Logging your hunting results using Google Sheets

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    Sometimes when you are loosing often it is easy to forget those big loots you had earlier and feel like you are loosing more than you are. I have created a spreadsheet to aid in calculating hunting results long term. This Tutorial will show you how to input your hunting data into the spreadsheet as well as find out how much decay you used in the hunt.

    You will need a Google or Gmail account to save your info in Google Drive, or simply download the document and edit it on your personal computer. Click here to view my spreadsheet.

    Go to File on the top left under the title of the spreadsheet (Hunting Template) and click "Make a copy..." this will copy the spreadsheet to your own Google drive account and allow you to edit it freely.


    Only input any information in the teal boxes to avoid removing any of the calculations. This spreadsheet will automatically add up all your decay and compare it to your loot to let you know your return in PED and percentage.

    Input the total amount of Decay into the B, C, and E columns. Input the total amount of ammo purchased into the D column. It will be automatically totaled in the F column. Enter your TT return into the Column G. The Weapon used and any notes, as well as the creature name may be filled in or edited if desired.


    To calculate the decay of each item, you can write the total TT in the field before the hunt, or on a piece of paper, and subtract the items new value after the hunt from the amount before the hunt. This will give you the decay of the weapon, armor, or fap. You can total the value by putting the items into a trade terminal for it to add it up automatically, just be sure not to accidentally sell anything. This same method can be used to find the total TT return of the hunt. When you do so, do not forget to include any extra ammunition looted in the TT return.

    This will allow you to see if you are profiting or losing from each individual hunt, as well as view the long term results of your hunt to ensure you are hunting at an acceptable return rate.
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  3. Nice. I am making tutorials atm to practice some photoshop for fun and thought I'd share the generic ones here, been awhile since this section got some action.
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