MindArk and the deal with REKTNation (2016) - another "partner" vanishes... :O

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  1. Once again, in a universe...lean back, grab some hot cacao or cold beer and "enjoy another silence."

    When MindArk hired REKTNation in 2016 to grab some EU players and twitch the sh!t out of Entropia...or in the words of REKTNation :"Make a game great again"...

    ...EU oldskool player Hypnotyk became one of the 8 hired players, who signed some contract to stfu...but then made it (partly) public...and instantly turned silent...*lal*...yet the thread is still alive on the other forum. :O

    Long story short :
    Hypnotyk made this deal public in june 2016 and REKTNation dissapeared in august 2016... *lulz*

    Why do I post this ? I got reminded that Mindark recently payed some streamers to play EU and annoy the sh!t out of the community with it...but even the streamers themselfs didnt like Entropia...so, there was this story in 2016...

    hypnotyk streamer.jpg

    Their Twitter account died in march 2016 already...


    Their facebook account died in januaray 2016 already...hmm, hmmm...probably means nothing... ;D


    So, who was REKTNation ?

    Hired by Mindark ? Check !
    Shutdown/dissapeared after making business with MindArk ? Check !

    Founded in late 2015 by Alfonzo Burton and Landon McKinnis :


    ...shut down in 2016. I guess Landon forgot to add the info...then again Anthony Wisdom claimed to be with REKTNation until january 2018...who cares...their site is down and the waybackmachine only offers results from 2016 anyway :



    Zo Burton, CEO
    Alfonzo “Zo” Burton is also known as the “UX magician.” He has been designing and developing games for over 15 years, and thus has a superior understanding of what gamers want and need. Burton has designed and developed games that have grossed over $300 million in total revenues over the past few years, and some games he's designed are still in the top 100 grossing charts. He is an absolute expert in user interface and user experience, player acquisition and retention, game design, and monetization of mobile, console, and PC games. Burton has experience that is of paramount value to the goals and purpose of Rekt Nation.

    The knowledge and expertise that Burton has amassed over the years has resulted in him playing central roles in the growth of multiple startups that would go on to become industry-leading organizations. As CEO of the Rekt Nation team, Burton aims to enrich the competitive gaming scene by engaging players and creating active, loyal communities for publishers and game developers through methods that are more art than science.


    Landon McKinnis, Co-COO
    Landon has experience in professional services, real estate, consulting, and financial services. He has experience overseeing many aspects of running a business, such as overseeing and building operations teams, understanding the industry and how to thrive in it, and devising business strategies that work in practice, not just on paper. Most importantly, he’s yet another person making sure our work is getting done, and it’s being done well.

    As a Co-Operating Officer of Rekt Nation, Landon combines his professional skills with his love for the growing community of e-Sports to help the industry grow. His past experience as a business manager and delegator helps the Rekt Nation team promote growth and excitement within the competitive gaming industry.


    Jason Barbosa, Co-COO
    Jason was a part of the competitive gaming community well before he had a professional role in it. An avid gamer, a big part of Jason’s life was playing games, being part of online communities, making friends in-game, and rooting for said friends in competitive gaming events. It wasn’t until 2008, however, that Jason was given passes to New York Comic Con to cover Battlefield developments for a podcast that his professional role in the video game industry began. This break landed him interviews beyond just Battlefield developers, and his popularity for covering gaming grew. What set him aside from others who covered these events and brands was that Jason focused on the gamer, not the game. He believes, as we all do, that the game is nothing without the gamer.

    Jason started Hypefestation in 2011 alongside Gears of War enthusiasts in an attempt to feed the demand for a competitive event in Gears of War 3, and Hypefestation continued to host competitive gaming events from then on. From there, Jason worked with IGN and IPL, eventually returning to Hypefestation and merging with Rekt Nation. Jason now works alongside Landon McKinnis as Co-Chief Operating Officer. Jason’s experience with covering, coordinating, and hosting competitive gaming events is invaluable to the endeavors of Rekt Nation.Because REKTNation aquired Hypefestation in january 2016...which is also the month of the last news on http://hypefestation.com/hypefestation-is-moving-into-rekt-nation-inc/


    Anthony Wisdom, CINO
    Anthony has extensive experience in the Music Industry, having worked in basically all aspects of the business for the last 15 years. He has played an integral part in building brands, labels, and artists from the ground up. As an executive and co-owner of 5150 Mental Productions Anthony helped build the burgeoning company into one of the biggest names in the Midwest region. His past experience in the media business has honed Anthony’s skills of audio production, touring, event management, and branding. Anthony has been a gamer since childhood, and wants to help improve the community he loves so much to be a part of. As Chief Innovative Officer of Rekt Nation, Anthony stands to bring a creative and professional aspect to the world of competitive gaming.


    © 2016 REKT Nation All rights reserved

    Recovered via the waybackmachine :

    Moral of the story ?
    Partner with MindArk, let there be witnesses and you will dissapear asap.

    So, who of these guys played Entropia ? :p

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  2. Original company text :


    Rekt nation started as a means to provide services to improve the communities of video games for publishers and developers.

    A community should be constantly growing, and that’s what we’re for.
    Too many developers have the mentality of “So our game isn’t popular anymore. We’ll make another one.” This is a mentality that makes sense when it comes to a mobile app developed virtually overnight—not the game you poured your heart and soul into for years. Maintaining gamer interest and engagement over time is what we do best. The like-minded individuals at Rekt Nation have backgrounds and experience in gaming, marketing, and business management, and a comprehensive knowledge of both new and old media. The Rekt Nation team brings a creative and professional excitement to the world of competitive gaming and gaming communities. After all, we are gamers, and we know what gamers want. We believe players should be excited to be a part of a game’s community, and we help make that connection happen.

    Our mission is to build and nurture strong gaming communities to create awareness, demand, and drive revenues for publishers and game developers.
    Sounds like our new CEO x'D
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  3. Tass

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    Confirming that MindArk has absolutely no idea how Twitch works. And REKTNation probably didn't have either.

    Btw, we did something like this with the EntropiaPlanets Twitch channel, just way more advanced, and for free. If just MindArk had something like proper community management... And that's also one of the reasons why we've switched to a general gaming channel and ran it from 0 to Twitch partnership and to over 10k followers in just a couple of months... Our number of concurrent viewers was multiple times the number of players in EU :D

    P.S.: @MindArk should you ever want to do something really cool and optimize for success get in touch please, I'm a professional
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  4. Because there arent 10k Entropians...glad you switched away from EU. :)
  5. The Ex-Entropians must outnumber existing Entropians by a factor of ‘a lot’.
  6. Never forget :)
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