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Life, the Universe and Everything can continue

Discussion in 'Life, the Universe and Everything' started by Jamira, May 22, 2018.

  1. is there a basic human right to click stupid links while at work? a very discussable topic, indeed. please don't ask me! i wouldn't click it twice, but i'd die for the right to click it at all... even at work... lol
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  2. and i'm arguing that evidence will someday be discovered which will (then) support my point.
  3. narfi

    narfi Lost

    WAAAYYYYYYYYY to many big words rammed together for me to follow.
    I am a simple man :)

    I feel like I am likely the biggest 'prude' or 'traditional moralist' posting on this forum, and I am fine with that.
    Having established that, I do not intend to come across as "Hypermoral or politically correct". Neither are beneficial to society.

    (my own words)
    Hypermorality is the claim to righteousness(I do only what is right) without any demonstration of empathy.
    Political Correctness is the claim to empathy without any demonstration of empathy.

    Empathy: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

    This same discussion could apply to religion, politics, etc... for this discussion it is pornography.
    While just stating that something is a 'basic human right' does not make it so, we can for the most part agree that a certain amount of freedom should be considered a 'basic human right', I do not believe anyone here is arguing that.

    So as humans we for the most part agree that we should be able to discuss and or view topics on religion, politics, pornography, etc....
    This is where it gets interesting.....
    As individuals we have each also agreed to some extent that those topics should be limited in certain areas, times, or locations. We have done this when registering to many many different sites and communities around the internet including this one we are on right now.
    There is no argument here, we have all already agreed to this.

    So to recap, we agree that we should have freedom, and we also agree that there should be limits to that freedom.

    Then it is a matter of discussing to what extent those freedoms and limits should be, right?

    Lets ignore that we have already agreed this is not the place for that, just for the sake of this discussion.

    When involved with any community or culture different things are expected as the 'normal' behavior.
    (lets not discuss rather the behavior is 'right or wrong', just that is normally expected)

    Lets use internet examples,
    I am part of a boat building forum (no surprise there right?) At 39 I am on the younger end of the age range of posters. Threads are primarily boat related, building, rebuilding, fishing, family, kids, vacations, guns, old people jokes, and sometimes a minimal amount of politics. Just today there was a discussion about why forum users need to be registered before posting pictures, or viewing certain areas of the forum. They had an issue in the past with someone posting pornography and they had to crack down on it. This is a good example of a place where a specific community and their admins decided that was not the place for such freedom and they stopped it.

    I have an account on Reddit, it has a very diverse range of information and postings. They do allow pornography, but their rules are designed in a way that as a user I will only see that information if I desire to, it is supposed to be my choice. So here we have an example of a place where the community and their admins decided that it was such a place for this freedom as well as a place for allowing the freedom not to participate as well.

    Just two examples, but the internet is full of the full spectrum of communities from ultra tight and clean to ultra raunchy and perverse. We have the freedom to go where we please and view what we wish, but it is our choice and we have expectations on what we will see when we get there, esp. if we have been involved with the given community for any amount of time.

    So back to here, we have a community. What do we expect when viewing threads here? What should we expect?
    Remember this isn't about what I feel is 'moral' or what you feel is 'freedom', this is about what should we honestly and fairly expect.

    On one hand we have the founder of the site and the current owner of the site both having posted strong feelings on the character of a person who hosts pornography. On the other hand we have Jamira who has in this very thread posted his works on a nude statue. This is conflicting and honestly makes it more difficult for me to know what to expect. Not knowing what to expect the smart thing is to expect the 'worst' if it is something that concerns you, right?

    Jamira is my friend and I respect his talents and his experiences in life, for some reason even though we are completely different from each other, he seems to respect me as well. He knows that I find content like that offensive, just like I know that my religious and moral beliefs are not for him. That is not what our friendship is based upon, and so it does not matter.

    I opened your link to a bunch of internet arguing tactics, sorry, but I have no interest in such things. I am not here to fight, I am here to talk to friends from around the world. Leave the fighting to someone else.

