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Mindark Support Dept.

Discussion in 'MindArk' started by Shinobi, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. Have you been ignored when messaging support, via MA website? :nunchucks:
    If yes, once only, or multiple times? :boxer:

    Does this Modus Operandi only apply to ex-clients or existing client accounts also? :dunno:

    Is there room for improvement, if yes, how?
  2. aridash

    aridash large throbbing member

    no, bit slow but never ignored. i really dont know why you expect them to reply to a banned account, they have no further relation with you.

    its a shame you cant accept this and move on with your life. :tiphat:
  3. Not the purpose of this post, arent you missing the point? Even when my account existed and active, I had enough contact with Support Dept. in a duration of about 4 years, to know that I personally found them cold unsympathetic and generally unfriendly. Someone told me once that it might have to do with Swedish way of thinking. That they can speak English impecably, yet miss the subtle original english linguistic nuances stemming from the roots. This in turn can cause a lot of missunderstanding etc. :whip:
  4. aridash

    aridash large throbbing member

    yes it is:
    whats else is someone supposed to think this is about when you state this and know your history?

    that said, Swedes in general do have a very direct approach in the way they communicate which comes across as a little harsh.
  5. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Same with us Danes, I believe then again, I never had problems with MA support. Always got a proper rather fast (within 3 days) reply. You can then again ask yourself wether the reply was fitting to my question or even answered it, but unfriendly? Never.
  6. CycoKick

    CycoKick Notorius cK

    Well i suppose that goes for everyone who learns english but is not a native speaker them, now does it?

    I tend to have a good relation with Mindark Support, but then again Ive only had about 30 cases over de 6 years.
  7. No.

    Ive always found support quite efficient, replies usually in just one day.

    Im not a banned player.. if thats relevent :tiphat:
  8. Suggestion: Leave the arrogant bad arse attatude when you leave ER. Not for me, I care less for things of a lesser nature, but for Lykke and VF;) Hardly am I intimidated by you or your attempts...at whatever Lol.

    Besides making clear that you dislike me in so many ways, I dont care about you trying to slap me in my face with the bann. Its lame. Move on. I have other friends, active friends, good friends, and famous friends. sheeesh, who cares!

  9. wow, you obsessed with me or what?

    I was responding to Aridash's comment....NOT YOU!!!

    You have some paranoid fucked up shit that has nothing to do with me!!

    Go see a psychologist... instead of trying to temp me to go on some flame fest with you!!

    I wouldnt waste my time.. with some jack-ass loser like you!!!

    Hope Im clear :wave:
  10. Its right there two posts up for all to see, I quoted you, you me , and back. Cant go and try twist it round;)
  11. :stayontopic:
    I have sent 20 or less cases to mindark in the 5 years I have payed oops played :D . All have had a quick response. They only problem I have every had with them is the generic type response they some times give.
  12. Familliar with those, know exactly what youre talking about. Just the kind of thing that does not promote Mindark standing with their clients. Automated responses are always so very impersonal. Makes me feel exactly the same when IRL I get aotomated responses via a phone. Companies who implement such tech, care only for profit, not people, or individuals.
  13. Ops


    just put the troll on ignore list, i done that :)
  14. There you go, ty for example, swedish and exactly hitting the nail on the head. Before my ban, and after, doesnt matter, I always felt like being treated with arrogant contempt.

    I was hoping you wouldnt do this in this forum, I dont care if you try to publically make me a punch-bag, just that you dont ruin it for Lykke and VF. This is not ER. Other prospective memebrs may hessitate to reg. due to shenanigans like this.

    "Someone who have need to uplift himself, seeking public aproval, at the cost of a victim, has a low self-immage."

    So, Skalman! MA-Support! Get off the pause button, press play! Move on! Get over it! We cant do anything about yesterday its gone forever, but we can do something about tommorow and learn from Yesterday. Its life!:umn:When was "Leniancy", "Compassion", "Reasonbleness", "decency", "Understanding" and "forgiveness" removed from Corporate Proffesionalism?
  15. Mindark Support Dept.( Continued)

    Due to the subject matter at hand I feel it nececary to bring this to the attention of the entire community. Make of it as you wish.

    Bear in mind that it seems like 3 seperate cases yet one subject matter due to me continuing the conversation with Support by opening a new case each time they deliberatelly and rudelly close it.

    History for support case 173696

    2009-10-31 11:49 You wrote:

    Created and activated new account. Old client starting a new slate. Will be calling my Avatar: "Ronin Shin Sepuku" . Software downloaded, updated and patched. But I cannot log into game. Keep gettig the message that my account is locked.

    My Memory is marked with a red cross and is at 1536, meaning RAM I suppose. Does this mean I am absolutelly unable to run the game without upgrading my RAM?

