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ROCKtropia: Missions! Help needed

Discussion in 'ROCKtropia' started by sherwood, Sep 15, 2020 at 22:55.

  1. After some years of vacation and came back to Entropia and I'm doing a "Grand Tour" of all planets.

    In these days I'm on ROCKtropia. I was there at very beginning of his history and came back just once I think. At that time I did all the "noobs noobs noobs club" missions and had the Cellphone, CND Guestpass and few other things. I red somewhere that to start all the missions chains about zombies you have to speak with LT Funk. I tried but I reiceve instant death.
    I tried to remake the "Mobile phone" mission but even if I received another Cellphone and another Guestpass. I cannot make all the passages this time like talk with Big Boy to help the drunk guy or give the drink to Cynthia.
    All the mission brokers in BAMF HQ and generally in zombie area won't talk to me.
    Some other brokers like Diesel Rose, CPT Franic won't talk to mee too.

    I'm a bit lost
  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    i dont log in much these days, but there is usually someone in the rocktropia chat channel. It is the friendliest channel in the game and good people there always willing to help with the local stuff.

    Did you repair your phone? If I remember right there is a guy out on the road infront of the club that will repair it for you, maybe his name was mobile mike?
  3. I was hoping that you do such thread, but true you seem away from the game/RT since a while.

    To add to missions Threads :

    Sources :

    this 2nd link says "have a ROCKTropia record on you or she will not give the mission" but i did not need anything to get the next missions.
    (unless I had and did not notice) as I saw this today when I writte this post.


    NPC Kristi / 135305 - 89411

    Kill 100
    Reward : Concentration 0.09 PED, or Perception 0.26 PED, or Alertness 0.17 PED

    Kill 500
    Reward : Handgun 1.31 PED, or Rifle 1.31 PED, or Longblades 1.31 PED

    Kill 1000

    well, when i go back RT and finish it

    RT IS GREAT, Mindark removed and destroyed all cool stuff from caly, well with the "new mindark" with his new CEO with fantastic uber giantic megatronic Integrity, where honnestly I NEVER SAW so many cheats and exploits.

    Last edited: Sep 16, 2020 at 11:38

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