    I touched on it before, but hypermorality, political correctness, and judgments are not beneficial for society, what we need is more empathy.
    It is not about responsibility or responsibility reversal, it is about the need for empathy from all. We need empathy today from all ages, races, creeds, cultures, etc...

    I do not feel like I am some love child of the 60s preaching peace for the earth, there will always be conflict, and it should be delt with, often with force, but that is not the solution to a majority of our issues, empathy is.
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  4. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Click whatever you want whenever you want ... or don't click it. Hate it or love it. I'm way beyond such struggles. I will add a warning next time I post such a dangerous link ;-)

    Today we got our new sofa. Occasion to sit/lie on it, relax, listen to Diana Krall, drink Grey Burgundy and talk about further changes to our living room. Wich directly lead to a fundamental debate about several old data carriers: DVD, CD, LP. And additional about all these cables of TV, PS4+, PS controller, PSVR, Headphones, BlueRay player, LP player and Dolby Sorround system. Not to speak about GoT figures and a stylish head with the PSVR on it and last but not least the last remaining piston from the broken engine of my Mercedes W124 320TE. All draped behind, left and right, under and on an old flat wooden table. A pile of things that let our living room look like a room of junk.
    Time to change this. Radically! Old data carrier? We use Prime Video and Prime Music and YouTube. We don't need neither any physical presence of this data carriers nor an LP player. Get rid of it! Now we need a functional low board.

    I love the Bauhaus style. Plain, functional, easy to manufacture, stylish. After searching for such furniture for an hour without any good result I decided to make my own. Using materials from local hardware stores, printed elements or even milled aluminium if it is cheap and needed.

    That's the next project.
  5. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Thank you Narfi.
    When I posted this link I had no clue that it would cause such a wave.
    I respect different world outlook of other men. And I apologize if I injured someone.
    I grew up as the son of a Protestant pastor. A copper engraving of Martin Luther hung at the wall in his office. "Hier stehe ich. Ich kann nicht anders." (Here I stand. I can't avoid.) What I've learned during my youth was free speach and asking authorities for their authorisation. Not easy in the communist east Germany. My father was a well-respected pastor. But after the service at home he was often confronted with critics about his sermon by his wife. I learned freedom in my family. And I learned to doubt and ask. And I learned the benefit of talking about issues. Wich directly includes to respect the discussion partner.

    Meanwhile I am an atheist, a retiree and really relaxed. I do silly things and I am interested in all evolutions in 3D. So yes, I was curious what quality this online-game would offer. Unfortunately I was unable to make an account. Because I don't own a credit card. That was the reason for my post. No need to post a link where it happened. But I tend more and more to say/post things as they are. I don't think I'll change this in future. My understanding of how to handle porn content is different to other folks. I will add a warning next time ;-)

    Finally it's pleasant to meet folks who accept each other and talk about problems in a serious way without hate but with respect.
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  6. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    Hi guys. Sorry about this I didn't mean to start a philosophical debate about freedom of speech =D (interesting as that always is.

    Only meant to say I'd prefer not to see pictures of cum soaked girls while eating cereal, if at all possible that is ;)
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  7. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    The lowboard:
    2500x600x400. I will use kitchen workplates and 3d-printed corners. Estimated costs 300 Euro. Sounds good!
    The luxury version would be wooden boards and milled aluminium corners. 1200-1500 Euro. Probably it's worth it. Dunno yet.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2018
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  8. cereals.
    Suddenly I want to print my own world... ;D
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  9. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Well, I asked a local company if they would mill the corner parts from aluminium.
    Would be pretty cool to use such parts combined with real wood:
    If not or if its too expensive, I will go back to the low-cost version and print them by myself.

