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Monria - The most boring sandbox ever (video)

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. many new Entropiyaaawwwwnn
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  2. I also find it quite strange, that rich "Akoz & his investorfriends" never made something out of Monria...and Akoz did quite a lot in terms of "Hunt a lot on my area and there will be some winners".

    Then, out of nowhere, a preview image of the standard fugly stable for monria showed up on facebook.
    Stables & Taming, which never have been a (public) subject on Monria before.
    Admitted, Stables would finally completely remove the already dead boring Cthulhu-caves-feeling and make a joke out of the whole Cthulhu Mythos.
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  3. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    They had several ideas. For example Mikass (if I remember right) asked me to add PvP-arenas on top of the two towers or even make complete new and seperate buildings for PvP with special kicks like the PvP-building at Cyrene ... you must float there. From the conversations at Skype I know they discussed several other stuff.

    I think Akoz & Co. failed due to MA's stiffness and over-controlling. I assume they've simply lost interest in such a dead-end road. Look at Medusa's Head. Isn't it the same story? A former smuggler area with really great potential. Background story, apartments, shops, sorrounded by several very interesting LAs. What a potential! When I left the game two years ago Medusa's Head was an abandoned place. What a shame!

    Either make a wretched grinding game or make a game with major social aspects and the oppotunity to grind. I think MA choosed the first option. Or better: It happend to MA. I doubt they are able to decide something like this because they don't really have a plan.
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  4. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Monria Forum 01.
    A few side notes:
    First of all: Anhithe doesn't own Monria. Monria is still part of Calypso. All what Anhithe got is the status of a manager. He is not a planet partner.

    Two options:
    Either Anhithe changes Monria to something else as Calypso and the whole Entropia Universe are and absorbs a lot of new and old players to Monria wich would be inacceptable for MA because they always prefer Calypso itself. (From my experiance this will not happen, because all development for Monria is under control of MA.)
    Or he will fail one day as Akoz & Co. did. Tired and pissed off.

    However, all the best to Anhithe! He is one with dreams and visions and he trys to do something.

    I can't wait until the day when I ask for buying one of the penthouses again and all the cool Monria clothes and Monria furniture to settle there again, meet old and make new friends there from the wide Monria population, invite them to partys at my pool, have fun, nice music and dance moves and long talks together. Sit or lay at the pool's border or at the fireplace, buy makeup materials and furniture accessoires at the local shops, occasional visit the local hairdresser.
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  5. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    2016TT 01.
    Well, that's one of the reasons I don't like EU anymore: Small bugs like my position isn't shown at the map. Or other banal issues like this
    2016TT 03.
    and this
    2016TT 02.
    [I hate the poor graphic quality of EU meanwhile ...]

    I went back to Monria last night. I said "Hello!" to the local chat and met exactly one optimist ("Many green dots lately"), one hater for no reason ("You and McCormick") and one adult who mentioned that nobody said that Monria will fail but one came here and just asked "What's going on?".

    The apartment shopkeeper has been removed, silly decorations everywhere. I can't believe that a colonist who payed tons of $$ decorates this place in such a tasteless way. The shops I visited neither offer things I would like to buy for my potential apartment nor clothes I would like to wear. Yawn! Nothing has changed really at Monria except that I can't buy an apartment directly from a shopkeeper. But okay, I will stay there. Probably we'll see major developments soon.

    Sidenote: It took nine attempts to get the code from my GoldCard. It'll fail completely soon I assume. This wouldl be the final cut I guess.
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  6. We got tons of "banal things" like the chair glitch issue.
    With items, item descriptions, the interface, with clothes, with buildings, caves and even whole map parts.

    I had exactly 3 conversations over the past months on Monria, where 1 wasnt a conversation.
    Yes, Im still there.

    1 was a friendly one with good ol Toecoutter :)
    2 with good ol "Tabiia Tabbi (?)"...something...from Orthos Rig :)
    3 Another one was a one-sided "conversation", one with a guy named Bong something from society "Zen"
    It was a single "Go away fag boy"

    Over the past 12 years of Entropia I have experienced a lot of rough chats and abusive language. As witness only and directed towards myself. Especially in PVP areas or trading places. Most between grown up men. I always imagined if people would talk like this IRL to each other...most of such conversations wouldnt just end up with ingorance or a simple slap in the face. x'D

    This guy even made a video about such "strange behaviour" inside SL and EU and explains why you should not join these games :

    Why I wouldnt fully agree, I do understand that some people can get easily hurt with words...words can be more evil then weapons to some people.
  7. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    "MindArk doesn't understand what the hell is going on in their game." Really?

    Well, I didn't see much harassments and such during my nine years in EU and no harassment lately at Calypso's moon. I'm afraid even here at EP I spread more negative words towards others than I had to suck. Me and my sister Kristin were always sarcastic and arrogant colonists ... simply because we could. I because of my skills and Kristin because of her expensive lifestyle.

    I don't subscribe the opinion of that guy from the video.
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  8. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Daww.... that's kinda sweet really. Zaphod was always so enthusiastic. So MS9 is Psycho Teacher in a community college... interesting.

    Boy that was a long article about President Beeblebrox though. I'll have to come back and read that in full another time.

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