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Need some storage at cnd? come speak with me :)

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by Klodvig, May 9, 2006.

  1. Ok the thing is I have a few spare apartments at cnd atm and i have as intention to make this connection i have with "The Forsaken" grow in many ways. One way to do this is to just to be who I am and just enjoy ur friendship, One other way is to help my friends out with visits at Cnd since well thats the place I spend most of my time. So the offer I have is to borrow out a apartment to memebrs of ur society.

    Since I dont know u all and well dont want to borrow out things worth to much to ppl I dont know I have came to think of a safety system. First I do know and trust theese persons and they are free to borrow the apt at any time for a weeks period at a time. Burger, Bunny, and Itto. Theese persons have the posssibility to make it possible for other within The Forsaken to borrow the apt as well. All they have to do is take responsibility for that the apt is returned to me after the determined period. I give a example as well cause my english can be some what confusing at times. Well if Stratos where to borrow the apt and asks me if its fine i will tell him to get Bunny, Burger or Itto take responsibility for it. When one of them has told me they take responsibility for it I will hand over the deed for a weeks period.

    If questions just ask. Hmm its not that i dont trust u ppl here but well i wouldnt give someone i didnt know keys to my rl apt If i didnt know them very well...

    Hope this can help since well thats the intention
  2. What an excellent gesture! I have not yet even been to CND yet but I definitely plan to do some mining there in the future. Having a place to put the ore would be very helpful.

    It is my hope that the economy up there improves so that there is increased trade between miners and crafters. From what I have heard, the place is pretty barren still.

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