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Manticore is born!

Discussion in 'Entropia Societies' started by AlphaGeek, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. Manticore is born!

    With founding members spanning the globe from North America, Europe, and Australia, Manticore membership includes many long serving officers who have spent years together in the past defense of Calypso, from the robot onslaught, the search for Professors Niels Barton and Almon Duchev, and a last-ditch effort to stop the War Titan ‘Typhon’ from impacting Hadesheim.

    Like the mythical beast, the Manticore Society is diverse in its composition, with all major professions in-game represented, as well as the cultural diversity in our player base. Members resumes range from settled colonists to seasoned veterans.

    Our society mission in Manticore is to continue to help new players and build a society where all members share similar interests and the same values both in real life and in-game. New players, mid level and advanced players are welcome to apply for membership. However, we do not have unlimited open enlistment for new players as we want to ensure that those we choose to mentor are given the attention they deserve while learning the ways of the universe.

    For more information, please feel free to contact Manticore members in-game, on this forum, or visit our web page and forum at http://manticore-society.org

    The Legend of the Manticore:
    From the time of ancient Greece, the name of this creature has struck fear into the hearts of those that would challenge it. Various legends differ in the exact description of the Manticore, but the beast is always a composite creature, appearing to be made from parts of the most powerful of all animals, both real and imaginary.
  2. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    Congrats with your new society, and may Lootius shine his mighty torch onto you and your fellow officers!

    Should you wish to have a private section of the forum to discuss society matters in, please do let me know :)
  3. Roni

    Roni bartender

    Grats on your new soc AlphaGeek :)
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  4. Thanks! Perhaps Lootsifer is smiling on us to some degree, as our first Soc hunt yielded 4 globals and a HOF. :)

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