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Entropia News: Letter from the CEO

Discussion in 'Entropia News' started by EP-Newsbot, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. Ya, I can think of no better alternative then Entropia for an Educational Purpose. Really. ;)
    Thats why MindArk has advertised "Education" since 2009 and is heavily invovled with schools and universities...not. x'D

    Oh wait, those empty partner buildings at Athena Spaceport, you know ? *lol*

    Lies and broken promises, absolutely no communication, fucked markup, market manipu...aheee values, fucked up stockmarket, scammy crypto icos, all together in an expensive pyramid scheme, which development nearly came to a full stop...virtual reali...nope...and cameras...just like as in reallife and inbetween Spawn and his valuable ingame shops.

    "Look, I can make money in here, if I sell 100% for 101%. Ill show you how, so you'll know how to do it as well...it works ! Please create your accounts through the provided affiliate link." Just joking, ofc, rofl ;D

    I would never ever advice any of my classes, to get even near Entropia. Except to provide a good example of a bad ideal.
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  2. ‘Family members’?

    So that’s MindArk Owners, Directors, employees, family and friends of MindArk employees. MindArk shareholders. Ubers on the payroll. People who have invested heavily into EU ie., planets, moons, lands, land deeds, malls, gear, skills, shops etc. Other companies and individuals who either work with MindArk or have some vested interest in them succeeding. Diehard EU fans who still believe.

    Is this what is meant by ‘family members’?

    Can we just call it ‘The Family’ to make it sound like the mafia?
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  3. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    The only question the CEO needs to be asked is whether he has any actual powers, or whether everything he does, says, and decides still needs Jan's approval (like the previous CEOs). As long as Jan is involved in any way, shape, or form, the company will not change.
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  4. "TheFamily Universe"

    And we SWEAR this RCE is NOT a Gambling game !

    People can join the game starting 13yo with parental approvement (but we will never check) and a big credit card...

    "The swedish tradition of Family Mafia and a very high bar for Scams and Lies"
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2018
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  5. Though, there are many angry family members on the other forum right now...the banning just started again. :)
  6. Wistrel

    Wistrel Kick Ass Elf

    oooh I was posting... I wonder if they banned me yet
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  7. You wouldn't get the job, so no problem there.
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  8. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    BURP. I was just repeating what the fanboys/family/friends said about CEO post. OOPPPS sorry I didn't realise it was YOU who said it :).

    Lets leave it there :)


    Fan idiot boy 99
  9. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    That's easy. One can learn about scammers (and I mean seriously genuinely). How ''authority'' allows some scammers etc etc. Perhaps some1s Doctorate one day might include EU scammers...just saying
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  10. Fan_boy99

    Fan_boy99 Ignore Spawn and San they are Sheeples

    What makes me laugh bigtime about PCF and this CEO letter thing is that they are chatting about McCormack yet not 1 of them can be bothered to post HERE on this forum....

    Also the family are trying their best (all 10-15 of them) to make that chat thing on MAs forum run by the great 711 :) (LMFAO). Yeah I am sure there will be awesome moderation there smirk. Fu^^ it have a good weekend. Get some ponds and boats built :) Edited - self moderation for swear word
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  11. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

  12. 1.) Dear Spawn, which job I would not get ? WTF are you talking about ? x'D

    Please post full sentences, with as many informations as possible...as I dont get it why you qoute only half of my post..."answering" with a "u no get da job, np"

    And San rates your short post "Hussked"...he probably understood...please help me to try to understand your wise words as well, I beg you. :'D

    2.) And what are the results of your "I teach english and economics using Entropia" ?
    That those 15 year olds learned 2 english words ? I mean, thats better then nothing, but you need Entropia to do that ? Really ? Teaching econmoics ? Seriously ? Fuck...every other mmo like game has "english language" and "market values" and "trading" and "virtual interaction" with people from all around the world.

    But you choose Entropia and you even talked "the 1st few" into using referal links from entropiatutorial.

