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Mindark wants to save "mother earth" now ! Buy the tokens !!!1 (Green Fund Finance aka. GFF)

Discussion in 'General Entropia Universe Discussion' started by McCormick, May 20, 2019.

  1. Thanks to "NotAdmin", in a recent discussion, this little gem showed up :

    Green Fund Finance

    CEO : David Simmonds
    President: Timkrans Senior
    Board Member: Henrik Nel Jerkrot
    Formed: August 2018

    Same adress as Mindark:
    Järntorget 8 413 04

    Site created in august 2018 on godaddy.

    greenfund finance4.

    What is it ? :
    "Buy all tokens and wonders will be built !"

    greenfund finance how it works tokens.

    Basically a fundraiser *scam* like compet or Crystal Palace...but to save planet earth.
    Actually its a fundraiser for swestep:
    (sells and operates STEP Plants that converts biomass and organic waste in all forms to green energy)

    ...best is, all your tokens will be bought back,
    once the masterplan rolls out and...works.

    Typicall win-win situation ! ;D

    Swestep would be :
    swestep people.

    Where to look for it ? :


    Swestep exsited as :



    There is a video about that..."meeting".... :

    At 0:15 there is David Simmonds :

    greenfund finance david video.

    And Jan Timkrans at 0:21 :
    (Next to swesteps CEO Karl-Magnus Mattsson)

    greenfund finance jan video.

    Now Im eager to hear how Mindark approached swestep and whom they convinced
    that Mindark would be the perfect partner for...saving the environment...holy shit... :S

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  2. Hmm...from BBC website:

    “Celebrity influencers are being used to promote crypto-currency and currency trading schemes which turn out to be scams, the City watchdog has warned.

    These celebrities often have a large following on social media - an opportunity seized on by con-artists to cast a wide net for potential victims.

    Bogus online trading platforms promise supersized returns but fraudsters may disappear with the invested funds.

    Crime reporting centre Action Fraud said victims lost £27m in 2018-19”.
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  3. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    So how many Tokens did they sell so far, and to what RL value?

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