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Meg’s Blog: Thoughts on Jungle Shorts

Discussion in 'Next Island News & Information' started by NextIslandForum, May 11, 2012.

  1. I pitched Jungle Shorts as one of our first Next Island unique outfits quite a while ago. On a jungle and beach world like this, khaki safari shorts seemed like a good starter item.
    When I chose the art references and wrote the description for Jungle Shorts, based these on khaki hiking shorts, with cargo pockets, like something one might wear on safari, for Elysian scientists gathering specimens, for explorers in the Nesoi Makaron jungles, and even for relaxing on the beach. The women’s shorts would have the same practical look, the same cargo-pockets, but I also wanted the ladies’ version to to be a bit shorter than the fellows’ and a bit more fitted — just because our Islanders are scientists, hunters and explorers doesn’t mean clothes have to be shapeless!
    Our talented art team did encounter some issues with the meshes for these, which is why the lady version ended up without the cargo pockets. The final art for the lady shorts are still a sturdy fabric, with a default neutral color, something we all felt the Elysian scientists would enjoy.
    I’m pleased with my contributions on the design of the Jungle Shirts, Island Shirt, and Elysian’s Tropical Top. Personally, when I play MMOs, I’m a woman playing a female avatar. I want my character to be pretty, I like skirts and pretty shoes, and many hair options, but I don’t want to fight dragons in a battle bikini and stilettos. I know plenty of players of both genders, who enjoy playing in pure fantasy outfits, and I understand the pure character customization and the implied escapism in this.
    As a female player, I always feel sidelined in my hobby when my character’s only fashion choices are skimpy miniskirts, chainmail bras or other items designed for the male gaze. As a designer, I value virtual items that contribute to the atmosphere. When Crystal Center is full of avatars in tropical shirts, sunglasses, and so forth, it makes Next Island feel even more like an island paradise. Many players seem to agree, importing things like sundresses, hats and sandals from the others planets to wear on our beaches.
    Of course, this doesn’t mean we’ll never make bikinis (or I guess Speedos for the fellows!), we plan to have a wide variety of fun and interesting island wear in future. In development right now, we have some jungle armor, a set of protective goggles for Elysian laboratory researchers, jungle boots, a sweet tiki sundress, and many others.

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  2. Jungle armor you said? Go on, go on...
  3. Ohhhhhhhhh neato I love the new clothes so much XD I sooooooo look forward to lots more to enjoy and make for others to enjoying XD

    Its sure neat going to other worlds now and seeing how many ppl are wearing NI clothes now they HUGE hit

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