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Message from David Post about Next Island ...

Discussion in 'Next Island' started by MindStar9, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. MindStar9

    MindStar9 Floating in Space

    I received an email from David Post who asked me to share the following with the community:
    "I would like to provide my views on some of the comments made by Calypso players about Next Island.

    Firstly – this is my planet not Neverdie’s. I am happy to have Neverdie aboard with his destination because it is a place for more experienced players. The rest of Next Island is geared for newer players, power casuals and those who might check us out from Second Life. We gave Calypso players first dibs and have not really opened the door for the rest of the player population YET. So we arranged to have Jon’s club and area for the experienced gamers, and the newer players will probably want to come to the starter area.

    So we will appeal to all the players in one area or another. We also are soon to open Caroline’s, and that is another brand that will have a destination. Look for other brands to join us as well as destinations we create. I hope this clears things up."
  2. Lykke TheNun

    Lykke TheNun Lootius bless you all!

    Nice to get some officials heads-up, thanks MindStar (and David)

  3. ohh good infos I am sooo looking forward to more I am really enjoying what there is so far XD
  4. Thank you MindStar9 for posting this email here and on other forums.

    And thank you David Post for providing more information about your vision for your planet. I hope we hear from you more often on this forum.
  5. Works for me!
  6. I think that what he said pretty much just sums up the points which most people were complaining about, and doesnt really clarify anything or put anyone at ease, for the most part.

    Its those "experienced users" who were the exact people that didnt want to have neverdie in control of 15% of the planet (roughly), and didn't want him over-advertising like he did. I think thats relatively apparent, though.

    Also, Neverdie's Post about the status of the mainland mobs at the moment puts a big "proof" stamp on the fact that he's helping with the rest of the planet (despite that it formerly announced that he wasn't), and that's the other point at which most of said "experienced" users were panicking about. Unless, of course, he'd like to change the wording in his post.

    the fact of the matter is this arguement is split just about down the middle... but looking at it in terms of users. half is a lot. So, go, ahead, yell at me for being potentially too serious about this. But its all clear in the locked thread regarding this arguement.

    the fact is this:
    The people, espeically the experienced users, want a new experience, different in almost all aspects from calypso in terms of people, government, and scenery.

    Right now, this is not the case.
  7. Well, to me it is simple.

    It seems that ND's area is for 'experienced' players, well, i'm an experienced player. If I want to hunt on his Rock Planet, I will. But, I don't at this point in time. I was hoping for a place that had cool mobs, for 'experienced' players, with 'new sights and sounds', a Really new World....What I THINK I'm hearing is not that, If I'm wrong then I'm sorry for this post. To me it seems that the planet will be for begining players...well, don't really want to hunt noob mobs even if they look cool.

  8. yeah, that was pretty much my point.

    Although new mobs will come out in time (and im sure that there will be some tough ones), right now it's really not anything "new" to do. So far, all of the gameplay is the same. And since the developers havent released how to time travel.. well... theres not too much to do.

    plus, the entire "theme park area" was all made by ND, and is therefore very reminiscent of rocktropia in terms of the flamboyant ND advertising, and even the roadways (which are identical to rockrtopian roadways). Heck, even the areas are named after key parts of Neverdie's life. so no new "sights and sounds" there either.

    also, the developers for the planet keep claiming that this is "beta area" is the only thing ND has worked on. (personally, i dont think there should be a CND on this planet at all. But, thats just my personal opinion. We have enough of Neverdie already).

    However, ND just put out a post himself that essentially states he was involved in at least some of the development of the rest of the planet.

    So, who knows.
  9. well neverdie has mentioned that time travel has to be figured out, and im starting to see a type of mystery and secret hunt theme growing here.

    so im to assume that time travel will not be out right away till someone figures out the mystery......

    but thats ok, because having puzzles and stuff and having to figure things out will make this place that much more exciting and fun.
  10. There are plenty of mobs for experienced players off the Neverdie part of Next Island. You just have to know where to look. When they fix the spawn problem I think an experienced player will like "the new sights and sounds" and want to stay for a while.

    I do wonder how this time travel will work. I wish I knew if the portals are active already or if they will be activated at a later date.
  11. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    There are? I understood that it wasn't a simple 'spawn problem' but that no mobs at all were on the mainland yet, and probably wouldn't be until the update gets done. Been there all week and not heard this before, please do tell where and what mobs are on the mainland already?
  12. There are definitely mobs on the mainland. People seem very caught up in the "if I dont see it immediately it doesnt exist" mentality. Regarding our current predisposition towards instant gratification, I blame cell phones. Sorry David. :-)
  13. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    Thanks Magyar, admit I've not gone back to recon again after doing the whole tp run/explore the first couple of days, and as I said hearing there were none to be found anyway. Good old Vtol will get it's exercise tomorrow :)
  14. vulcan pass has some fire drakes.

    bustamite forest has big ice drakes.

    warriors pass has storm drakes

    havent been to crystal resort yet?

    there is tons of monkeys and boars.
  15. Lee

    Lee Forever Noob

    Thank you CM. Shame that this info has not been more publically available before now, such as on the forum, as one of the biggest complaints in the firestorm started when the planet went online was (and still is in some comments on other forums) that there were no mobs at all on the mainland. Seems it was not any different mobs than on ND island, but at least they were available away from his land area as well, which would have at least answered some of the complaints. (to be fair, there always were monkeys and boars around the crystal resort areas at least)

    Edit: I see that you added some of these other locations in the bestiary a few days back, thank you for all of your efforts, sorry that myself and others just missed that info all the way around.
  16. Well said! Firedrakes springs to mind which are certainly for experienced players...

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