Merp on Next Island

Discussion in 'Creatures' started by WangXiang, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. After SylverDragon discovered the presence of Exarosaur on Next Island, I decided to make a small exploration. It was a success : High-maturity Merp can be found at Zuri Beach :D

    PRINT SCREEN 2012-06-23 13-38-59.jpg
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  2. wow if theres dikiba molisk and foul somewhere then I coudl make almost all clothes there O.O
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  3. Good to see some much needed variety - and source of materials that have uses - come our way.
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  4. Yes, this is neverdie's side and I believe they have been there all along?
  5. I can't be sure about the Merp, but I have often walked the beach at Taliesin Ridge, looking for fruit and stones, and there were no mobs there then.
  6. Yeah, not sure..but the only question I have now then is who left there pet here! o_O
  7. Isn't that an interesting question :rolleyes:
  8. the more mobs the better :D
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