    Dont get me wrong, I teach kids from grade 1 to grade 7 in computer science and using computers and games to teach english and economics is a good idea...a nice and playful bridge into the REAL education...but it wont replace todays (fucked up) education...and defenitley not by introducing kids to the Entropia Casino.

    No matter how fucked up real education became these days...Entropia isnt the right remedy here, you should realize that as well...I do think its very sad indeed, introducing 15 year olds into this giant, fucked up mess, of a swedish pyramid scheme for (addicted) adults...I think your pupils will realize that, when submitting their 1st "urgent" support case. ;D
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2018
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  13. San


    I actually meant you got hussked there. In all sympathy, I believe you've left the realms of both rational criticism and satire. Come down from there, you're hurting yourself. Use your expertise in a constructive way. There are channels where that can be more effective and satisfying than banging your head against MA's opacity forever.
  14. Oh my, Dr. San, chill, MindArk is a hobby in my spare time and not a full time job.
    I agree, it can be exhausting at times, digging up all the infos...but it is a hobby I do for a reason. :D

    Dont try to put my focus away...many tried that before you and failed.

    My IRL is great (ok it could always be better) ;) but I still focus on this swedish company in my spare time.
    Sure I could enter some tech forums or help the immigrants...or fight nazis...or become a politician...or a teacher...or a terrorist...and waste all my energy there, banging my head against (Placeholder). But Im here ! (and I do a lot of the mentioned things as well)

    Actually sad, that you think Im hurting myself by providing my expertise...sharing my experience...helping...thats what all of the above examples do as well...be it the tech guy in a forum...the immigrant helper...the nazi fighter...the terrorist...yes, even the politician and the teacher. ;)
    They all waste their energy on something, as they feel it is right. And on top of that, they have hobbies...that they sometimes think, are very important, too ! Im glad Entropia is not my main hobby anymore and that I have enough energy left, to still tell the truth, which is still appreciated by people of this game.

    This is not just about a (bad) video game anymore, but about a swedish company, that constantly fucks up and keeps taking your hard earned money.

    The hobby became a bit personal over time, I admit, as Im a part of it... a hobby where satire and rational criticism no longer helps.
    And that is a good thing. Because I can be myself here.

    Still want me to "work on" other channels in my spare time, instead of here ? I feel it is the right time to stay. And I wrote about it before.
    If the final crypto-scam is done by MindArk, Ill be using this forum at a minimum.

    But Im sure, the next big PR-gag by MindArk, which many are already cheering for...is on its way...it will fail and you will all wait for the next big lie...and so on...THATS, what actually is the saddest part of this whole story...not you, trying to divert my focus, because you think Im gone crazy...

    ...and all of this, is so very close to our daily reallife...
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2018
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  15. San


    Well that didn't quite land where I meant. But hey we all carry our turtle shell.

    Just when you thought you play a little game to escape all the politicking, you find yourself right in the middle of it again. People want to be lied to, don't you know? Everywhere and all the time. THAT is the sad part. There are bigger fish than an insignificant game company to aim for. Those we can't choose to buy are the real evildoers. But then, do the masses deserve to be saved? The attempt is quixotic and even if you succeeded you wouldn't be thanked.

    Believe me, I am just as sick of promises. I just regard the promise the next guy will fail in the same vein. It's always a claim on how the future will turn out. It doesn't add salt to the good work of exposing the previous fraud, but create another one you want people to buy even if you think it's for charity or any other "good" reason. None of this means I have high hopes either. Things will be judged when they become tangible, not before.

    But I'm not a mere consumer, either. I also have a hobby. That is, where I see something missing or I don't like, painting something I like instead. It is seen as useless by some. I don't care. I found sideways where the feedback is better. The above was merely a suggestion to explore them.
  16. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I've at times wondered why I am still around after all this time. I pretty much haven't enjoyed the game/universe for, well, half a decade or so? I have a few thousand USD left invested in the game, but it's nothing I couldn't afford to lose, and I've considered it money "gone" for quite some time. And yet, here I am. So is McCormick. So are many others.