    Could you kindly please look into this for me?



    2009-10-31 16:17 Entropia Universe Support:

    Dear Jandre Kroeze,
    As you might now, due to issues in the past, you will not be able to participate in Entropia Universe again.
    Kind regards,
    Entropia Universe Support

    2009-10-31 23:39 You wrote:

    Dear Support Department,

    Now is now, then is then. Do you know that I am just human and prone to mistakes? And as most I learn from them. Please accept my appology and reconsidder participation. If even on a trial basis at your discretion.



    2009-10-31 23:53 You wrote:


    Besides, I simply want to play the game I so loved to play, and never caused trouble inside the Virtuality Verse. When was compassion, leniancy and second chances removed from corporate proffesionalism?

    One suggestion though. If you say so, I shall start a pol on Entropia Planets Forum, where I am a well-behaved member, to asetain the communities opinion on my account reinstatement. The outcome may assist your decision on the matter. Please let me know the duration for the pol to run.

    I have no problem with a negetive outcome, I have a good RL, with a well paid Int. Job. BTW, financially quite feesable as a frequently depositing client, should have a need to know .

    Sincerelly and Kindly


    2009-11-02 15:20 Entropia Universe Support:

    Hi Jandre,
    Unfortunately the decision is final and you will not be able to participate in Entropia Universe again.
    Kind regards,
    Entropia Universe Support

    History for support case 173885

    2009-11-03 08:13 You wrote:

    2009-11-02 15:20 Entropia Universe Support:

    Hi Jandre,
    Unfortunately the decision is final and you will not be able to participate in Entropia Universe again.
    Kind regards,
    Entropia Universe Support

    Hi Support,

    Are you still angry and fumed at me? Is your hatred for me so strong? At this moment I am quite capable of becomming a planet partner.

    Do you care to elaborate perhaps. What is your angst? Do you perhaps think I would make the same mistake again or worse? Why? Did you not profit from my deposits and why wouldnt you still want to profit ?

    Why treat me the way Hell will treat so many, to abandon all hope and forgiveness. Do you perhaps derive pleasure in it?


    2009-11-03 09:04 You wrote:


    For clarrification this: Due to your extreme petty fatalism, I will not let down. Unhuman unreasoneableness just is not right for a game-hosing company. Youre dealing with human beings! Besides I am constantly in contact with a large section of your clients activelly holding accounts with you. Most feel Mindark support is being unreasoneable and far too extreme in my case.

    At this stage i realize my mails and effords stop and end at one person at support dept. Yes one person who seems to derive a morbid pleasure out of extreme fatalism against me.

    You can also look at it like this: If i was a terrorist who kill by explosions and Jihad, would i relentlessly try to fix things, appologize or make right? I have nothing to hide, unlike you, I play open cards. Nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Jandre kroeze "Shinobi"

    2009-11-03 12:21 You wrote:

    Human beings express feelings and sentiments through music also. This may be apropriate to the current mood:

    2009-11-03 23:33 Entropia Universe Support:

    Unfortunately we have no further information about this matter and can not add anymore to the subject. We will therefore close this case. We have informed the design team about your feelings on this matter and your remarks will be included in the general evaluation.
    Thank you for sharing your feedback with us.
    Kind regards,
    Entropia Universe Support

    History for support case 173965

    2009-11-04 11:29 You wrote:

    2009-11-03 23:33 Entropia Universe Support:

    Unfortunately we have no further information about this matter and can not add anymore to the subject. We will therefore close this case. We have informed the design team about your feelings on this matter and your remarks will be included in the general evaluation.
    Thank you for sharing your feedback with us.
    Kind regards,
    Entropia Universe Support


    You guys have a lot to talk about seriously. Rethink your client relations via support radically. In a Dale Carnegie kind of way.

    Has the impact and hold of the game PE, on human beings, eluded Mindark? Have psychological trials been done? Being a Game Hosting company, should we conduct ourselves exactly according to the Norms of any money making Multinationals of the world? Is it actually apropriate to do so? Seeing that this is a unique area of bussiness conduct demanding a closer client relations towards customer friendlyness and openness in a tight closed virtual community.

    There can be no place for unreasonebleness where clients build up vast social networks online. Even outside the virtual universe.

    Think about it, proffesionalism can be deccent and righteous insomuch that clients hearts and minds are won through it.


    Jandre Kroeze -Shinobi

    2009-11-04 13:31 You wrote:


    The whole matter may serve as a turning point MA client-relations to adapt to the market in a positive way, hopefully. For clarity it must be understood that Entropia Universe social Networking is NOT confined to the virtual Universe alone. Even for banned and deleted accounts or ex-Entropians of any kind for that matter.. Neither does it serve the interest of Mindark to restrict it. Mindark places itself in a position of mass international scrutiny.

