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Life, the Universe and Everything can continue

Discussion in 'Life, the Universe and Everything' started by Jamira, May 22, 2018.

  1. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Hmm ... it's a bit to long and way to thick. My hope was to make a casing to avoid this LEGO appearance. But it is too fat.
    I opened it. At least its possible to exchange the batteries.
  2. narfi

    narfi Lost

    nice, i wondered if it would be life limited :P
    Hard to tell from the picture, but it looks like the light is a thinner fiber inside of a protective plastic (lego) tube? can that outer shell be removed and/or replaced with a shape of your design?
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  3. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Only by destroying it. It seems to be glued. Probably the fiber parts are embedded in the transparent material. Its a circle of very tiny pipes. Something like this:
  4. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Well, slowly I become bored with all this EU avatars. I will postpone Jamira and go straight to "Woman On A Chair"
    I got a chair already as 3D model. Arne Jacobsen Series 7 Chair.
    I asked my new modeler for costs and he said $150. That's okay for such a figure.

    This time I think really big. Unfortunately there is no space in our flat for an 1:1 figure :-( and I will make an 1:2 scaled one only (~700mm). My second attempt at this size. I will ask an old friend who works with stainless steel (handrails and such) to bend and weld the legs of the chair for me with 10mm tubes.
    This can become a really exciting project!
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2018
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  5. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    I just made the final work at Narfi. The second right hand with original dagger without illumination:
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  6. i swear it wasn't me ... and ... hmm ... :buddies:


  7. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Yawn! I'm bored ...
    It'll take some days until I get the model of "Woman on a chair". At least "Vikings 5.2" will start in 8 days at Prime and I'm at season 3 of "GOT". All these silly projects on my to-do-list arn't that exciting. I'm too lazy to finish them.

    Occasionally I still play "Silent Hunter III", WWII uboat simulation. If you survive with your Typ VIIC until the end of 1944 you may be able to command a Typ XXI uboat.
    This uboat was the blueprint for all following developments of uboats worldwide. Even the russian and american nuclear uboats base upon this one. I own an 1:72 Revell model of the legendary Typ VIIC uboat. But I was fascinated by TYP XXI since ever.
    My dream was an open model with interior. There were early plans to make a paper model. Yes, it's really long ago, that I'm pregnant with this idea. Long before 3D-printers arose. And hey, since 2005 I live in the house of a former commander of this type: U-3004. To make a long story short: I ordered the drawings already for 39 Euro ;-)
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2018
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  8. Thanks for the Vikings heads up Jamira! :)
  9. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    So at least one thing this tread was good for :-)

    And here comes the biggest joke: U-3004 was laid down at June 4th 1944. Exactly 10 years before I was born. I should really put some effort into it!
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  10. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    The wheel spins. Today I got 2kg of fresh filament food for my printer and will get 100 new steel pins tomorrow. I asked Igor if he can improve 3d-models grabbed from EU a bit. This time for theProphet's favorite. Fish net stockings are just a texture ingame. Probably we can make them real 3D for printing. Would be really cool. The drawings of the uboat were announced for next week.
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  11. It’s just sex, sex, sex with you Jamira isn’t it? :)

    Phallic submarines and now fishnet stockings! <lol> ;)
  12. lel x'D
  13. it's not his fault either! :love:

  14. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    Yes. I am a mechanical engineer with all my heart. A well designed machine like this submarine is indeed sexy for me :-)
    I'm aware of all the terror and harm the german uboats brought to mankind during WW2. I know that it was a result of Hitlers megalomania. I'm not proud of this dark charpter of our history, vice versa! Nervertheless this boat was an outstanding technical and logistic masterpiece. It causes prickling.
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  15. Jamira is today the Vikings day please?
  16. Allright, without reading any tutorials I began my 1st print today.

    Software used :
    Cura + Slicer

    Test 1:
    A pokemon...that I should have been sliced...more precisely.
    I was amazed by the details of those little feet...but when it came to the upper part, it started to print in midair...my fault.
    Lesson learned.

    feet 3d print fail.

    So I thought, lets try the vehicle that Jamira made for me.
    Slice the wheels of and print those 1st. 6 tiny items. What could possibly go wrong ?

    feet 3d print fail2.

    Well, while the beginning looked very promising...I should have printed them laying on the side anyway, suddenly the already printed stuff started to get moved around...*yuk*

    feet 3d print fail3.

    I can only imagine, what kind of effort Jamira put into all of his work... ! :O

    All this slicing of 3D models, into many, many tiny objects, to be able to print em all without errors...just to glue it all together later...huge respect, no matter how many tools are out there to support your 3D print, its all hard work. :)

    One more try.
    While I should probably print each part separately, I decided to NOT to do it and print it all at once. :p

    5 hours to go. With some random filling setting and the nozzle probably beeing 0,01mm too close to the surface...lets wait and SEE...

    After this run Im back to adjusting all values again...

    redfury test 1.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2018
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  17. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    McCormick is way ahead of everyone else, and is 3D printing spaghetti.
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  18. Jamira

    Jamira Samurai Girl

    I print most parts separate. Print several parts at once doesn't save time. The printing time is the same. But you increase the risk of a bigger loss (time and material) if something goes wrong during the print.
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