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Map of Ancient Greece

Discussion in 'Locations & property' started by Great Dane, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. A map of Ancient Greece is now available on the Navigator. Thebes is the only teleporter shown on the map.

    Thank you Stave Petty for posting the screenshot.
  2. Press PrintScr on your computer. Open up paint and paste the image into paint. Then crop so that the EU window is the only one showing. Save it. Upload to a service like photobucket. Ive only uploaded an image here once. I have a feeling certain forums need to have image upload functionality enabled, and this one does not.
  3. [​IMG]


    you need 3 time travel crystals to go there, i assume they will be crafted
  4. Its big! (too short)
  5. if you can get there by going to the tp and selecting it what are the portals for?
  6. Thank you. My sentiments exactly.

    I dont want to be too negative. Maybe theyre simply to illustrate the spawn points for the mobs that drop the time travel related component crystals. Perhaps some sort of catalyst is dropped by these that when combined with crystals found elsewhere on the planet open specific gates.

    Of course I was hoping time travel would be a much more interesting and dangerous journey. Just TPing there is a bit of a let down.
  7. Enzo

    Enzo Next Island Manager

    Now if only its was known how to get a Time Travel Crystal...
  8. Maybe those time portals where causing a bug, hence delay in releasing time travel. Maybe they released through the TP as a work around for now. Maybe there are too many maybes in this post :)
  9. I think the desription on a couple crystals I have looted mentioned something about time travel. At work but will look when I get home.

    May need to refine several different types to create what is needed.
  10. Maybe we need some more info from higher up :) Maybe Is it ready or not? Maybe it needs a sacrifice! Maybe I am just pulling at straws? Maybe I have more maybes?
  11. Maybe your right :)

    Maybe I should have combined those 2 posts! :palm:


  12. Hey Jelly! What did you do with Meg's tar and feathers? ;)
  13. oh they are still ready.. could you fetch meg for me? :)
  14. I'm thinking they need to hurry up and get their act together. Too long on the releases, and not enough info out to the public. They have done a good job with the landscapes and all, but terrible job on public relations.
  15. so very true

  16. Do say I have to agree. Was looking forward so much to NI, but I have already left because nothing is happening. Another let down as usual. Maybe they will get it together and TALK TO YOUR CUSTOMERS instead of leaving them in the dark for a change.

  17. Maybe....maybe not?
  18. I'm devastated.

    All this waiting and Greece is only one server? We must have really shrunk since the ancient days, i can hardly believe 10 mil people can fit there :D
  19. dude, we live in the digital age.. it's called "compression"... ;)
  20. Buying compressed Time Travel Crystals at tp

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