Entropia Support News: Longtooth performance test event

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  1. During the last Longtooth event two weeks ago we gathered a lot of information that has shown truly helpfull in analyzing bottlenecks and performance issues inside Entropia.

    In order to further investigate some of the bottlenecks in the system we have installed additional log and measurement equipment in areas primarily related to network connections and server redundancy. To test these areas of the system we will launch another event similar to the one held on January 13 tomorrow, January 27 2015.

    Longtooths will spawn in Port Atlantis and near Camp Icarus at the following locations:

    Longtooths with shared loot:

    Location - longitud, latitude:

    • Camp Icarus - 63314, 74559
    • Port Atlantis - 61509, 75119
    • Port Atlantis - 61602, 75270
    • Port Atlantis - 61345, 75286

    Longtooths with non shared loot:

    • Port Atlantis - 61241, 75636

    • First spawns will start at 16.00 UTC and are expected to run until 16.45 UTC.
    • Wave two will start at 17.00 UTC and are expected to run until 17.45 UTC
    • Wave three will start at 18.00 UTC and are expected to run until 18.45 UTC

    After that Longtooths will continue to spawn for another 24 hours at certain locations.

    We are planning additional load events later on this year with focus on other parts of the system as well.

    We hope you enjoyed the last event and have time to check in for some fun Longtooth hunting again tomorrow!

    We have also put up a video from the last event that shows some intense action around the L530 Longtooths spawning in the midst of Port Atlantis, check it out on the Youtube channel

    For details about UTC time see http://www.entropiauniverse.com/utc

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