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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by RAZER, Jan 31, 2014.

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    I don't know about you guys, but I'm a movie-a-holic and I watch and buy a lot of them.
    So, I was wondering what is the best movie you ever watched or which one would you recommend and why?

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    Probably not the best movie I ever watched (still thinking on that one) but definitely one that caught my attention.

    Story is about a nuclear bomb hidden in a city, a suspect caught and what you would do to him to get the location of the bomb.

    It starts with just questioning and gets worse and worse and worse and with every progressive step you think, "nope, you can not do that" but along the line you notice that your boundaries fade together with the boundaries of the people in the movie.
  3. To much best movies around, but one very special, and not bad for it's time is "They live". (1988)
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  4. oh geez, favorite? I have so many...

    latest favorite action movie was probably the Avengers. However, if you are going to watch it and haven't yet, you need to watch the related movies to understand it more in-depth... so watch Iron Man, Captain America, Thor first. Iron Man 2 is ok, Thor 2 was kind of a horrible sequel but I understand why the did it as it ties some things together for later movies they are going to be doing.

    Reason why Avengers is good movie is it is an epic battle that is built up over time, not just thrown in. Also, the movie focuses on a descent morality story.

    Kinda looking forward to seeing Guardians of the Galaxy in a couple of years when it comes out since it sort of follows a similar related storyline. I read the Infinity Guantlet series in the comics when it first came out, hoping they do the story justice in the movie when they get around to it.

    Back a few years favorite horror/mind game movie was probably the Cube. Cheesy as hell, but I'm also a Quentin Tarantino fan, so recommend almost all of his movies, except maybe Resivoir Dogs - plotline isn't straight forward enough with that one.
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    Quentin Tarantino, yep love his movies.
    Although I like all those superhero movies as entertainment, they do not rate as my top movies most of the time.

    "They live", think I remember that one, need to watch that again I think.
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  6. Event Horizon..youll know why when youll see it :p
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    damn McC, now you made me download it !
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  8. Hmm, I love movies; but I have a kind of eclectic taste.

    I could recommend dogville from Lars Von Trier if you are into dialogue and not into visuals.

    I can recommend enter the void if you are in the mood for something weird and eastern in spirit (and are not prone to seizures)

    I could recommend avalon, it is a really good SciFi you have to have seen a couple times to figure out the what is real and what is not; and even then their is option for interpretation.

    I can recommend ninth gate (of infiniti) from Roman Polanski, it is a mystery, alot of magic realism that is hinted at but not fully blown in your face. It also features Johnny Depp as the main character, being a detective of sorts for very precious and old books.

    If you want something slightly disturbing you might want to see Tideland, it is well kinda disturbing and fairytale like in setting.

    If you are into Japanese yukie and goth; you might have a smile at Gothic & Lolita Psycho, not to be taking too seriously, it is more like something you view on a casual saterday eve when not in the mood for too much thinking

    Dark city is another good and strange SciFi to watch.

    Sin City; is kinda a modern fairytale; or actually 4 interwoven fairy tales, told in a dark gothic blend. It's dark humor meets drama, but in a not to disturbing way.

    This week someone called Movie43 the worst movie they had ever seen somewhere on the netz; I though about what was the worst movie I ever seen and the only one that disturbed me to the bone; even knowing the political message behind it, is Srpski film (A serbian Film) whatever you do, don't watch this. It is the grandmother of all things disturbing and unearthing.
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  9. Blade Runner in 1982 - Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young, Edward James Olmos. It's set in 2020 so just under six years from now - about how a group of replicants jumped a shuttle offworld and came to earth to find their maker as they wanted more life. Watching this movie makes you think of certain things in RL.
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  10. Actually that was not a bad movie. Good suggestion. Plotwise it could use some help, but visually it's pretty interesting.

    Along a similar line - Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus is a bit of an occult movie that has some magic stuff going on... although it is more in your face.
  11. Try reading "do androids dream of electric sheep". It is the inspiration for blade runner; really eary in a way.

    And to stay into the real mof SciFI; Stalker 1979; which is not as good as the book roadside picnic it is based on I guess. But I did read the book first and thought the movie would be similar, which it is certainly not. Also it is more mystery and magic realism than scifi (the movie that is).

    Also a very good movie is The game (1997); really interesting thriller.

    Ohh and last saterday I watched twelve monkies (1995); I have watched it when it came out on rental, but I didn't remember the story. Really cool movie.

    Primer (2004)
    is another good SciFi. really was amazed by it, didn't expect it to be that good.

    Hmm, I could go on and on about good movies; but I'll end it with black swan and shutter Island.
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    Some very nice suggestion there people.

    Let me put another in here, Cidade de Deus (City of God). Movie about the favela's in Rio where you follow a guy and watch his stories. By no means a feel good movie but once you get over the Portuguese it is a REAL good one. This is in my top 10.

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  13. Ahh citade de deus; now that was a good one I watched at the local cinema club; at culture tuesdays.
    And not all movies have to be feel good movies; Films like Citade de Deus and Requiem for a dream are masterpieces of drama.

    Ahh, sigh, so much good movies; I'll never be able to watch them all
  14. Was aware that 'do androids dream of electric sheep' was the inspiration behind the movie but never got round to reading it. Never watched Stalker, The game or the others but will try and see if I can get them on movie sites.
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    That sounds really interesting. I certainly have not heard of this one. I need to see "They Live" now. Those sunglasses... I've think I've been wearing them for about 2 years now. It started in St Pancras station 2 Christmases ago when I was looking at all the mobile phone and tablet adverts. They seemed to be just saying to me:

    "Buy the expensive things and you will be happy. Show them to your friends so they will buy them too. Keep working to afford the expensive things and you will be happy. Do not question this."
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    I think these are some of my favourite but yeh. Like everyone, could recomend a million:

    The End of Evangelion, Children of Men, My Sassy Girl, Summer Time Machine Blues, Take Care of my Cat, Deep Impact, Chiruri
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    Oh and like Acronoid, I think anyone who likes virtual world games should see avalon. I was recommending it my housemate the other day too
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    Machine Gun Preacher


    Ex drug dealer going to Sudan to rescue children. Just a 6.8 on IMDB but was a lot better to me.
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    Just looking at the story line makes me cringe! :what:
  20. I havent seen Ironsky (yet), but this trailer of "Part 2(?) truly left me speechless.

    If it would have been a 1970 trash movie with catastrophal special effects...I miiiiight have ended up with some comment...

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