My youtube account will get deleted by youtube soon. :'D

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by McCormick, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. Someone (or some algorythm) is crawling through my videos of 2005 and started to copyright strike them, for really short parts of various songs.

    1 more copyright strike and my account gets deleted. Can happen any day now.

    As I havent used my youtube account in ages, this doesnt matter to me at all.
    I already moved to vimeo in 2012.

    If you want to "youtube download" my youtube-videos, you better do it now.
    I neither have the time nor do I really care for these videos anymore.
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    Sorry to hear that, McC. Your videos are legendary.

    I just googled for a way to grab an entire channel, found some obscure software, and will see if I can save your videos somehow. My PC is utter shit, though, so I'm not keeping my hopes up, but let's see what is possible.
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    Is it possible to do a data request to youtube for "all your data" mccormick? I have a feeling google provide this option for other parts of their empire so I'd like to hope it extends to youtube. It may be the fastest way to archive them off?
  4. Yep, that's what I'd suggest too...
    Go to google takeout, then choose youtube as only thing you are downloading and do it that way... but be aware that a lot of times when you do this they just send you some xml file or something in some cases, so be sure to actually follow those links in the xml or whatever it is so that you can download the ones that don't physically get downloaded as a part of the zip file.

    For those of us in the community...
    is one playlist I created a while back with most of McCormick's videos. Don't think all of them are there but most are. Looks like a few already got taken down. There's a few sites that let you download full youtube playlists, etc. but with as many as there are might have to download each individually

    https: // embed/ vG6eI2tspB0?list=PLsG3zMYmelVewWml4ujUxBynYNHC_PyeC - lets try that link... just remove the spaces.
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  5. Thanks mastermesh :)
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