Moon names in Entropia

Discussion in 'The Black Hole' started by nexus7, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. Just a bit of silly :biggrin: trivia here about moon names that are used in Entropia. They are all moons around Saturn.

    Atlas : Atlas Haven, etc
    Calypso : Planet Calypso
    Janus : City on Planet Cyrene
    Pandora : Location on Planet Calypso
    Tethys : Part-name of Tethys Creek, Planet Calypso
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    They use Greek mythology a lot as well.
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  3. Argonaut is one and Minopolis is a take-on I think of acropolis :)

  4. Argo was the ship Jason sailed on, and the Argonauts were the sailors that accompannied him. Minopolis seems to be a composite of Minos, king of chrete, and polis, greek for city. So could be roughly city of Minos.
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  5. Ditto
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    There was a good thread on one of the other forums once about mob names and origins. I remember I linked it in my diary once.
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