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    In preparation for the launch of Planet Cyrene, a TeamSpeak3 server was created to facilitate communications when the role-playing covert ops series begin.​
    Each covert ops series will most likely be comprised of 2-4 parts, and each part consisting of segments. The segments will give us an opportunity to play out portions of the covert ops storyline in a way that will allow us to assign missions and activities to participants without it becoming an overwhelming process.

    Meaning ... one part to a covert ops series may be too involved to role-play in one session, and therefore, the segments give us more flexibility. It also gives multiple individuals and groups an opportunity to get involved.

    The TeamSpeak operation will allow us to remain connected in voice chat to those individuals and/or groups, or socs who will be participating. With groups and/or socs with several members participating, we may only require the team leader join us on TS for communication.

    This aspect of the operation will also allow Syer and I to be at key points in the role-playing scenario in-game in order to collect photos and video footage. Prior to a segment being played out, I will have the storyline planned according to the story arcs that Ed and I create, and participants will have a specific role.

    Once a segment in a part of the covert ops series has been completed in-game, Syer will produce a proper video, and I will write the storyline as I have done with the Zekkonians series, along with photos. It will then get published at first, and then at In this way, the community won't have to wait for an entire part of a series to be complete before it is published.

    Also, once we start this in-game activity, it's probably going to be easier for us to assign missions and activities if you let us know that you're interested so that we can add you to the list. We really want to be fair and allow as many people as possible the opportunity to participate, which is why I had asked in another thread for people to PM me if interested (which is going well). Depending on the segment, we may need a lot of people, or only a few, so please do express your interest. :smile:

    On another note ... each in-game role-playing segment will also be broadcast live over MindStar Radio. This way, those who are listening in and not participating will be able to hear the craziness of what's going on, and perhaps even learn of new mysteries and secrets being revealed. Always expect the unexpected.

    Syer and I will also be working on connecting Skype to the radio software, which will allow both of us to be on-air at the same time. We may also have a surprise guest now and then during these role-playing scenarios as well, so ... much to look forward to.

    Also ... Syer took MSR for another test drive and it worked beautifully with him in-game, on Skype (I think), and in TS as well while broadcasting live. No glitches, and we're hoping that it stays that way with no hiccups going forward. If so, then you'll be hearing more of him on the radio for sure.

    We had an immensely productive Tuesday, and we just couldn't be happier, BUT ... I would be incredibly negligent if I didn't give a HUGE thank you to Peter (aka EP Admin) for setting up the TS operation on our radio server. :hug:

    AND last but not least ... my awesome MSR/MSM partner (Syer) created the TS graphic banner. He did it in secret while we were actually setting up the server and then sprung it on me as a surprise. It shows up on the TS server, and then he created a larger one for this thread. He's always doing stuff like this, and I just couldn't be more pleased to be working with him.

    We are having a blast. :yay:

    We're excited about the future of MSR and MSM and what we plan to bring to the community after the launch of Cyrene.

    Looking forward to seeing you there, even if it's just for a visit. :biggrin:
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    I'm very pleased to announce that we have our TS server organized and working brilliantly. We also invited a few societies to create a channel for their game-play activities, and I'm proud to report that we have the oldest society in the history of Entropia Universe with us ... Soldiers of Fortune.

    I introduced Ripper to Syer on Skype last night for their first voice chat, but Syer and Ripper have interacted in game regarding transportation on the Alabama (MotherShip for SoF), so they had a connection already. However, Ripper and I go WAY back to 2005 and some crazy-ass times, so knowing Syer's personality the way I do, I knew that getting these two together in voice chat would be an event in and of itself.

    I wasn't wrong! lol.gif All 3 of us have sore abs as a result. OMG ... I think Ripper missed his calling, what an absolute wicked time it was, and I can't WAIT for more.

    Anyway ... the Soldiers of Fortune had their first team hunt in game on Sunday using their new TS channel, and it worked great for them. Even Auktuma was able to join them, but then another old friend of mine from SoF (Fang) was also in the group, as well as Trifle, so it was nice to connect with them again.

    Was also able to provide a channel for cK Shadows as well ... got the soc Boss in there (BigRed) as well as Parlog, who is a long-time friend. Meculus (Blastoise) should be joining up soon as well, and he too is a long-time friend.

    Then we have a brand new society started by Lone Wolf McQuaid (Cyrene Recon & Rescue) who used to be with CRT (Calypso Rescue Team), and he is still very much in touch with them. I believe this is the first Cyrene society created so far, and they will basically be doing as CRT has done for so many years. We are really happy to have them with us, and look forward to many newbies being sorted out if they get stuck. :biggrin:

    Of course, Syer has his society channel (Magisterium), and created one for the soc my brother and I started back on June 18, 2005 (JetStar Alliance - JSA) of which Moonie is now the Leader so there's a place that I can chat with them as well.

    Just as an FYI ... the MSM TS server is not a public one, but basically reserved for MSR/MSM/Cyrene in-game activities, and for societies who might be interested in participating in our future Covert Ops Role-Playing Events after Cyrene launches. It is by invitation only right now, but that might change in the future once we see how things go with how we have it structured now.

    I acquired my non-profit organization license for the MSM TS server because we don't charge for anything, and it gives us greater opportunities and options. Any changes will be posted in this thread.

    Syer and I wish to thank those who have joined us, and support our efforts ... much respect.
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    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    Just as an update ... Peter (EP Admin and owner of SchmitzIT) implemented the non-profit organization license on the MSM TS server and we are good to go with more options. Peter hosts both the MSR and MSM TS servers and we are incredibly grateful and appreciative for his exemplary assistance.

    Thank you Peter ... your services are exceptional. :thumbsup:
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