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My small contribution to Entropia - Calypso Newcomers - Free Gift!

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by Viperstrike, Nov 4, 2011.

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  2. TimUnleashed

    TimUnleashed Southern Fortress Engineering

    Wow Viper, that's truly wonderful of you. I hope you get some great results from it.
  3. Hey Tim,

    Thanks, it is mainly for fun and as a community building project - Not for gain.
    I do hope it helps some start off on the right foot.

    I may be interested in getting in contact with some capable mentors to add to FL incase the newcomer asks for mentorship - I am still in thought about this and the best way to approach it.


    PS. Updating OP, now giving 2 x Rookie finders so they can continue their mining run with 5 PED of probes.
  4. GeorgeSkywalker

    GeorgeSkywalker Explorer

    No offence viper but I would venture saying new players are not in need of such gifts but older players who "loose" peds and are disheartened.

    Majority of the gifts you give to "newbies" I suspect will go into the hands of skammers i.e. duplicate accounts.
  5. Hey George,

    I understand that may be the case, however I will do my best to help out genuine newcomers :)

    TBH, I am not sure it is worth the effort to create a secondary account for $3 USD, well ... idk, ha you would have to be pretty low to stoop to that level.
    I have answered some of the concerns/questions people had on the other forum which I will quote here.

    If anyone has any further suggestions, please feel free to add them to this thread.

  6. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Sounds good. And besides the time you spend 500 PED/month is rather a large contribution than a small one.

    But yes, 'misallocation of ressources' might be a side effect.

    Maybe there's a chance to add a little quest component to the distribution of the gifts. Like completing a couple of Achievements to get something. Actually not that hard to monitor since Achievement can be shared.

    Or something similar to what the ANF does with the Newbie Kits: delivering them 4 weeks after the newbies have joined their adopting society and that way promoting newbies who stay active.

    But well... one probably has to live with some Newbies 'burning' their gifts and leave.
  7. Heya Tass,

    Thanks much, that is a fantastic idea.

    I am going to trial a few different approaches.

    To start with I will generally give out free gifts after scanning people, then will look to see how that is going after a few months. Then work towards a suitable achievement system before the free gift .... However;

    I do not wish it to be too complicated in that the achievements can be freely done without their first deposit and without the need to sweat for endless hours which can lead to a fast - out the door - style ending for most.

    But we will see, thanks again for the ideas :)
  8. Hi Ace,

    I wasn't ignoring you on this part of your post mate, I just needed a bit of time to think more about it.

    I understand the position your coming from as I have been there myself with Lavawalker in the past.

    I guess in light of this disheartening occuring one should realise that getting more bums on seats will improve the situation of peds lost in that the economy will become healthier and the share that MA takes as its operating costs to support staff and systems overall will lessen.

    So I say take note of the potential positives, we need to start somewhere to improve the current situation if things are to look brighter for the future for us all.
  9. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    My Dear Viper ...

    We've known each other a pretty long time, and I have always known you to be genuine and have your heart and soul in the right place ... this time is no exception. This undertaking of yours is not only a generous one, but one with the potential to add a very positive dimension to new player game play, and perhaps be a means to inspire others to pay it forward as well. I wrote an article on such quite some time ago to highlight some of the Entropians who went above and beyond to help new players ... Paying it Forward - The Noob Connection.

    As a 6-1/2 year EU veteran myself, I know how challenging it can be to create a formula that helps newbies, but also doesn't just give them a sense of entitlement. Trial and error is a very common problem-solving strategy, and can often be quite time-consuming, but there are lessons to be learned. I have not only been involved personally over the years with helping newbies and giving away goodies, but have witnessed many of us learning how important it is to also give them a sense of what EU is about and how to navigate this (now) vast universe, which btw, obviously changes from year to year due to the evolutionary process at the hands of MA and now the Planet Partners.

    I trust your sensibility Viper, in that you would be more guiding than just giving something away without a bit of direction. I think we can all agree that there's a lot to learn about our universe, and more people than not have theories as to how to approach it in a beneficial way so as not to get sucked in so to speak. However, I think we also know that it doesn't always work that way ... there are too many variables to factor in, and ... sometimes we just have to go the route of live and learn in order to make our own decisions as to how to embrace this universe ... or not.

    I have no doubt that you will give sage advice with your generous gifts to new players, along with the hope that it will be enough for them to make sound decisions about pursuing an ongoing and evolving life within our universe. Warning them about the pitfalls of potential scamming is key, as well as directing them to where they can get the information they need to help with their decision-making. I also commend those who are taking the new Mentoring system seriously, and doing their part to help new player retention.

    I wish you the very best with this new endeavor my friend, and will stay tuned in to see your progress!

    As a side-note ... I disagree Ace, that older players should benefit from Viper's generosity because they lost peds and are disheartened. Our EU circumstances are a result of personal decision-making, and while I will agree that there is enough out there to seduce us into one direction or another in this respect, it's a learning process for every single participant.