    How ever, the main problem is to get rid of all this old data carriers. Once, more than 20 years ago, we sold our beloved "Bulli", a VW T3 Caravelle:
    My wife couldn't bear down some tear drops. We had soo much fun with it! And now all the old LPs and CDs? So many good memories. But tbh we won't use them anymore. We will offer them somewhere I think. No clue if it'll work. But meanwhile I won't hesitate to drop all this stuff into the trash can. Without regret but with a tear drop in my eye.
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  10. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    At least no problem at EP. I appreciate this freedom. As said above I will add a warning next time ;-)
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  11. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I'm curious about the cost of your custom aluminum parts as well. (my guess is cost prohibitive for a once only run)
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  12. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Tricky part of this project are the dimesions: 2600mm wide and it shall be open. No hatches or drawers. Additional I don't want thin boards. Everything below 35mm is too thin. I come from heavy machine construction, wich means 40mm steel is still a sheet plate for me ;-) I didn't find one single lowboard in the internet that met my imagination halfway. I like this one, made of beech:
    But it's too small. 1800 mm only. No rear wall. And it costs 730 Euro already.
    It seems that I really have to build one by myself. Either an expensive one or a cheap one. To buy the wooden boards alone costs 500 Euro. And they are oiled pinewood only, not beech. So the maximum costs for the milled corner elements shouldn't cross the line of 200 Euro/piece. (No response to my request yet.)
    But I don't care much. I can make the cheap version as well. Probably a mixture from printed/colored corner parts and real wood.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2018
  13. narfi

    narfi Lost

    Is there a place like this,
    near you?

    Perhaps you could purchase aluminum bar stock and mill your own brackets?
    Aluminum stock would probably be more expensive buying yourself than a buisness could purchase it, but you could save money perhaps by doing the work yourself? I would guess a lot of your knowledge would cross over to the machines they use at the maker space?
  14. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    That maker space doesn't offer milling service. I need at least a 3-axle milling machine for my parts. Probably some surface treatment.
    Meanwhile I contacted the company that offers the beech lowboard I posted above. They offer to build furniture on demand. Let's see. Probably THIS is the best version ;-)
  15. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I've seen quite a few DIY projects on Redit and Imgur where people made furniture by using recycled wooden pallets. If you're able to source a bunch of old pallets, and are not afraid of doing some work yourself, you could try something like that. Mostly they start off by glueing and clamping pieces of wood together to create new boards. They you can then glue together to form bigger boards.

    Wash, rinse, repeat, until you have the thickness and length you are looking for. Should hopefully mean you end up with a lot cheaper solution (not counting your time, of course). The downside is that you'll probably need access to some good tools (bandsaw, sanders, tons of clamps).
  16. hehe at least i can say that i've received my statues one day before mindark released theirs.

    i didn't have the time yet to put them together, but i can't await to do so the next days ... big thanks jamira!!!


    the tough work will be the finishing anyways ... would ya think i should get myself a mini dremel, or rather try to sand it manually?
  17. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I plan on manually sanding, even though I'm getting a nice dremel set for Christmas.

    I think there is to great a chance of causing damage to the detail if using a mechanical sander.
  18. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Thanks for the hint. But tbh that sounds like a lot of work and I don't have access to machines for wood works. The best work I can imagine is sit in front of my computer monitor and don't move until the next excursion to the loggia for another cigarette or finally go to bed in the morning ...

    But I had a call with the company that builds these lowboards. They work on demand too. So I sent them a drawing of what I want and asked for an offer. Probably it'll be cheaper than my version with milled alu parts.
  19. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    This is indeed dangerous. Additional the material is PLA. It melts at 200°C and is deformable at 100°C. So you may hold parts in boiling water and bend them. And when you start with high rotation speed two effects will appear:
    1. grinding wheels will loose function quickly because melted PLA will settle on them
    2. milling cutters will bring warmth to the part and it will melt and become goo instead of removing material
    It's definitely not a good idea to buy a Dremel for only one or two of this figures.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2018
  20. narfi

    narfi Lost

    I am not an architect or designer, 'looks' are not something I am good at picturing or deciding. (just ask my wife)

    The table you show here is 4 planks + 4 legs correct?
    How would it look if you just used the two large planks (the horizontal surfaces) held together by 4 peices of 1" allthread with 16 nuts and 16 washers?

    The only 'machining' required would be drilling the 8 holes(4 per plank) and countersinking (counterboring?) them.
    Clearcoat/epoxy/varnish/whatever the wood and then put it together.

    Fastened like this,
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