    I am up to speed as to what’s going on. Many active and existing client holders are extremely unhappy with certain changes implemented lately, that removes a lot of the fun-factor for the sake of profit and gain. It is very apparent, and you must’ve know it would be . Sadly for you, many are considering to leave permanently. Add to this a outright hostile history of client relations via support and you have a seriously dangerous combo, detrimental for Mindark.
    Only you can do something about this, no-one else. How, is also entirely up to you. Next time you want to ban someone forever, please consider there is much, much more than just, gaming involved.

    Kindly and sincerely
    Jandr Kroeze -Shinobi

    2009-11-04 14:14 You wrote:


    More rules , restrictions and less freedom does NOT make Entropia Universe a pleasant place to be in. There is a human being behind every avatar.

    Made men in the entertainment bussiness, all will give you the same philosophy of their success. Their focus was never on profit gain, rather on the fun factor or pleasing people. The profit and their success took care of itself. This is purelly based on the concept of Karma. keep your people happy and the profit will take care of itself.

    You have the platform, put it to the test, I dare you;)

    2009-11-04 17:09 Entropia Universe Support:

    As we have mentioned before, the decision is final. We will not reply to further reports sent from this account.
    Kind regards,
    Entropia Universe Support


    Their last reply proves my point from the start outright.

    For those who do not know the history:

    over 12 Months ago. I posted on EF a rant with a indirect Bomb thread aimed at MA. It was taken way out off context and resulted in an immediate ban for life. At the time I was trying to be hillarious and I certainlly meant no harm towards MA at all.

    In fact I had a well behaved history and track record of 4 years with a good steady waste of a lot of money. All my appologies and effords to fix this end and stops with one person at MA Support. Possibly a PC geek with no peops skills and tight with 711/Neovixen. My virtual mortal enemy.

    Lame is one way of putting it, but quite simply they are being rediculously unreasonable. Their client need to know the true nature of whom they are dealing with and take it in consideration regarding a long term relationship with a draconian company like that. By nature they are outright evil and would have what I write here swept under the carpet and covered up. Regardless of my own fate I have made it my mission to intercede on behalf of those still duped by Mindark.

    For the record, I fought the matter proffesionally as well as I could. Even sent them my certificate of good conduct, which is an Internationally recognized document for employment reasons etc. Meaning I have no crimminal history and a well behaved citizen. This was ignored outright. In fact i have been ignored by them most of the time. They are realy nasty.

    More rules , restrictions and less freedom does NOT make Entropia Universe a pleasant place to be in. There is a human being behind every avatar.
  16. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Here's some food for thought, Shinboi. There's also a human being behind every support person. This human being might feel empathy towards your cause, but might be ordered to go against his own feelings.

    While your bomb threat might have been in jest, it was not perceived as such. If it was my business you had "threatened" in such matters, I most likely also would not want you anywhere near me or my staff. I might loose out on a good customer that way, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

    Being someone living in Holland, you must know of a few public persons who are unable to sleep in their own homes, (partially) due to statements made on the Internet. Some of those, like yours, were likely made in jest, others as tongue-in-cheek, and some of them probably were dead (literally) serious. Authorities will never take chances in such matters, and rightfully so.
  17. I have to agree with you that you are right. Altho that is besides the point, cos I have Recanted and apologized correctly in all manner and ways possible. Publically so. There is no need for unreasonableness from Mindarks side. In fact I have proven quite adequitelly and emphatically that I am no thread whatsoever. But I absolutelly get what youre meaning.

    The main point of this is Mindarks track record with client relations as a whole and I want nothing more to expose it here so they may improve it themselves.
  18. Justin Thyme

    Justin Thyme Someone With Opinions

    Actually your Bomb threat whether in jest or not luckily did not get you jail time.

    When I was doing Paternity testing we had a fake bomb threat from an angry customer. Within 30 minutes he was in hadcuffs and he was 300 miles from our office.

    I think he plead out and actually only had to serve 6 months on charge of terroristic threats
  19. true, and Support did mention starting a Police investigation at the start. Few months later I contacted them out of my own to pass on my adress change, to find out then only that the Investigation and charges were dropped. never was I contacted or interviewd for it.

    Fact is we are 12 month on, numerous communicae with them on-and-off, with pleading, appologizing, mailing papers, etc. To no avail. But I did prove my inocence adequitelly, and I am fighting pure proffesional unreasonableness at this stage LOL.
  20. aridash

    aridash large throbbing member

    i fail to see how MA sticking to their stated life-banning for a major breach of their EULA, can be seen as unprofessional. Life ban means life ban. If anything the reason this should be more widely known about is to demonstrate that they do really mean it, so dont fuck about.

    The FACT is you made the threat, you are not innocent (indeed admit it) and they acted as they indicated they would.

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