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  1. Thanks, EpicMusicVN is one of a few I am following with their musical & cinematic developments.
    There are also a number I am following for the sancturaries project too for Planet Explorers.

    This quoted from Post # 98 >
    Anyway I thought I would include this as I found it touching.

    ~~ Touching ~~

    Moral: Not all things are to be feared and evil they just need a little TLC :cry1: lol

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  2. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Oh, I saw that one before, and totally agree ... it's very touching, and a cute little movie to watch.
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  3. Damn, I feel old and rusty now ... lol
    I'm in :loveshower:. (ok, maybe not, but damn she is hot)

    DJ Juicy, damn juicy for sure lol :gangnam:

    Looking at technique here, not the music, her dj'n style is pretty impressive ....

    Ok the moment of excitement has passed, back to more trance tracks for me :tongueout:
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  4. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Ya gotta live life juicy, that's all there is to it. :biggrin:
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  5. haha yea, she turned me on, the music was nice, but her dj style was very impressive!
    Especially since she did it all without headphones ... For who have not tried mixing music on decks without using headphones and operating strictly from a "feel it" space ... This is quite a feat in its own right!
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  6. I think im again falling in ...

    :loveshower: HELP! :loveshower:

    Not only is her Dj'n style impressive, she is "starting to" evolve SeXzaMuzik wise!

    Much better than the cheesy stuff she started with ....
    Dec 2013, looking forward to what 2014 brings for the lushious and scrumptious (delicious) JUICY M!

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  7. Oh I should mention Bexta too, being a local for me ;)
    So no, Juicy M is not the first good female dj I have come across :nana:

    Great DJ, but getting too much into the hardstyle these days ... Damn im getting old.
    I was good friends with Bexta 1997 - 2002.

    She produced the mixology series and dj mostly along the east coast of the land of Oz,
    Brisbane is her home.

    Here is some samples of why we went to these parties every weekend,
    Fri-Sun! For the dancing & Muzik! Bexta mixing it up.

    She made a lot of funny videos too which gave her appeal.
    (Ish Fink in the intro is actually *see below*)

    Yea ... She still has appeal :)

    Ish Fink :beer: I mean Nik Fish is another favourite from my time.
    @ HOME Nightclub & Sublime in DH, Syd.

    Also heavily into HardStyle nowdays. He used to be into a lot of Happy Hard and House @ Sublime.

    Harddrive Podcast of a recent mix ... quite hard. I am starting to wonder! .... Pic of the present below.

    1538836_10152255440853614_184625544_n.jpg :rofl:
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  8. While waiting for some game updates to occur ...
    Lets keep trying to revive this thread ... Music, Muzik, Musick! Add your favourites.


    Anyone else want to add some music, its getting too Electronicka based imo!

    :dancinggirls: Let us mix it up a bit peeps! :dancinggirls:

    Here is another addition, this DJ is in the top 5 favourite DJs for me ... Mostly hard/hot house genre.
    He has some of the most sensual do it all night long mixes in history lol I didn't just say that ...
    Especially the "In search of sunrise" series of mixes.
    Anyway, here is a small, variety of styles from Tiesto ...
    Note the millions 20+ mil viewers on a lot of his uploads, he has a major following worldwide.

    Link >

    Elements of Life. 37+ Mil views lol

    Adagio For Strings. 20+ Mil views

    Just Be ...

    Some others, for variety:

    And you didn't think I would leave you without a live concert set did you ? You poor poor fool!

    I will not spoil this epic journey through house muzik, but here is a few POI: 1:19+ & 1:55+
    A few more treasures in there, however watch it to find them, Enjoy! ;)
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  9. Since there was no comments from the prior post's journey through house live dj set video.
    i thought I would post one of those "other treasures" to be found ....
    Prior post, Tiesto live set 2004 @ 55:30+ Violin composition ....
    Not impressed yet? Then try the EPIC! Violin Classical meets Electronicka edition @ 2:18:30 :naughty:
    With many more little treasures to be uncovered throughout the journey!


    From another thread, though it should be placed here, please feel free to add your own favourite genres.
    Even the hard stuff :biggrin: And Tass and whacky ... err ... I mean weird and whacky sttuff :tongueout:

    One of the best DJs I have come across, one that knows how to put the X in to SeXzaMuzik!
    Aussies know how to party! Taking it to the next level AvB style.

    Awesome all the way from the start, however ....
    Hyper-Stylin' warmup starting @ 45:00+ & breaking into it @ 50:00+
    Psychin-It @ 1:02+ Love this DJ, awesome! MindBlowing-EPIC @ 1:14+
    The Event Ending - No words, Unreal! Watch from 1:20+ to FEEL IT!

    *Huge Grin*
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  10. LOL exploring ESO to AvB on the second monitor atm 45:00+ ofc , rockin' Fook Yahrrrr! :jacklad1:
    Sorry "Game of Thrones" TV series, you will just have to wait for now ....

    While I tackle my new BOSS ... Meow! .... grrr, ROAR!
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  11. Korean, Crayon Pop.
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  12. Awesome, very exotic, maybe the next female :gangnam: is on the horizon :biggrin:
  13. Enjoy! Outsized best song in my opinion.
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  14. Thanks Tesla :) Loved it!

    Cruising this morning, to a very old track, but hey! PvD & AvB back to back.
    No more to say, together they make good music great.

    More on Paul van Dyk and ... another, Paul Oakenfold later ;) They both deserve a mention seperately being two of the earlier pioneers of Electronicka and are also in my top 5 dj list.

    Paul Oakenfold ... Game Master, remix.
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  15. Hmmm...necroposting???

    Faceof is Dynamic...:beerchug:
    Faceof...:cool (2):
  16. narfi

    narfi Lost

    GoFer it!!
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