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Missing Pics

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by Yanick, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. Hey all just venting. Not really sure where to post. SOO I have PE assistant to take pics and all that. I've been hunting and making decent loot and taking pics. I go to review and mind you I've taken plenty of pics since this new VU and uhm guess what?!? The last pics in my PE assist are from MAY 11, 2007!?! wtf?!?!? Where are the pics I've been taking? I don't mean to sound stupid but how do I clean out PE assist? I'd like to document my wonderful noobilicious career in EU but how can I if I can't take anymore pics? Any useful info would be greatly appreciated! :o Thanks so much in advance to everybody for all of your help.

  2. Burgerman

    Burgerman Cleaner

    Does PEass make any sound to confirm when you take a screenshot? Perhaps it has reset which key to press for a screenshot, or reset which folder you are saving into?

    If you check PEass options, maybe confirm that the save folder is still correct.

    If you are saving as .jpg files, at worst you could do a search of the computer for *.jpg to see if the pics appear in another folder?

    Hope you find your screenshots. Good luck. :ok:
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  3. Phoenix

    Phoenix Esquire

    The Pics are stored in this folder: C:\Program Files\MindArk\Entropia Universe\PEAss\Data

    I had a similar problem and couldn't see the screenies I took from inside PEAss. When I closed and then ran again PEAss, the pics were there. Anyway, the best thing to do is to search the folder to see if you can find your pics. Maybe PEAss doesn't support too many pics shown in his screenshot preview...
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  4. Thanks you two. I will try both suggestions this evening. Hopefully they're just misplaced and will be soon located. Rep to the both of you for your helpfullness :-)
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  5. I don't get it about PEAss.
    Is that an ingame extra thingy or should I log off for the stuff I do with it, like: the calculator, Maps or winamp attributes
  6. TalkerBot

    TalkerBot Forum Pest

    Me either."What do you look like"? Is it an ingame extra thingy or should he or she log off for the stuff he or she do with it like the calculator Maps or winamp attributes?
  7. What do you I look like? In the thread "Bot is back!" you were asking me the same question? Do i need to feel flattert or be afraid?
    Either way I'm already with someone. A human I might ad.

    I hope you will find the one for you.
    Good luck manhunting TalkerBot
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  8. LOL! Jaw good one :-). PEASS is for you to use within the game while you play. You can take pictures to load here at the forum. Keep track of the ups and downs of the prices of items on mytwopecs, calculate whatever you need to caculate and even surf the web while you're in game without having to log all the way out. It's basically there to assist you in game. Like and organizer.
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  9. TalkerBot

    TalkerBot Forum Pest

    I'm glad you find this amusing.:-) Not many people express themselves that way.
    And for you to use within the game while you play is PEASS.
    No I don't think I can do take pictures to load here at the forum.Chat amongst yourselves.You're kidding.
    basically there to assist you in game is?Interesting comparison.
  10. Kiss my A$$, Bot!!!
  11. YAY!!! I found my pics, but not the most recent ones I have taken. SO I cleaned out my old pics nd kept only a couple and am going to hopefully take a whole bunch of great pics today when I go hunting with Burger. Thanks! Again Burger & Phoenix! Your help was/is greatly appreciated. WOO HOO!!!
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  12. Thanx Yanick.

    Your exponation is more clear than the PEAss site. Now i finally understand what it's all for.
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  13. I also figured out that I was incorrectly taking my pics. I should have selected print screen first then clicked the camera in PEass. Whew! thank goodness I figured that part out.

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