been removed.

    Again, "improve" means destroy and particularily be fucking liars.
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  14. No..No Stop it. Do not sound like MS9/ Dark Moon Enigma and her witch hunt years ago.

    Rocktropia was a good idea and nice at first.
    The music on its planets and if you click the discs at are awful. He is promoting some artists..God, they are a bit much....It might just be me.

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