    I think what keeps us around is the false notion that perhaps at some point these Swedish pricks will realise the errors of their ways, and turn the ship around. They could have changed the gaming industry for the better, but instead decided they would fuck everyone over; The players, the planet partners, the people naive enough to buy into their shoddy PR stunts, the Swedish authorities. NASA and ESA at some point a decade ago were suckered in by marketing speak and will forever be seeing their names attached to a bunch of incompetent clowns who should have gone the way of the dodo many many years ago.

    I guess I'm hoping that TimkranSS and SSimmonds get removed from the company (preferably in such a way they will not be walking away with anything financial as a punishment for their gross mis-management and overall fuckwittery), and that someone who realises the potential does a 180 on the universe.

    Fix the god damn bugs that have been around for years. Give the economy an overhaul, in such a way that the number of items is drastically reduced, and all items are used again somehow. This should address the issue of all loot pretty much becoming TT-food, and hopefully means that playing will become sustainable again. Make the damn game fun to play again, instead of a mindless clickfest slot machine. Make it cheaper to play, while you're at it, because for the amount of money a Trox-hunt costs, I can buy a selection of games on GOG, Steam, or Humble Bundle that will keep me entertained for weeks. Give PPs the ability to actually create the game they envisioned, rather than hindering their efforts, because of personal stakes. Make information open, rather than having community efforts attempt to distil the info. Re-design the existing broken systems, and release them when you've got a working, fun system, rather than implementing a voting booth that doesn't do shit. Land plots that don't do shit. Taming that's pretty much worthless. The list is endless.
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  17. San


    Well, any fool can buy a sticker with a big name and flaunt it. Or talk to some bigwig at an exhibition and walk away with a t-shirt. People get quips of alleged wisdom in Chinese tattooed on themselves, like that would make them appear any smarter. To me they only demonstrate their lack for all to see, lol. And here we have some dysfunctional artifacts in our VR that stick around as if they were under protection, while they replace once genuinely nice places people called a mental home with desert after desert.

    Mostly yes, doubtful about open information (some say it's a core tenet of Entropia they want to keep), but no to the reduction of items. Whatever you put in there, someone starts to like. There is any number of things I wouldn't miss, but selection will always be personal and there will never be unity. And everything is interconnected, in most cases if you remove one thing something else is affected. Leave it alone -- the market shall outmode things, not the government. They can only make it worse.
  18. NotAdmin

    NotAdmin Administrator

    I'm more thinking along the lines of simply rolling a number of the countless ingredients into a single component. So instead of 50 stacks of different items, players get the market value equivalent in 5 new items. Rather than these items individually being spread over some 45 BPs, 42 of which are barely ever crafted to begin with (which is why you somehow always end up with stacks of those items and have issues selling them to anyone), you now have 5 stacks of items used in say 20 BPs for items that are themselves used in crafting, or actually useful.

    There's simply too much shit nobody wants or needs, which drives the prices of everything down to 100%. If you make stuff desirable/needed again, prices will follow.

    Oh, and remove craftable explosives. That by far was the biggest dick move MA made in the last few years, because it fucked over hunters, miners and crafters alike. And frankly, if anyone needs an example of gambling in EU, Explosives crafting is it. Buy the ingredients from the TT, slap it into the crafting machine, and hope you get lucky. No skills involved, and basically it turns an MMO into a single-player experience, because absolutely no interaction if needed for it.
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  19. Regarding your "chinese wisdom tattoo"...you are right...in the end, nothing matters. Nothing !
    Everything is senseless. You just describe it, using a more lovely way...from the psychological point of view.

    I do get what you are trying to say. In the end, even this forum discussion is just wasted energy and totally senseless.
    Even if it might chance something one day.
    Yet we are doing it...every day...cant be that wrong. What would the fox say ? ,-)
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