    From the very beginning of my PE/EU existence in early 2005, I played, I learned, and I had to make decisions that adjusted my game-play style for survival so that it benefited me more than not. I wish it could have been different, but I don't regret any of it. I believe that many have gone through this process, but also take responsibility for their choices, even though they may complain a bit ... perfectly understandable, but no one controls your decision-making process but you.

    I think it's critical that new players get off on the right foot, and if that means a bit of generosity on the part of older or veteran players with sound advice (Mentors included), then I think it's a step in the right direction.
  10. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I think you might find this interesting, and food for thought.

    The idea being that the new players can play for free while staying in contact with the person helping them. (well with john atleast) who can give them tips and ideas each time they come back in addition to what their own mentor may be teaching.

    While not on the same scale as what john is doing, I have been doing this sort of thing as well. (havent had anyone run with my ped yet)

    Similar to Tess's idea of achievements, the act of returning the ores and getting a new set of finders/probes leaves them with a goal, and a feeling of responsibility to the person that is sponsoring them.

    The idea behind it is that they are able to try it out for free while at the same time learning to trust the system. It is then in the sponsers best interest to teach them the best ways to target markup etc...

    The biggest disadvantage to this idea compared to yours is the pure man hours required to maintain such a thing.
    One advantage being that it can be a way for an older player (not just noobs) down on their luck to still have fun playing. (while feeling helpful knowing they are looking for an ore that you need)

    I think its pretty cool the different ways and ideas that people come up with to help and encourage new players.
    I think your efforts will have an impact rather you see it or not.

    keep up the good work,

  11. Hi hun,

    Yes it has been a long time and thanks for the support, it is really appreciated :)

    I felt it was time to give myself a little bit of purpose with my involvement in Entropia and for the time being Calypso.

    I am a little bit nervous about it all tbh, as I know it will have an impact on the newcomer, and with this being said, don't wish to leave them astray in giving wrong advise or direction.

    I do not at this time feel entirely confident in my mentoring abilities, however will give it a shot in time to come.

    I am proposing to get a list of capable mentors together and on my FL, like Alice for example and Mega and a few others - still researching them out - who have been around for quite some time and have learned the ways of survival in Entropia on minimal deposits to help the new arrivals out to begin with;

    I guess what i am trying to say is my methodology of having fun over-rules my persuit of profit in the RCE context, so I am a somewhat heavy depositor and may scare the newcomer a little with sensible advise on the best way to get underway - I also have terrible luck, so i am no role model to up to in that respect hehe :)

    However with that being said, I am watching others and learning myself too in undertaking this little project.

    I will endevour to do my best though to help newcomers get on the right track and will do the necessary networking with others to ensure this happens :)

    Thanks again for the support. I shall keep you updated on the progress.

    Take care,
  12. Guzzling coffee as I type this,
    Just as a heads up, I have replicated some of the posts & replies to post in the PCF forum thread :)

    Just so i can keep all my thoughts together in the one place,
    I hope people don't mind too much me having done this.
  13. Tass

    Tass Administrator

    Ok, some more thoughts about this.

    The major problem I see in EU is that you cannot win the game. Almost everything one can do ingame is directly connected to a loss of money. Also everything has a monetary value wich makes it impossible for the game to give out rewards that are really perceived as rewards = having a monetary value higher than the expenses to gain that reward.

    What you do is counteracting this paradigm. You give away monetary value and it's not even attached to a challenge. Challenges are a fundamental factor in games and in my opinion EU lacks challenges. Unfortunately almost every time a true challenge occurs a large number of people engage in whining it away again (No PVP is space please, flat the terrain for easier mining, etc). I ever wanted to write an article about all of this... well, I'll probably never will.

    Below an image of a motivation loop in games introduced by David Ghozland in his article 'Designing for Motivation' on gamasutra. Of course similar schemes are long- and well-known in psychology.


    Well, what I want to say: Make it challenges and rewards. That's what EU is lacking. And that's also why your program unfortunately can only be drop in the bucket.

    Of course these have to be simple challenges suitable for newbies. A selection of Achievements might do the trick already. But embedded in a little story similar to the tasks in Shameless Theft might even be better. Maybe a name like "The Viperstrike Challenge". And maybe even with the task to post a 'Hello' on forums to get the newbies connected to the community too. And...

    Well, there's so much that could be done. We should be able to support this with a nice wiki page with images, tips & tricks, links to further info, etc.

    If you can think of anything that could be done to support your project just call.
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  14. Sounds great Tass,

    I am in the process of reviewing the achievements and what is involved, I will do some of them myself also to make sure they are not too much to handle for a 1st day/week old newbie and look into making challenges for people to get the reward.

    And thanks for the offer of help too, I may just take you up on it.

    I will put some more thought into it all ;)

    Cheers and thanks,
  15. Hi,

    I think the best way to go about this is to make an easy challenge for killing 300 puny mobs to unlock 3 achievements with a two part reward.

    To negate the secondary accounts and potential of scamming and giving away funds for free that won't be put to good use, what I intend to do is to have 10 newcomers sign up to a new "The Viperstrike Challenge for Calypso Newcomers" thread in which they will post a hello message and their intent to undertake the challenge.

    I will also tie this in with mentoring in which I shall take on the newcomer as a disciple.

    I will allocate a total monthly budget of $100 USD / 1000 PED for the challenge which will be paid to the newcomers as a sponsorship arrangement in two parts.

    First part of the challenge:

    The newcomer will recieve from me:

    1 x Vivo T1 Heal Kit
    1 x Sollomate Opallo Rifle
    400,000 weapon cells

    Total Value = 50 PED

    Three tasks to be completed:
    Unlock the 3 Puny mob achievements by killing 100:

    A. 100 x Berycled Puny
    B. 100 x Caudatergus Puny
    C. 100 x Tripudion Puny

    The newcomer will then take a screenshot of the 3 achievements unlocked of which they will post.

    Reward for completing the 3 tasks of kill 100 of each puny mob:

    1 x Ziplex beginner finder
    1 x Earth Escavator
    1 x Refiner
    600 x Probes
    100,000 x Weapon Cells

    Total value ~ 50 PED

    This will allow them to explore in more detail the avenue fo mining it up on Calypso and shall unlock the miner achievement in the disciple quest line.

    After this is complete the newcomer will have received a total sponsorship of 10USD/100 PED paid in two parts for completing tasks.

    It is recommended that the newcomer after this time make their first 20 USD deposit ~ 200 PED of which I will take them onto the next task after making sure their initial equipment is in order, eg. pixie armor set, fap, rifle, ammo, etc ...

    First mission : Daikiba/Shinkiba

    Shinkiba - broker located on Twin Peaks Balcony

    A. 100 shinkiba = 1 Intelligence
    B. 500 shinkiba = 1 psyche
    C. 1k shinkiba = 1 agility
    D. 5k shinkiba = 1 strength
    E. 10k shinkiba = 1 stamina and a choice (~10.2 tt) rifle, (~9.6 tt) handgun, or (~10.8 tt) dexterity skill.

    I will invest into a VTOL or chopper and transport them to Twin Peaks to pickup the teleporter and introduce them to the area and Daikiba/Shinkiba mission broker.

    From there we will work on various discipleship tasks.

    Thoughts, feelings and suggestions are welcome - What do people think of this idea ?

    I did not want it to be too complex, more just an attempt to get the newcomer into the swing of things with basic challenges and beginner guidance to completing their discipleship and first mission.

    For newcomers that are unaware, you receive an adjusted pixie set of armor and a jeep vehicle for completing your discipleship.

  16. November sponsorship applications now open - The Viperstrike Challenge - 100 PED x 10

    Hi All,

    I am taking on 10 newcomers for November whom I shall sponsor 100 PED to get underway

    Please read the following thread for more info > http://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/fo...x-10-per-month.

    Applications will close once 10 have been selected.

  17. The feedback I have had thus far from several newcomers is they feel that the challenges I have made are too hard or too long to undertake.

    So I have put the project on hold until further notcie - Until I put some more thought into it all.
    This will include considering my desire to mentor also, I need to commit to a level of dedication in doing this properly.

    Take Care,
  18. lol, any newcomer saying it is too hard isn't worth the gift!

    killing 16k shinkiba is very time-consuming, but i wish someone gave me 100 peds when i finished it :)
  19. ...
    I know quite a few people who would do that. I was strongly considering it myself *stops* well now I will sound like a scammer but I'm offering to transport newbies from Rocktropia to Calypso if you want to help them. Since Rocktropia is one of the least-friendly starting planets. My in-game name is Maple Maple Syrup and I joined the game because Narfi Hungry Willem said he was doing a similar thing (though without the sponsorship). And I scouted the game for my guild to make an intro video and choose a sponsorship program for my guildmates. But they decided not to play and I do not think that I could bribe them too. Yet after donating, I am addicted to Project Entropia so I will help you find newbies regardless of whether you think they are my multis (I have two computers and would love to play two characters at once, but I do hate to impersonate people) and I would probably make more profit off of flying taxis.

    I was going to apply myself since I never did those missions even though I started on Caly... But... Narfi said that because I've been grinding for three weeks that you'd scan me and reject. But either way, I will try to group-up the newbie sweaters that I've met while scouting Entropia... Anyways, it would be interesting to meet you regardless of whether you give away PED. Narfi did the same thing for me... And I did the same thing for Mos. Tinker and Narfi... Well they explained a little bit about hunting and PED-cycling. I wrote it down so you can ask (only 3300 words - yay pointless addictions).

    WHOA! I just found the Nea's Place sweating spot! While typing this.

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